Friends - "the Test" Part 1 - Challenge

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Abhilash Ashok
when Chandler went to say \
Abhilash Mendhe
Adam Gladstein
Ali Bera Pinarbasi
well actually it's miss chanandler bong :P
Ali O'Neal
Chandler is sooooo fricking handsome
Arvind Talukdar
Because Ross made the test, doesn't he know everyone the best?
Automatic Pump Action
Chandler cheated. He looked in the bag when he walked over to Ross.
Awashee Aea
One of my favourite episodes.
Awesome SK55
It's crazy how Ross knows so much about everyone cause he created the quiz
Anyone else feel like Ross knows them all better than any of them know each other
Black Savage
one of my favorite episodes of friends
The boys were lucky to even tie the game. Let alone win. Joey absolutely fluked Althia and the number of towels Monica had, while Monica was unlucky Rachel jumped the Chanandler Bong question.
Bradley Clark
Joey: \
Brandan Lee
When you think about it, doesn't Ross know them all better than they know about each other? He made the Quiz didn't he?? Anyone else realize that??
you guys can see fetus mondler here
Chandler Bing
Shows will come & go but this is way of life, a reason to smile, whether u watch 1st or the last one. It can never get ruined....
Corrupted King
3:07 Lol I never saw how Rachel \
Crypto Kaizoku
The episode where Joey is Smartest
Cythe Machine
Look Chandler cheated.He looked inside the bag.!
Daniel Jones - East London Blues
watching this makes me so happy.
Doesn't this only prove Ross knows all of them the best?
Derek Ruff
I can't help but laugh @ 2:27
Devasya Takkar
Ross knows the most about them
Dineth Madurawala
so noone is acknowledging that Ross knows about all 4 them ? 😂😂😂😂
Donna C
Anyone else notice chandler looked inside the bag? Took me forever to notice that.
Douglas James
3:35 only reason why I know who Michael Flatley is 😑
I think Chandler looked inside the bag 😂
Henry von Ballinger
Why am I watching this on YouTube when i have all the seasons in DVD?? Smh
Hung Tran
2:48 \
Ian Khan
Isabella Scott
Monica: I knew that one! \n\nLater: Rachel, use your head 😂
I just love Rachel’s face when Ross tosses the coin😂 2:52
Jamie B
'Althea? What are you doing!?\nI took a shot.\nYou're Shooting with Althea?\nAlthea is correct.\nNICE SHOOTING!.
JöhñY JKäS
The way Rachel was looking when Ross flipped the coin 😍
I mean Ross actually knows all this stuff, he's the real boss
Khalid Alsheheri
“STOP that NOW!” 😂
Krishnaa Thakkar
The conclusion is Ross knows all four of them better.
Krisstina Wilson
I don't know why they bothered with this test....clearly Ross knows all of them better than anyone else.
Kritika 07
when ross tossed the coin and no one said anything and just starred at the coin😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i was ROFL
Lachu Ananthalakshmi
Rachel is gorgeous
Laos Nikan
Rachel is the worst in this game she only got 1 question right and 2 wrong and Monica got all of her questions right because Rachel only no 1 thing about them and it was space cow boy
My favorite all time episode
Lokesh paul
Just look at ross😂😂😂
If Ross prepared this quiz then it means he knows all of them better than they know each other
Madison W
Chanandler Bong
Maria Elliott
Ross is a genius to know all this, he should be the one that gets all the money hehe
Maria Lazaridou
I can't understand how Russ=David Shwimmer can be an actor he is so ugly and with no talend When l look at his face suresly how people can be fan of him ??
Matt Jones
MediaMaster 263
Ross could be a game show host
Minh Nguyen
When the shows were airing in the 1990s and early 2000s, Seinfeld \
Misheel Bayartsengel
I think chandler saw what's in the bag when he said \
Mohammad Diyyan
At 1:17 you can see chandler cheating
Myeah Malalis
Nicola Berry
Nikitha Anand M
Did anyone notice that Chandler sort of glanced into the bag when he said \
Nirali Dattani
My favorite epispde from all and Rachel's expression when Ross flipted the coin.....Its soooo cute adorable and childish😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
Ola A.
I love this episode. Friends is such a comforting show for me. whenever I feel down I would watch it. I wish from the bottom of my heart to have even one friend like them. I know they are just character written for the show but life would be so much better with friends like friends.
Paul Alvarado
rachel face at 2:56 priceless
Poe Moe
This is maybe the best episode the whole show
Raga Dely
one of my favorite episodes.
Rahul John
01:15 I think Chandler seen some items
Chandler: Stop thay now ..! 😂😂😂😂
Sai Ram
Rachel's face when ross tossed coin the first time.
Sharvika Bhagat
Ross knows all of them better than they do!
Shivam Bhardwaj
2:56 Their faces when the coin falls! LMAO!
Siddharth Verma
Ross is awesome
Sol mag
2:23 The way Ross interrupts them and says \
Steven Garcia118
1:48 I don't know what Joey was inferring on. Somebody help me out?
Suruthi Viswanathan
Nana...She has a real name 😂
Team L.I.K
Ross: *says with gentle voice* We'll be starting with apples.\n\nChandler: *mocks Ross and says* Stop that now..
The Light
That doesn't necessarily mean that Ross knows better about the guys that they know about each others. He prepared the quiz so he wrote about things he knew about all of them. If it had been someone else, they would have written different questions according to their relationship with each member they were writing questions about. The questions were not random, he made them up because he knew the answers!!!!\nIf I write a quiz for my friends, I'll only write about things I personally know about them but the other don't necessarily know those things and the things that the other friends know, I may not know them.
Thiago Campos
Chandler surely saw the items in the bag when he said \
Thomas Fleig
2:55 LoL The look on their faces, specially Rachel :D
Tom O Mahony
This pivot and unagi are the best
Vanshika Sridharan
Chandler peeked 😂
Vian Viannn
1:18 he looked inside the bag 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Victor J
So cute when Rachel says \
There's a friend of mine who thought that he actually missed an episode where there was a real scene with Ms. Chanandler Bong.
Yousef Elbahnasawy
I love jennifer's face in 2:56
Yusuf Kasman
rachel thought they won the flip coin
Yuva Y
Watching this back, I’m shocked I didn’t find this cringy or over the top cliche.
I always get sad when someone I'm talking to says they've never seen friends before and they are just starting to watch the series. I sadly tell them to \
dinesh yadav
Rachel looked very hot...!!!
Friends is the comfort food of tv shows.
1:16 Nice cheating by Chandler there! Trying to sneak a look into the bag!
elwin huiden
Actually Ross knows the others the best as he made all the questions and knew all the answers
Friends and The Office are the two things which make me happy whenever I'm feeling down.
kushan shah
1:17 Chandler clearly saw everything that's there in the bag.
lil gamergirl
pk p
1:17 Chandler peeked at the bag . I say that's cheating 😜
raino wang
One of the funniest episode.
an ICONIC episode
But how does Ross know everything about everyone?
I really wished they finished all those questions