Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 31 "The 520 Cens Promise" REACTION!!!

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brotherhood episode 31 fullmetal alchemist laurelei lee react reaction season 3 the 520 cens promise

The brilliance of FMAB to give even some of the side characters like Nox a fleshed out backstory and enough depth to tie back in the story's theme about the effects of war on a person Sadly not including some of his PTSD in the manga great moment nontheless
Acenet JT
I am so sorry that people would laugh at something you hold dear like that. The world is an awfully shitty place. But there's still plenty of good in it. And we can all help with that :)
Afro Shinobi
I can definitely relate to what you said in the beginning. Anime and videogames are my escape from reality. I've been depressed for quite some time and the only time im really happy is when im enjoying 2 of my favorite media. But glad this show can make you feel better !
Alex Johnson
A little note. This was mentioned in episode 22 or 23, in Scar's backstory, but Scar's brother took things from Amestrian Alchemy and Xingese Alchemy (Alkahestry). There is no Ishvalan Alchemy, as Alchemy goes against their religion. Also, Ishval is a part of Amestris.
Loved the reaction. I always get joy from live reactors, thank you.
April Ackeret
FMAB is one of those great animes that will break you but will bring you back up again and it’s glorious. If you like to watch other reactioners, I recommend theFlamingShark.
Atila Andrade
We are your friends
Avaricious Ambrose
Hun\nI totally understand you. I told you about it in your stream but fullmetal alchemist means a whole lot to me and anime in general is a major escape
Azure Mirwae
I keep wanting to give you hugs everytime I watch you react to stuff. I'm currently binging on your FMA:B reactions right now to avoid my own reality. I need to escape right now and I need a break, so I completely understand fiction being your happy place, FMA:B is my happy place and watching other people react to it takes away from my unjustified loneliness.
I understand where you coming from anime is my escape I wish your life was better wished I lived in your state I would definitely be a good friend to I enjoy your reaction ,and would love to sit back and watch anime with you.
CD Bach
You should keep tissues at the ready when watching this show.
I wanna cuddle Furey omg.
Caim Helel
I completely feel the same way I hate reality but when I want the to escape it I just listen to music or whach anime or just talk to my friends so I can just forget everything so it's basically how I cope with life(and just know I'm only in junior high and I'm twelve ),but people like you are the only reason why I haven't given up entirely on humanity sooooooooo basically I'm trying to say thanks for being a good person
Sorry you have felt so rough, Hang in there.
When this anime wants to hit you in the feels, they do it spot on. Like they get you invested in the characters, even minor ones like the doctor. You genuinely feel for the guy.
Danneh W
damn... Sending you an virtual hug!
Donduje Dejuna
I got into animes during my senior year in high school and jus as u, it is the closest thing to escape reality for me.
Echo Alchemist
You are basically an older me because I can relate too you so much.
If FMA B is your happiness , I suggest that once you reach the last episode , you watch it again :D\nOn my 18th time right now , gets better every time .\nOr try some other great shows like my hero aca or made in abyss recently .
After 30 was a good place to watch OVA 4. Do it soon please :)
Happy melony
Hope..you have a good time at this moment 🏁🏁
Hawk Flame
Anyone else want to give Laurelei a giant hug after that intro? ;_;
Heidi Michelle Click
Stories are meant to teach and delight. They’re supposed to be a medium where people can laugh, cry and purge the emotions built up because of the strains and stresses of life’s tribulations. I understand your struggle and the deep desire to live inside the worlds where our favorite characters live instead of our own. I hope and pray your heart finds peace and you find joy both in the fictional world and outside in the “real” world. Blessings be upon you and your home!!\n\nI enjoy your reactions very much and can’t wait to see the next one!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!! Be well!!
Fun Fact: The word Nox comes from the Greek word for night. It is fairly common in modern manga for writers to use the word as a metaphor for brining on a new dawn.
Jackie miles
I’m sorry to here that Lauralee 😞. I also had the same experience so I know where you are coming from. Although this show has a several episodes that are very depressing it shows things that have happened in real life. It’s kind of like an eye opener. I’m sorry for what happened to your family.
Jaer Nihiltheus
Which ship do you ship more? Ed x Winry or Mustang x Hawkeye?
Jay Spradley
Episode 31: Face Off
Jeremy Lawson
I just saw Reese Course's hover board on top of the book shelf. How long has that been there?
John Kawaa
Any escape from reality is my happy place so I completely understand and I love your reactions to this perfect anime
I totally get the escaping from reality thing. I also sometimes use fiction as a way of not only escaping, but also coping with reality. That's why those characters that I love are very near and dear to my heart, because they're my support in a way, when things turn to shit. \nBut yes, the episode. This is why my nickname for Kimblee is \
Jordan Johnson
This episode brought to you by \
Jose Bueno
I too would love to eat Winry's pie Al ;)
-hug- \u003c3
Ken Turner
FMA is the best fiction ever so it's a solid happy place. Followed by Fate/Zero and DBZA.
Everyone has to find something to escape their reality now and then. Some more than others, nothing wrong with that at all. That's just something everyone has to find a balance for and not let one overtake the other.
