741 Hz | Removes Toxins and Negativity | Solfeggio Sleep Music | 9 Hours

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741 Hz - This Solfeggio Frequency acts as a repulsive magnet for toxins, negativity, anger, jealousy, lies and everything or act that brings negativity in our lives. It acts as a protective armour against all things negative, inside us and outside us. This is also the frequency of Throat Chakra, the Chakra of Truth. It is blocked by lies that we tell ourselves and to others.Let this beautiful solfeggio frequency of 741 Hz act as a your protective armour, against all this negativity, so that something positive can take its place. If you have too much negativity in and around you, meditate along with this healing sleep music, as you let go all the negative and self deprecating thought patterns and behaviour out of your subconscious.To get the best out of this sleeping music, let this play in the background at low volume(close to human whisper). Lay down on your back. Take a few deep breathes and calm down, relax. Now focus on your breathing, following its path as you inhale and exhale. Breathe normally, just be an observer to this amazing life giving breath. Now focus on the Throat Chakra center located in Pit of Throat. Feel the vibrations of music resonating along with the Throat Chakra center. Feel it in your body, as the chakra spreads purifying blue energy to every inch and every cell of your body - eradicating toxins and negativity with each breath. Just allow yourself to be witness to this amazing dance of vibrations as you drift in sleep. When you wake up, before opening your eyes, rub your palms together so that they become warm, and then place them over your eyes, feel the warmth, the energy. And then slowly lift them and opening your eyes to this amazing new universe, new day, new smiles. with an open heart.........INFO on Solfeggio Frequencies

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Abraham Daniel
Aline Chagas
I don't know anything about these frequencies, but when I listened to this one I started to have terrible nightmares and woke up 2 hours later pretty scared and feeling my body really heavy. Can anyone say if that's normal please?
Ambient Orca
Absolute transcendence💖
Aram Tapacian
damn, I just wake up. I started this video, with my headset on my ears at 11pm and wake up now 7 hours later to go to work and the video still going. I love these long 9 hours videos. And I truly feel amazing now and full with energy
Cosmically relaxing, thank you!
Beatrice Harris
can you listen to this while your awake?
Blu Feather
Wondering if, while I'm listening to this through headset, it would radiate to another person you are sleeping in bed with....even if they cannot hear it. I played it for 4 hours. Thank you in advance for your response.
BluRey BluRey
11 : 11
CBJ Jackets on the power play
I wish this actually removed bad toxins from my body
Care Bear
I believe these frequencies are very powerful.
Chantel Wensley
Do i need to use headphones?
Chi Funk
Wouldn't mind a clue as to how you hold some of those chords down for 9 hours, hehe, I'd guess it's leaving something heavy on the keys and going to sleep or work and changing a few here and there. Logic does it, I'm not having a go, who want's all the diminished tensions whilst trying to sleep. So tuning to 432hz now ? Hmm, easier to bend the guitar strings a little. Sound great with an Invention or 2 on a Golden Harpsichord, Granite Bridge room full of Crystal. See ya there, Krytonites. Sweet dreams. Sure are good these drones. peace
Cristina Palomec
Me likeee... so far. Thank You. I am so dedicated to letting go of negativity that I find difficult to handle on my own. Will update after 21 days
DarkWolf Nite
I my self love this one i need lot more positive things i need to get rid of negitive things for good start thinking positive things
A thought just hit me. \nWhat frequency would you recommend for plants? \nI grow many different types of plants and I wonder if there is a frequency specifically good for helping plants grow strong and healthy. I could play it for them while I'm at work.
Estefania Loredo
I heard other frequencies, like the 528hz, but none of them are as powerful and work so quikly as this one. Wow, this one really helps with removing negativity, and it's fast.
Fire Praise
Just tuned in here out of curiousity and for an upcoming project with a client.\nI'm not even meditating behind my keys and I'm feeling this light and tingly \
FireWithin CosmosaicS.E.A
a Gnostic Teacher advised to Start at the Throat chakra while chanting\u003e AUUWWWWE\u003e\nmoving down around the heart to the solar im going to play with this method with The Techniques in this description, in hopes i can reverse my crazy back to my calmly crazy lol. Thaaaaaaaaank you M-M\u003c3
Forrest Murphy
This frequency is the negative one of them all. Wouldn't recommend listening to this unless you want to provoke fear, anxiety and dis ease
Frederick Franklin
Gina Rains Bearfighter
every time I listen to this.... I CRY...the tears come on their own and why is that? I must have so much deep inner  pain from the past n present.
Harry Plourde
it works believe or bur it 's only logical
Not trying to be the only asshole on here, but I don't get it. What exactly am I supposed to be getting out of this sound?
Inês Magalhães
Ipno KickAss
9h in loop?
JUDAH maccabee
What happens when people sleep while certain frequencies are playing ?
James Mosley
listening to these during meditation I see myself becoming more calm more reassured.\n I recommend them to anyone on a journey within. ..\n even just to listen to throughout the day melts stress. at night time restful peaceful sleep. \nenjoy!
