CppCon 2015: Greg Miller “Time Programming Fundamentals"

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Greg Miller
The open-sourced code is available at GitHub/google/cctz and it works on Linux and Mac OS X.
Maher Baba
thank you mr miller
Matt Johnson
Great talk, and looking forward to using and recommending this library! This is very reminiscent of functions in the highly refined Java 8 java.time API, also in Noda Time in .Net, and Joda Time prior to that. Great to see C++ getting into this!
The mistake is converting civil time to absolute for any reason other than determining and setting the current civil timezone for an account/display, which would by its nature be able to be explicitly flagged as pre or post time shift. All time should be tracked, calculated, and recorded in absolute time and only converted to civil for trivial display purposes. The absurdity of local government proclamations that attempt to control such a thing as time, should be openly trivialized and flat ignored where possible.\nFor computer records purposes that absolute time should be a flat count of seconds TAI (not utc) and UTC calculated from TAI if needed. This avoids time zone shifts and leap seconds corrupting ordinal event records, like financial transactions, where A occurring before B is far more important than the actual precision.
I never thought I would see a graph of time over time.
victor noagbodji
thank you for this great talk. Python? : )