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Deeply relaxing positive energy boosting healing meditation music tuned to 432hz for optimum relaxation. With Angel music (angelic music) This track + 6 other versions with nature sounds available on iTunes: We are forever grateful to everyone that supports us just by tuning in to our channel, and for all you who buy our meditations, solfeggios and music! You make it POSSIBLE for us to continue our life purpose! From our hearts we Thank You!………………………ZEN LIFE RELAX / POWERTHOUGHTS MEDITATION CLUBWe are very proud of our hard work and commitment to creating HIGH quality Guided Meditations, Affirmation audios, Hypnosis sessions, Solfeggios and Relaxing Music. We put our Heart and Soul into every video we create with the intention to create something valuable for YOU, so you can walk the path of life feeling much more positive, conscious and empowered. Our a grand mission and life purpose to raise the energy vibration of our planet and to make this world a more Loving - Peaceful and Joyful place for ALL life. To help and inspire YOU and the other millions of people listening to our audios to awaken to that awesome POWER we have within us. Prepare to open up the gates and let the pure lifeforce from YOUR HIGHER SELF flow through you NOW. Enjoy your journey.For Your Freedom, Love and Joy,Alexander & Kenneth ………………………

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Acid Head
I'm going through benzo withdrawls please pray for me
Adolf Hitler
I'm porn addict, pray for me....guys
Amanda's Painting Lessons
last night I listened to this for just under an hour. It gave me slight goosebumps, and I truly felt positivity blasting through inner darkness. It felt cool, and was enjoyable sounds. Last night I slept pretty well, despite some tossing and turning which I always have. However, this morning I woke up very refreshed and 2-3 hours earlier than normal! I felt like I was really sleeping in!! I also have suffered from nightmares since I was little, and while I still had vivid dreams, they weren't overly sad or scary! I think I will make a painting video with this in the background, if possible but I will have to check about the rights/legalese first :) Thank you, I am hooked.
Andres Roque
here a reflection.\nI have realized that reading the titles of this type of videos that contain good material, allow my ego to manipulate my mind and predispose my senses to any type of emotion, whether emotion or curiosity. However, lately I have been listening to binaurals without reading the titles and I have found a different, pleasant reaction, noticing that my mind can decide what kind of frequencies need and which do not, instead of being subjected to a certain frequency because I predispose myself to That will be necessary to achieve what the title of the video proposes. I hope it serves any person. a hug.\n\nIf someone wants to talk about these things with me, send me a DM to my Instagram @andres_rocke\n\n(just in case, I used the google translator for this)
Anton Keene
This music hides such beauty...I can literally see myself somewhere in such a beautiful kingdom finally making peace with everything. I have walked with hatred in my heart for so long and this music reminds me that I have still humanity and I can still care for myself and others and get myself on the path to god. Thanks for such eye opening meditation music. Blessings.
I tuned my guitar to 432hz and played to this. This is a great track for blues solos 😊
Wherever you are, whatever you are, I hope things will get better. Please know that people are here for you. please don't give up on yourself. I hope you will be happy. You deserve to be.💖
Armando Zertuche
This must be like when you're dying. you feel every bad thought, every bad dream, every bad memory you've ever had disintegrate away from your body. I've always dreamed that at the end of my story, something like this would play. That I'd have this vision of myself descending from the ground and how long I've been waiting my entire life for that one moment where everything ends like it does in the movies. That the angels above will come down to me and guide me home. And everything I had always questioned in this life is finally revealed to me.
I think this is the music of life. Not only because it brings you into harmony with the universe but also because of the feeling. It sounds peaceful, sad, beautiful, longing...it makes me think of all the good and bad, the suffering and joy, especially after reading the comments here. And this is somehow comforting. It satisfies me because it feels complete. As if you would watch down on the whole world from space, just for a moment, and let all things happen, accept everything as it is and come back down to earth in complete tranquility...
