432 Hz - Ambient Angelic Tones ➤ Raise Positive Vibration | Deep Theta Binaural Beat | LET GO

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Allow yourself to flow with this hypnotic journey of soothing and blissful angelic music mixed with peaceful wind and ocean sounds. Raise vibration and let go of that which is not serving your highest purpose. Music is tuned to 432 Hz. Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of seperation. It expands our hearts and make us more compassionate and loving. One thing is for sure. A person who resonates with love have inner peace – and this is the starting point for a world were we live in Unity, Peace and Harmony with each-other and Mother Earth.AVAILABLE IN MP3 STORE:*DOWNLOAD* ★☆★

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6ui Morais
ONE LOVE \u003c3
Adrianne Gonzalez
It's what I imagine Heaven will sound like \u003c3 Thank you!
Aeon Aethereal
Astral projected!
Alejo Flores
Lord, bless be your sacred name.
Amara Whitney
Truly this is one of the most beautiful sounds I have heard. I feel so connected to Source and my higher Divine I Am Presence. Music is such a catalyst for higher vibration and opening the high heart. I am blessed to have found this tract and bless everyone that we may become the truly magnificent Divine Beings we are meant to be.
Master Number 11
Andrea Grace
Arturo Ochoa Matheus
I found this Video so relaxing and peaceful. I use it to calm down my stress and my anxiety. I could concentrate on all my tasks. I am so grateful to have found it here. It let me think and meditate. I have no words to thank you. Kind regards.
Please make more angelic sounds like this! Makes me sooo happy, like floating in heaven with angels!
Bjorn Deoro
Thank you for this blessing.
Charlene Akwei
Just found your videos. Beautiful! Thank you so much. I wish this peace for all living beings, all Creation.
Charles Christianson
I have been under water watching the surface and waiting to be thrown back onto shore.
Thank you so much , may God bless you for Shari g this amazing peaceful \nGift to all us. Is a delight to lay down and listen to this peaceful music.\nGod bless you my brother. May He give you for wisdom .
Clarence Dankerlui
Cosmic Lapis
My wish is going to be fulfilled soon ^^.Thank you God! Thanks Universe!
The breeze,white noise,angelic voices/keyboards,etc... PERFECTION!! Slept lkke a child...NO worries. Make one longer ,the same way ...but,with rain and distant rolling thunder.Great work.
Dr.h.c.Claudia Maria Anna Kramer
And why don 't you try to hear them ? You have ears but can 't hear ,you have eyes but can 't see ...
Elizabeth Faitarone
I come from Argentina but been living in the UK for nearly 22 years now , this music is soothingly soft to my senses. Much love! cariños ✨
Favored Queen
Beautiful, but it made me slightly cry...like lots of love and a little sadness for the world
Gabi Dröst
i need a nice woman for a paartnership
Follow the light, be the light, give love to all.
J Dickinson
Light is more positive than dark, hold the light dear one's.
Beautiful peaceful and so relaxing.... Thank you so much for this video... With all my Love and Gratitude ...Blessings love and light......
Joe Collado
The music is quite angelic and extremely peaceful. The water flow is a reminder of energy flowing through us forever and unlimited if we choose to believe it. Give into the light and let go of all negative things and forgive the past transgressions as it will bring you to exactly where the angels roam. Along with true faith and prayer - it will bring you as close as possible to God! Blessings to everyone !
Jose Raymundo
spirit empowering indeed! many thanks to the creators...
Julie Goodison
Your music is pure. My angels love this too. Thank you so much. Namaste II
K G. Sparrow
Love it!
Karen Telega
Beautiful. Transporting me into a peaceful expanse.
Thank you! for being here! Thank you for healing our souls with your gift! I am overwhelmed with the change I am already feeling. Than you immensely for saving our lives. Love and peace from Athens, Greece.