Krumpli Nudli
Sorry to hear you're having a hard time. But it makes sense that FMAB is your happy place. Escapism is a good thing. Now to watch the rest of the reaction and edit as I watch!
I completely understand Laurelei, because I see so much of myself in you. I understood what you meant about this show being your happy place, no explanation needed (for me personally). Your reactions are also a place of escape for me, a way to re visit this show anew through the eyes of another, who happens to see things frighteningly similar to the way I see them, lol. I made a very heartfelt comment recently about how I lost my dog, my closest earthly friend, and your videos were one of the things that made me able to cope easier. I deleted it rather quickly because soul baring is something I suck at and get rather embarrassed by, but you share so much of who you are with us that it only felt right to try to do the same. I wish you all the best and already cannot wait for your next reaction, even though I'm not even halfway through this reaction yet. LOL. 💙
Lusheeta Toel ul Laputa
I hope things get better for you. Your reactions are also my happy place. Thank you for making them.
Marc B. Poblet
Life sucks and then it ends, sure, but since it's _literally_ all we have, we might at least make the most of it while we can... make life as good as you can for yourself and others, cherish anything that makes it better for you, and ignore anyone who criticises or laughs at you for that, just keep doing whatever makes you happy.\nAnd, for what it's worth, you're already doing more than most... you're making _all our lives_ better with your videos, so _there's_ something to be proud and happy about in real life, for one. :)
Marty of Carim
The White Stallion of Amestris has arrived.
Mary Miraculous
I can understand you about the reality and how you want to escape from it. It's the same with me. Maybe cause of that when I watch anime that is really amazing like FMAB, I can't stop thinking about it. It's just better than everything in the real life.
MayFlower Ann
I understand! It's a beautiful show and the real world is really harsh... terrible at these times. Fiction is a beautiful blessing to the world. As an aspiring writer, I truly believe in its potential to help people go through their difficult lives.
NaTivez Theory
Yes, this world is f***ed up but when i watch your reactions it always brings a biggo smile on my face 😢😭😂😃 thank you ☝
you should watch gurren laggan
Her laugh makes me laugh harder than the show\n\n\nThat's not a complaint
Peta VanLieshout
Hey, I hope everything is okay xx For a long time there, FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood was my happy place as well. And it's not fun, going through rough times and a lot of heartbreak and especially everything that's going on in the world right now. It's nice to see that FMA:B is your way of escaping everything, even if it is just for a few short moments xx
I absolutely get FMAB being your happy place. \u003c3 It's been one of mine for a long time.
Sarah Thomson
I can't believe they laughed at you for calling this anime your happy place! It's not fair to judge something like that. I'm glad that my favourite anime of all time makes you feel better, so don't listen to them. I love your reactions, they're always so real. Thank you for not holding back on your feelings, its the best compliment you can give this anime. And don't worry, things will get better in the real world, too! :) xxx
you have a beautiful heart
Seph irotH
I totally understand how you feel about the anime \u003c3
Based on what you said, I recommend you watch durarara. Celty has some words for you. You don't have to react to it just watch it on your own time.
\u003c3 I can completely relate to your story at the beginning. Hope you're doing alright.\n\nAlso that scene with nox wrecks me every time
So M
Lots of the things you said you are experiencing at the beginning of the video, I had and have been dealing with as well. So I really feel you. I hope FMAB won't disappoint you in keeping you optimistic. And as a fellow introvert I wish you happiness in life :)
Sommer Looney
As an empath I totally understand. The evil in the world can have the hardest impact on you even if it doesn't reach you amd you simply watch or hear about it. It is never bad to care. And it's never bad to hurt even if that is what it does to you. Its all a part of being human and despite the bad name some people give us we have a capacity to feel and care for one another. Sometimes you do need a break from it though, and watching characters like the ones in FMAB are good to separate ourselves from it while still making us feel human.
Soyn Moon
Can I give you a hug? Hope anything that makes you happy happens real quick cuz ur reactions always make me happy 🤗
Speedwagon 3636
Literally you are one of my favorite reactors. This anime gets better and better!!
Hey, if you're reading this, I totally know how you feel. Reality can be pretty harsh, and sometimes you just want to get away from it all.
Everyone has hard times in their lives. We understand. I just hope everything gets better. We may not know you but we care. We love you and support you, girl💕💕
The Diamond Geezer
We're all here for you, Laurelei. Keep your chin up ❤ bad things never last because the good things pick us back up. Keep being you and do what makes you happy 😊 and don't forget... YOU'RE AMAZING AND WONDERFUL!
This show has been my happy place for the past four years. No matter how many times I watch it and relive all the sad and gruesome moments, it still brings me so much joy. And that’s why I love seeing other people fall in love with it. I finished watching TheFlamingShark’s reaction to this series a while back, and for a while I was kinda bummed cuz I didn’t have that to look forward to anymore, but then I came across your channel for the first time and found you were reacting to the same show! In case I haven’t commented with this before, your reactions are priceless (I especially love when you swear at Envy and Bradley; it’s hilarious and they deserve it), and in general, you seem like such a sweetheart. I really wanted to hug you after your introduction to this vid. I have no doubt that if we knew each other in person, we’d be awesome friends. :)
Thomas っ億彙
Ay Gurl
Toon Guy
Really loving your reactions! I completely understand this being a happy place for you. Hope you feel a lot better!