Bailee West
I suffer from extreme anxiety attacks, and it turns into a day of hell for me. I had no where else to go to take care of this besides my mind and my house. I turned towards Zen music, and I found this. I listened to the first 3 minutes, and I almost cried. I can breathe, I can focus, I can think... I can release the grief and sorrow of losing my grandmother.. If she were here with me right now, she'd keep telling me to keep on doing what you're doing, because you will get over this sooner or later.\nI chose sooner. Because I can't hold this stress any longer.\n\nRIP Edith \
Barber Family
Perhaps this music should be played in the prisons during the night. To help them find the good in their disturbed minds.
Belén Cáceres Forastier
Im from Argentina. We are having bad times. Im having panic attacks again and depression. Send us love 😢
Beth Wells
This is ForYou Judy, May it BringHealing,& Blessings into YourLife, GodBlessYou! & HappyHealingToYou!
Bradley Lind
Wow this is such an amazing comment section I love all of you and I’m sorry for everyone’s struggles and difficulties. I pray all of you get what you need and ask for. Also I got a quick question for anyone who can answer, this music must really help people do manifestation right?
All of a sudden I want to do my art again. It’s been years since I can say I honestly felt this way. 😊
Charlene Montoya
thank you for this music! I'm at the end of my life,or at least I feel that way. I lost my son eight months ago and I have been battling leukemia for seven years. I also have a daughter with down syndrome who I love so much. my youngest son has autism and my poor wife is struggling to keep everything together. money is tight, so I hope by listening to this music, it will bring me some peace. thank you everyone who is reading this, and blessings to all those who are going through worse conditions
Christopher Tomlinson
Thank you for this beautiful music. i am resting on my bed listening to this and taking a break from the many projects i have lined up this summer. What a nice way to zone out the i phone and reconnect spiritually from our busy world. Thanks : ) ( : # Kiss Chris
Climb the Ladder
Between listening to this and reading these comments and feeling my mind, body and heart responding the way it is I have no doubt there is power here.\n\nAnd it isn't JUST the music--it does seem like it's putting people into a \
Cynthia Berry
Instinctly I started to take long deep breaths. This has brought me to a place of peace.
Dan Dale
I am correctional officer. My nights are filled with the horror's of our reality. I keep your nightmares in their cells while you sleep. This God sent music helps remind me why I do it. It allows me to flip my switch back to a loving father and devoted husband. May God bless all those who are in need. Stay strong. Stay safe. Remember us. We are the thin grey line.
Demetrius Coleman
This music is really keeping my negative thoughts away\n\nI love and appreciate you for uploading this. I really needed this
I sound hypercrital ...never read bible or gone to church...but I do belive that last few years I have been going through some sort spiritual awaking. I'm certainly not the same person I used to be .I have strong beliefs this is gods way to find peace in this evil world. each and everyone of us have our own suffering .reading comments on here some far worse than others .but I find it so magical how everyone as reached out to show comfort to others even tho they are suffering themselves..i now realise there is more beautiful souls on this earth than bad..and tho some story's are heart rending and touched my heart that I'll always rem them...but the comfort and peace I also feel of the love everyone as shown is unreal...i have read lots and replied to them. I just want to say to those iv not read your story is just as precious to the next one and I'm sooo sorry to everyone's suffering and love peace and light to your loved ones and hope each and everyone of use find peace in your heart and soul...i truly belive god brought us to this channel to find each other and inner peace...I hope I have not offended anyone by my comment ...its truly not my intention .like I said I'm not been to church or read bible .but I some how feel it in my heart and soul to write this ❤ but I do belive in the divine and learing slowly but surely the only way to inner peace is through the Lord amen ❤❤❤
Dianeli Aranda
Am really tired of this mean world😞
Dusty O'Daffer
This is a rare scenario where the comments are arguably better than the music.
Ebony Franzi-Jones
This comment section has warmed and hit me so much, crying right now but feeling much less alone. My \nlove goes out to every single one of you.