John Walter
Jordan Farrell
This made me smile as soon as I heard it:)
Kieran Jordan
Bang on great
Lalit's Talk
its too much Big plz make it for 1 Hour
Lucas Cagle
all effects are placebos thoughts\nlol. you decide the effect ultimately. its futile to even attempt to get that point realized\n\nyou cant see what your not looking for
M. Sinclair
Removes toxins? Bollocks
Mallory Johns
Mauri Mauri
Love sensation possessed me so hard that i had to hug my pillow
Melody Montana
my opinion these demons are easier to cast out but still....why even go there. my curiosity unfortunately...live and learn. . and love Yeshua
Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it. This music helps find our inner peace. Thank you!
NoYa Muzik
Patricia Toomey
Advertisement for sleep music?!
Paulette Watson
Peter Fox
can this heal a severed spine?
Rain drops is buuuzzinn ~
Robert Miller
Alright i see ya hit a mil! Y'all r Excellent! Keep it up!
Ross Soto
Rowdy Yates
My balls hurt
Play \
Sergio Sanchez
Me encanto espero resultados positivos
Shi Cruisin'
I must be VERY toxic! this gave me a MASSIVE headache. So much so that I had to switch it off at the 1hr. Seems I have to take it in small doses at a time. And drink lots of water! The headache went away after I stopped it.
Sigh Willy
It works like a permission slip, or placebo effect. Whatever the catalyst is to convince yourself, because it's actually always YOU Agreeing, & Accepting whatever you choose to manifest. Also check out Dr Joe Dispenza's books or videos on youtube. His book,\
Stephanie Campbell
I was in a dream like state. I think its working.
Süleyman Kızılkaya
Beynimin içinde filler sikişiyo
Tantric Vegan
Had a fantastic sleep, woke up feeling good.
Tatjána Szatler
Watch out! It is disarmonious music. you do not hear ? Notice it!
The 4
can i listen to this at work and do my work? it wont make me sleepy, would it? high stress job so am looking for some confirmation, thanks.
Tiasia Johnson
I like it helps me sleep
Two Meerkats Hugging
This is amazing, thank you for uploading this!
Vegan Vocalist
Such beauty in a world filled with uglyness
What's with the image in the thumbnail? Luciferian/Talmudist?
Vincent Corrado
testing this now. Probably not good to do before work hahahah
Wayne Mccarthy
YouTube explorer
Morty we are going to put the toxins back in is
Zach Thompson
I don't know a lot about these frequencies or this topic in general, but I heard 741 Hz was evil or something like that?
Very Soothing, gentle vibration in the thoat chakra
Zoey Valentine
I have a lot of frustration and anger that keeps me up at night so I'm hoping this will help calm those emotions so I can sleep!
_rmaze_ Quiambao
Removes stains too!
bob question
This is not the frequency of the throat. This is the frequency of the third eye. It is beneficial to the throat as it is to all parts of the body, The throat is 639hz which equates to indigo on the colour spectrum. Indigo is also known as cyan. A light blue of the sky closest to the horizon on a bright sunny day. This is the colour you get when you blend true blue with green.\n\nSome people will tell you that indigo is a sort of violet that is above the crown chakra. This is nonsense. true Violet is also known as magenta and is the resonance of the crown 852 hz is the crowns frequency.. \n\nNumious Accord = 963 hz (ultra violet no visible colour)\nThe Crown = 852 hz = Violet.\nThe Third EyE is 741 hz = Blue\nThe throat is 639 hz = indigo (light blue of the sky closest to the horizon)\nThe heart is 528hz green is the colour,\nThe solar plexis is 417 hz = yellow\nThe Naval is 396 hz = orange\nThe base is 285 hz = red.\nFoundation 174 hz = infra-red (no visible colour)\n\nIt is important to get this right, otherwise you are tuning up to bum notes. The throat has been extensively attacked as it is so important. It doesn't matter how brainy you are, if your throat is compromised you will express yourself poorly and no one will hear your wisdom.\n\nLook to the rainbow for colour guidance, but indigo will always be the tricky one to spot. Look instead to the spectrum of white light. (this is pretty much the same as a rainbow except that you can control the background and it will be better defined). This will demonstrate that indigo has its own harmonic state within the spectrum.
charles johnson
EL AMEN~Sela'| H | ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣💥🔥🔑👑👻🎶💋
Everytime i heart this there comes something deep inside....and then i have to fart
kaas saus
i got scary weird dreams from this.
how to collect removed toxins?
snezana arsenovic
Nista lepse za opustanje nisam cula
Écrason Hérissé
Is there any Solfeggio that could absorb and delete negativity ?
æzathian films
Лена д
Thanks you my dears \u003c3 :-* :-* :-* Blessing \u003c3
Надежда К
741 Гц – сигнал к очищению и исцелению клеток от воздействия электромагнитного излучения. Помогает расширить возможности для создания желаемой реальности.