Viúvo da SEGA
That Doctor Nox's family scene always gets me into tears ;-;
William Tender
We're having hard days here in Spain, too. Remain strong, and big hugs!
You know, every so often you hint at having a difficult history or bad experiences. But you never fuss about them or complain about them, even though you probably have every right to. You keep your references to your own experiences short and few, only used to make a point and never to flaunt it or reach for sympathy. Your way of handling that is a very mature attitude and it's wonderful that you've clearly come a long way to the point where you don't let it stop you from doing what you love and loving what you do.\nThe real world can really suck, but I hope your experiences in it get better. You're a very sweet and sensitive person and if nothing else, you clearly have friends here. I don't know how much this will mean to you, but I'll pray for you. I'll pray for the victims in Las Vegas as well. Just found out about that last night and it's always so painful to hear about these things. But I also heard about how many people reached out to help, with so many people lining up to donate blood even after the medical centre was over capacity. They still waited until they were able to help.\nWhether it's from God, other people or the engaging themes of fiction, hold on to hope wherever you find it.
Xeyku_ ___
Kimblee is my favourite character in the show. I love seeing him on screen
Bit of fun trivia. The running joke where they call the Panda a cat is a play on the Chinese word for panda 熊猫(Xióngmāo) which literally translates to \
Glad to see this episode gave you some happiness and peace.
Yeah. Totally get your desire to escape reality. It's frustrating and horrible and I just feel so helpless so much!
Imagine how many Ishvalans are damned into the tiny stone prison that Kimblee carries around with him, unable to die until they are burned as fuel. I believe Kimblee transmutes his stone into nitroglycerin.
One of my favourite scenes is the Knox one, it's just so sweet and not what you'd think a side character would get, but he sure needed it.\n\nApparently you intend to watch the 2003 series so don't bother with this one -Minor fact: Fuery is one of the closer members of Mustang's team to Hawkeye's dog Black Hayate. In the 2003 series adapted from a Bonus Manga Chapter, they have an episode where it explains Hayate's origins. Hayate was a stray that Fuery found and he tried to find him a home - since his dorm didn't allow pets - among his comrades; Falman lived in a dorm, Breda was scared of dogs, Havoc made a joke that Dogs were a Xing delicacy so wasn't trusted, the Elrics couldn't because of their constant travelling and Mustang - despite claiming his love for dogs because they're 'faithful servants' and they 'never once complain for a paycheck' - was also considered not right for him. As a result Hawkeye took him in, implementing tough love as a method of housetraining (in that when he peed on a wall she shot around him into the wall...). Later, due to his manga-only ability to sense homunculi, he gets a hypothetical ranking of Second Lieutenant (the same as Maria Ross, however Fuery now laments how a dog now outranks him).-\n\nAnother fact: There was a scene in Ishval with Kimblee that was cut where he has a conversation with Envy where Envy congratulates him for his acts, the third opening's image of Envy in Ishval is the frame used in the Manga.\n\nThere are 2 best ways to gather intelligence in a man's world; Alcohol and Women, fortunately Madame Christmas has both.\nWhen you're looking into Xingese Alkahestry's difference with Amestrian Alchemy think back to Fu and Ed's talk about the Sages while they were in Xerxes' ruins, if you listen to the wording it can provide some insight.
Roy: \
I hope things go better for you as time goes on. And never let anyone tell you where your safe place is, as long as you feel happy and safe it doesn't matter to anyone else. FMAB is one of my favorite animes, the good times and the sad moments, I wouldn't change the way this anime makes me cry for any happy scene in any other
edward helly
We love you laure, i hope that helps in anyway.
oh I completely understand what you mean, I've always been the type to escape from reality and I constantly daydream about the shows I like. they are a source of happiness to me, I like surounding myself in them, and I love seeing others enjoying them as much as I do, so I really do look forward to these little videos of yours. \nI really hope things get better soon, we're here for you!
I know how you feel. I do the same with video games for my escape (used to be manga and anime when I had my collection), and while some of the stories are dark, I can see the good outcomes in them. That sounded a bit corny, but for me it's a good place to escape from what's going on and relieve stress.
julie martinez
Totally agree with u about fiction. It's always been my escape. Life really sucks. I think everyone was just laughing cuz thinking that a dark show is a happy place even tho it shares elements of real life events and is a \
mwachala eric
there is no ishvalan alchemy. scars brother was also using the Xingese variant which is called alkahestry
That intro part about hope kind of made me wanna rewatch Madoka Magica.\n\n\
I wish I could just give you a hug...
the pigeon king
just wanted to say, i am loving your reactions! hope things get better for you and i\
We all love you Laurelei, keep your head up. We're here with you.
yamada kousaku
I am sorry to hear that too. And I can feel same thing. Your reaction always makes me happy and smile and cry sometimes.. but I love these time and I am looking forward to watching your reaction. That mean you are our \