Frank Jordaan
When life hits you sometimes it hits longer and harder than you can ever imagine. After my divorce 2 years ago (we were together 12 years) I found love again in an amazing woman, we got engaged, moved in together, I got a new job, i was positive once again and happy... just for it to end in another disaster once again.... just before the breakup I was also retrenched from my new work :( I have always been a believer in God and through this time I moved away from Him thinking that he can't be real or He is just bringing bad things into my life and I blamed Him for everything. I had to move out but had no deposit and no rent money, can't pay my car, can't pay my son's school fees and with negative and depressing thoughts haunting me all day and all night. I decided to start searching for God again. So every morning I put this music on and read my Bible, and praying to God all day long to please just help me. I have realized that my lifestyle wasn't what God was looking for in me I am so much more than that. The tough times are still continuing and my faith gets tested every day. I started working for myself and it is going slowish but steady. I decided to change my life around and this here and now is where my new journey begins I believe. Giving up things like smoking, spending too much time on my pc watching movies and playing games... there must be more to this life. I started hearing God's voice again! The journey is tough and the worries and stress are still with me but at least I have someone to go to now again when feeling down and depressed. I will trust this process and where I stand in life at this exact moment and just believe that there are greater things awaiting me. I have such an urge to feel whole again!!!
Gavin Hart
Reading all these comments and realizing we are all the same. We want to FEEL, we seem to be starved and have a thirst for love but it really comes down to loving yourself first and then they will come to you. The universe will open up to you. Love you all very much.
Jacob Echols
It's so cool to see that this stuff actually helps people. To everyone going through a tough time, I wish all of you a happy life.
Jamie Shelton
I feel so alone most days. This brought tears. I'm still alone, but...I have wonderful memories of when I wasn't. Thank you for this. It took me to a magical place, where maybe his spirit visits too. Maybe in that place, he can wipe my tears aways, kiss my forehead, and promise me no more pain. No more tears from lonely nights.
Janet Singleton
In finding this beautiful music when I needed it, I found so much more in the enlightened and loving comments on here, thank you all its wonderful to have found your souls on here.\nSamuel and all who are suffering I send you love and blessings - 'this too shall pass' give it time and know you are not alone. Thanks and love to you all x
Je Ja
I love that thumbnail wow it's unfathomably beautiful. Violet color is so loving and angelic and to see that in this thumbnail makes my heart explode in love and gratitude. Wow.
Jessica Bronhara
I hope this type of music will be on the radio someday. I think it would prevent car accidents. Seriously this music is so relaxing.
Jesus Soto
My mind is flooded with worries and negative thoughts and it's hard to get control over them. I listen to this music and cry because I wish things were different in my home. So much separation so much tension no love. I know my problems are nothing compared to others but I pray that God will give us the strenth to carry on. To everyone out there struggling in life I wanna tell you to stay strong and Keep the faith no matter what. Sending Much love from San Diego to all.💓
Jim Titone
Please pray for me.. That i make it through this low time in my life.. God bless you all.
Jonah Smith
I’ve been depressed, stressed and suicidal. I feel like my life is worthless, and that I’m not worth anything. I lost all of my friends and I’ve been attacked spiritually many times by demons and negative spirits. Almost everyday I have had trouble getting into my everyday activities, it feels like I’ve been robbed, chewed, and spit out. After listening to this I just realized that love is patient and long suffering. After all the tool I took on I realized that it’s all for a better reason. Some of the greatest people on this world have gone through horrible things and tribulation. This music helps me to see the bigger picture as to why humanity is so much different than any kind of species out there. I now feel like I have the infinite power of love, the universe isn’t in my head anymore... it’s a real love and beauty that anyone can have.... everyone deserves to be free, but all the revolt in this world isn’t allowing people to unlock their full potential. Those who suffer are suffering because they are the ones who can handle the truth, they are poor in the world, but they definitely have the truth and are persecuted for knowing it... there is no greater pain than being despised and rejected for what you believe, but I know God let these demons haunt me, because he loved me.... I understand now. Everything happens for a reason... even in the midst of the darkness in this world I am able to overcome anything that gets in my way ... this is truly an eye opening revelation .... come all who are hungry.... you’ll be feed
Junu Shrestha
Most peacefull, meaningfull and truthfull comment section ever!✌💖💕
Karen Taylor
Perfect, I meditate to this, it's like I'm in heaven catching up with souls of loved ones, forgiving myself & them while having the support of Angels, guides & the Creator, blessings to you all, thanks.....expressing heartfelt gratitude.