Kayla Reusch
a minute after i put this on i heard a very high pitched ringing in my right ear.....hello angels :)
The light of truth lives even in the darkest of places. There is no such thing as total absence of light. Darkness cannot exist except in reference to the light. No matter how great your pain, it is measured in the degree to which you feel the love's absence or loss. All darkness is a journey toward light. All pain is a journey toward love without conditions. Blissfully, enLIGHTend we float together as a collective vibration of LOVE!💜💙💖💚💛
I was actually surprised, how calming is this music. To be honest the title was me for like wtf, but then i kept listening while i did my stuff, its good I must say. I appreciate your uploads. \nCheers
Kody D
Thank you from Hawaii ❤️
Krisdina Jutras
Beautiful, absolutely Beautiful. ~Peace~❤
Kubilay Efe
guys i really love what you all doing for earth and people.This music is amazing.This is only one of others. This channel is amazing.Thanks for you all giving time and effort.It touches my heart. love and light
I have asked God for a message to find my Peace, theTrue and Divine state, and He guided \nme to this page, All God's Teacher receives what he needs, Thank you \u003c3
Laura Balaz
Thank you from Serbia
Laurence Matthews
Thank you. \
Les Pat s Fastfood - Restauration
Thank you 😄. It s really a music for Peace, Freedom and Liberty ❤️❤️❤️
Linda Schwartz
Thank you for bringing us all home. It's been a long time.
Lisa Nicole Szucs
Beautiful! Thank you.
Lorenzo Ramos
Lynn Lambris
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful... Oh how much these recordings are changing my life. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my wide open heart. ♡♡♡♡♡
The darkness is simply ..... less light, not the lack of it ....; Sounds of positive frequencies, excellent .... !!!! Also compose in LA 432 Mhz
I know this melody... this is the background music from this one positive affirmations video! Thank you!
McKaya Pozzi
This actually makes me want to try those virtual reality goggle thingies... I'd buy a pair just so I could watch this video with them on... wow
Michael Guehring
comfortably numb , absolutely beautiful
Mick Stanhope
Jesus Christ Lives.
Mike 808
When i listen this, i close my eyes and i'll dream automaticaley about positive thanks. This really works. Thank you :)
Mir Grande
Beautiful. Thank you from Ireland !! :)
My Meditation Music Records54
I heard different Sounds\nbut this Frequency is 432 Hz is Genius
As I learn more about US, I started seeing things differently and when I sleep I'm shown even more things....My question is why keep this from us, And what are we really capable of.😳🤔🙏🏼☯️🕉🙏🏼
Near Death Experience: Healed by the Light
This is one of my favorite uploads of yours. Thank you 🙏
Your music is pure. My angels love this too. Thank you so much. Namaste II
Some of the deepest mantras I've ever heard. The softness of music binds us with divinity.
Pet Sputnik
Beautiful. Thank you.
Petar Zahariev
You are not your bodies, you are not your stream of thought, those are only your tools of creating and having experience. You are much bigger and much more magnificent. You are limitless. You are already complete now, in this eternal moment which has no beginning and no end. You ARE this moment. You are everywhere, everything, and everybody. You don't need to wait a single second to experience that. You don't need anything and nothing can hurt you. You don't need to improve yourself or add anything to yourself. You cannot - you already are all there is. This ultimate truth will never change, no matter how convinced you might be that it isn't true.
PowerThoughts Meditation Club
Dear Brothers & Sisters, may this delight your Heart & Soul. \n- Peace&Love to All, Kenneth & Alexander
Prosperity Convictions
most satisfying crystal clear n deep blue indeed..... mashAllah.....
Rebecca Pena
Spiritual. Relaxing. Peaceful. Embracing. Comforting. Love. Thank you.
Shout to my brother in Ohio who listens to this at his shop. His clients trip out at how good it makes them feel and he enjoys turning them onto it without a sales pitch.
Robert Clayton-Cragg
Beautiful..... thank you....NAMASTE.
Robert Wood
Thanks for having a nice moving image to accompany the music! Some of us like visual/sensory stimuli vs just a still image. As a Pisces, I'm especially especially enjoying this one. 😎
Robyn Jacobson
My fellow Earth Angels;\nStay in your present moment, don't go to the past...you can't change it.....you can only be in the future when it is in the now... so breath in and pay attention to what is right in front of you this very moment, \nAlways be in a state of \
Rosa Silva Moreno
Presiosa musica
Sam Banfield
Turn your phone upside down and dream a little dream.