The natural state of the Soul is that of Joy. All this other stuff gets in the way. \nVery glad that negative energies are being purged from the planet. We all will experience more Joy and Love going forward.
Kiki Huang
5 minutes into the track, I started having a massive breakdown. For no reason at all, deep emotion flushed into my chest. It wasn't necessarily sadness nor was it happiness. I've never experienced anything like that in my life. I cried and cried until this feeling no longer resonated inside me. I felt like I let go many many years worth of unnecessary negative energy. Thank you for this.
Latoya Raymond
Amazing! I wish everyone healing and peace 🤗🤗
Laura Elaine DeSilets
Thank you for this beautiful music. I read some comments and know im in the right place at the right time. Listening before bed and letting go of all the built up energy... and being at peace once again my true self. Namaste' *you are loved and you are wanted; you are worthy* ❤
Leia V
My dad is in stage 4 adenocarnicoma, I'm in texas hes in Illinois. He's currently in hospice and I've been waiting on updates from my aunt. I have no way of going up there to see him and I dont think my dad wants me to see him the way he is. I haven't seen him in 6 years. I never thought that the next time I'd see my dad he would be in a box. I dont know how to handle this. I just want to tell him I love him but I can't.
Lisa Francia
Thank you for posting this. Times have been so stressful for everybody lately. I want to believe that peoples' better natures will win out eventually. We don't really have a choice other than to struggle to survive and to make things better for future generations, do we?
I. Want you to feel better , to sleep better , to live better! Yes you, I’m talking to you.
Hey guys it amazed me how many comments on this video are from people with emotional pain trying to heal. Thank you for your stories and being so open with your heart. Me too guys, we are all in this life and world together. My heart is with you all as fellow humans and spirits of God. Hang in there 💖 \nI am a Christian Buddhist....God loves you and only puts his strongest through the toughest trials. Be strong.
Profoundly effective healing music to cleanse the soul and open the heart to a greater sense of well being and peace. Thank you. Namaste.
Marinette Dupain-Chain
.... *It's all sappy stuff* So what? *Oh nothing just...LIFE* oh cool ^Guy walks away^ Me *WTF*
Matthew Maguire
When I listen to this I think of God's glory. I sit and think how amazing it will be when I'm fully in the presence of the glory of God . What a day that will be... Wow.
this comment section is more spiritual than the music
Moon Child
As soon as i started the music and red the comment, i started to cry and didn't feel alone to see how much somehow all we want here on this planet is to be happy and in peace with each other \u003c3
Mr. Kent
i cant wait to get out of this world and go back home
Nadine Van de Velde
For me this is a mixture of centuries old lives in kind of monastery merged with the present. Wonderfully clean and it works. As far as the image is concerned, it is beautiful and also very symbolic, because from my own experience I have been standing there as a hand-held person. I mean, for example, those who are about to die or who are very sick, that my body functions as a channel and removes it and gives it away, sometimes at an angle to the light sometimes directed straight upwards. Beautiful image!\n\nGreeting in solidarity
Nick Hilton
This is making me want to cry, I’m holding back, but not a sad cry. I can’t explain it. But it’s beautiful, so so beautiful. I miss home (spirit world) and my dad.
Nitty Andrade
This World Is So Painful .... Prayers For Humanity ... Live Love Laugh
Onyx Night Sky
My mother is next to me in her hospital bed. Things are not looking good. I hope this music brings her peace and tranquility.
Orlando Harvell
When I hear this... I feel safe. I hope I find more sounds like this because I really wanna become one with myself
Patrick Kelly
The greatest gift you can give anyone is your belief in them.