Sandy Coronado
My heart was aching when I fell aleep earlier today. I don't know how I woke up to this music playing on my phone, but I felt at peace ❤ Thank you.
Sean Streek
Wonderful and beautiful ~ enlightened and encouraging.
Silent Steph
Thanks for the peace !!
Simone Diniz
Super thank you guys!!!!!!!!! Much love and gratitude!
Spartaka Pinto
Work sucks a lot less with this coming through my headphones. It's a welcome break from the black metal I usually listen to.
Spiritual Essence
Whoever is reading this right now, all your dreams & wishes are on the way. Trust the universal process. Stay positive, stay focused, & most important......let love guide you not fear. Today starts your path to freedom. Blessings to you and yours
Spiritual Jelly
listening to this makes me feel as though I have come home after not even realising I had left for so long
Spiritus Civitas
Spiraling ever higher in the evolution of lighter thought.
Aaaaahh 💜🙏😑💜😘👍
Tanuja Nilakshi K K
Absolutely beautiful. I had been in tears today and having listened to this it uplifted my soul in a really soothing way. Thanks to all those who created this piece and posted to share. Much lov n light to you. Mehi xxx
The_Creation 927
I've been meditating well over 5 years now and I cant explain the way it changed me. If everybody meditated there wouldn't be any hate in this world. Because if you TRULY want to be enlightened and feel the full effects of meditation then you have to let go of all hate. You cant do both. HOW wonderful would this world be?
Thierry San Jarrasse
Will Whitfield
pure joy to listen to
alejandro jimenez
i cant tell you how this made me feel but it made me feel light. very good. but it brought tears to my eyes why would that be? i love it. but i wonder why the tears
ana barbara MezA
Excellent work. And thanks for taking time for us light workers to release as well. Thanks
thank you \u003c3
far away
I play this on my head phones when I'm walking my dog on my beach ... need I say more ❤
i listen to alot of binaural and soundscapes, yours is by far the best
after smoking some canabis, i turned this on and a thought jumped into my head....i forgot what it was,,, stay tuned
john smith
20min ago just get this message from one of my best buddies... hey man... i have cancer !!! in lungs.gonna die maybe love you man... im breaking up now, this music really helps and i cry like a baby !!! thanks for saving me now !!!
jolu D.
wow, delicious
lemonade budget
just inspiring..i wrote this.. to this music in a few minutes!..I AM’.\nI am the invisible arm that stops you from falling, \nThe unseeable tear that shares your cry,\n The moving mountain that feels your victories, and the wonder in your twinkling eye.\n I am the awe that inspires you, the strength through your fear, \n The power that generates from your single idea.\n I carry your burdens and set them free, \n I am the artistic dreamer that just lets you ‘be’.\n I am the future, the past, an energy blast.\n I am all and nothing, the universe avast.\n I am earthbound, and starbound, I am all I can be.\n\n I am, me.
mat B
my prayers get answered
no one
indirocka808\nbeautifuly writen .welcome and thank you for being on this earth journey at this time of vibrational change to help us all reach the love and light of universe,God,Hara krishna \nmay you shine bright among us\nNamaste
Thank you appreciate this one. Blessings from arch angel Michael and Gabriel. Always with us.\n\nJust like the Holy Spirit which helps expand our spiritual journeys.\n\nThe grand spirit is i all, but only the HOLY spirit is good.\n\n\nHad something I needed letting go of.\nBut my point still remains: 1) Yoga is satanic do NOT do yoga, there is reason they teach it in school to kids, to lure them in ... what is in schools is rarely true, or in public image/famous 2) To recommend facebook I would be careful with, if I was a priest I would not let my Church be on Facbeook\n\nNamaste
rock pool
love this, thank you
To All I was given this in Meditation today - \
travis reed
So if I have faith in Jesus Christ should I be listening to this I'm all for repairing my DNA and having peace,but I don't need any gateways opened nor my pineal gland, I talk with God and Jesus already,so is this okay to listen too,gateways open both ways and I only go with God the creator my our father of life
I can't believe how heavenly this is. Genius! Thank you!
علا صالح
I give you my thanks and love and good luck .