Rima Christie
Listening to this..... is now done daily. It puts me into a very interesting place. I am heavily grieving for a lost soul mate and this helps immensely. Thank you
looking for that next step. My 8 year old boy randomly told me i need to let go today so here i am. Listen to kids they no more than us adults do. spiritually speaking. God bless us all with love 💖 x
Sabine Leigh
When I was 10 my father died then a week later he came into my room and sat on the end of my bed it scared the you know what out of me. He spoke to me in my mind and said you are strong you and your sisters will be alright. We later got together in our life on a Christmas and talked about the events and things in that house doors opening and lights on after our dad died. Then I told them about dad visiting me to tell me that we would be alright and my sisters both looked at each other and said we saw him to and he told us the same thing, and from there our world changed. We all see and hear family and some that are not family. my children have the same abilities and there children so I do believe we are all born with this ability no matter who you are. I get voices of relatives my grandparents are always with me so I do have spirit guides. Those of you who miss your loved ones don't be afraid to talk to them they can hear you. You are loved from the other side we are not alone as some think. I send love and light out to all of you. empathic lightworker.
Sallie Mae
This was recommended sometime ago by a friend but I am always stubborn and does not listen.Life is what we make it.We have to be at peace with ourselves.We have to appreciate those around us,those who matter most.Sometimes God gives us a gift later in life.Do not be afraid.Embrace it.Sometimes we cant get what we want because they are not meant to be. We have to open our mind to all possibilities.Still I believe in Faith,Hope and Love.Thank you God for bringing somebody into my life to let me see my potential.Thank you somebody you are always in my heart forever.I will always pray for you forever.Please God make me an instrument of Peace through my prayers. Please everybody find Jesus because He is The LIGHT and Salvation.
Samuel Denman
My Mom and Brother died when I was 13. I am now 16 and listening to this did something. I am literally SO DESPERATE for reassurance from both my Mom and Brother. And, I don't know if I got it. It was ALL in my head but it felt real, the emotions felt real, seeing my Mom felt real. Evem though I am wide awake and I KNOW this is just what Im thinking in my head.. My mom told me that she will always be there with me no matter what. And she said \
Sara K.
Reading the comment section and listening to this music made me have more faith in humanity 💖 may our wounds be healed and our prayers answered , we are all feeling lonely and it blows my mind that we feel this way even of we are many. Life is a lesson and from pain our souls grow do not get lost in the shadows , beautiful days are ahead nothing lasts forever . Stay blessed 🌈
Savanna Lee
I feel deeply connected to you all reading your experiences. I am sending you all Love! I hope you receive the healing and peace you need at this time. I believe there are invisible forces helping and guiding us all.
Shafer's 77
I pray for everyone who has lost a loved one. That has to be no greater pain than that in the world. Father, help me help others. Give without expectation. Smell the roses. Don’t blink. Humility.
Sheree Thomson
WOW i didnt think this one would affect me. 20 minutes into it doing some soul searching and brain storming. Been contemplating doing my own you tube videos for awhile but i real shy. Well this giving me confidence to finally do it . Thankyou . God bless you and your listeners xo hugs
Shiraz Siddiqui
Dear Almighty God....please have mercy on us when we face your glory on judgement day....\nhumanity has failed your expectations since the dawn of time again and again : (
Sonofgod Jesuschrist
Please pray that I Am completely healed from head TO toes immediately AND permanently THANK YOU. May the good God bless you all for all your Loving PRAYERS amen.
Starry Sky
my life is great ☀ my friends love me very much, they show me affection often, i make new friends very fast, i have good grades, i love myself, i am positive
Tauney Elysia
This comment section is amazing. We all seem to have alot of tradgey. (No, I'm not here because life went well) Alot of survivors here. You're All Amazing. The music is so peaceful. I felt so alone. You all gave me some hope. I cannot Thank You all enough. Tonight you all saved a life. ♡ Very Eternally Grateful! Peace and Love Always ♡ Tauney
Teacher Robin
It is exactly that 432 hz that will settle and connect the whole body to the Universe ... the antidote for chaos
When you smoke weed, you are able to open your eyes and see the world for what it really is. It is a scary thought, but that's where the theory of fabricated and false reality come into play. We see what we want to see, not what we need to see. When you smoke weed however, your senses relax and you have a small keyhole of vision allowing you to see the world in all it's true reality and nature. That's why people want it illegal, because it allows you to see the truth, the truth nobody wants anyone to see.
—-to all the people going through hard times, crying alone, feeling so lonely and in search of something as true as music does ....ALWAYS KEEP IN A PLACE OF YOUR HEART THAT WE ARE ALL INTO SIMETHING INCREDIBLE AND FULL OF TRUTH AND BEAUTY. LISTEN TO MUSIC LIKE THESE, HARMONY, READ WORDS THAT MAKING YOU CRY THROUGH STORIES OR ELSE, WATCHING OUR BEAUTIFUL NATURE FEELING THE WIND IN OUR HAIRS THE RAIN SO PEACEFUL...daring open yourself to Everything including above all what’s in your heart. Brain is what makes you insane, sad...your “heart” is the message of gods. I mean, it’s what I think, what I feel ....love joy and peace to you all, may your eyes see what is really to be seen ❤️
My cat loves it and so do I...thank you!
Timberwolf Powler
Folks, when you awaken every single day say the words \
Two Twenty Seven
We all come from the same energy, the same creator. The current world stage and it’s negativity is literally killing us. We are shutting ourselves down. What do you think happens to a society that has become numb? It perishes. Most people have no idea the true magnificence of this world. If you look at baby’s you can see that our natural state, our divine state is one of pure love. That love is give to us freely as a gift from “God”. Today most of it gets wasted or transmuted to hate. Nothing changes if nothing changes. We can heal ourselves, each other, this planet if we could just transcend all the levels of man made bullshit. Love is the answer. The only answer. All of the answers.
Unkle Fritz
the creator will always be the ultimate answer
Valerie Kameya
It makes all my sins float away and never come back
Welcomedcompany Lol
I was meditating and a message came to me before I ended it. \nTreat yourself how you would treat your kid. Interesting philosophy.
Woodsen Dragon
I may not be religious, but others are, so I respect them.\nI may not be poor, but others are, so I wish for them.\nI may not be living in a hopeless situation, but others are, so I hope for them.\nI may not be unhealthy, but others are, so I encourage them. \n\nI used to be depressed, but no longer, yet others still are. \n\nIt’s hard to see your enemy manifest itself in another person and tear them down. It’s hard to talk to someone being pulled by the strings of depression after already having moved on, because it’s as if depression itself is talking back to you saying “you may have beaten me within you, but what now?”\n\nI may not be depressed, but others are, so I do everything I can to help.
Zach D
A lot has been going through my mind lately, a lot of negative thoughts, they’ve brought me down the last couple of days as I transition into college. However, I’ve started meditating. Today was my first deep session where I’ve gotten lost in my meditation, feeling out of this world. I’ve never been super religious, but today I felt as if I was talking to God.. it was uplifting.
Video games have inspired me to live for a greater purpose every day. I wanted to make my life as exciting as them, so I started trying to figure it how to do that. I asked myself \
aurora h
This music makes me cry and IDK why I'm crying I guess I just wanna b truly happy
celest simmons
Talk to you past self, your inner child, your shadow self, forgive, day sorry, I love you, I thank you💕 This world needs peace, we are dying of thirst......😔blessings and worldwide love and healing. Peace everyone.
coy clown
I just have an idea for anyone pregnant, play this through headphones on your belly as an experiment and please reply with your baby's reaction. I want to know, thanks. :)
daniel rodas
never stop believing that god can do great things in our lives
free spirit
When you see around you.. everyone is suffering somehow.. you think some people are happy or lucky and you are not but this is not true.. you have what someone else is missing.. and you miss what someone else has.. this is life.. it's all about ACCEPTING and BEING KIND to yourself and others..\n\nLove to all..
jacqueline upton
I used this music to visit the site of where my friend was shot on Friday in Wolverhampton..... thank you 😢.... it didn’t make me understand or give me the answers I need or want.... but it kept me safe for the time I left my house until I returned.\n\nRIP Dwaine Houghton....... ❤️...... until we meet again, keep smiling my friend 👊🏼
m a rafaggin
Samuel, my husband after being run down on purpose.by a drunk driver and dragged under pick up truck cuz his skin had melted to the exhaust (he was dragged thru a field under truck for the length of ftball feild after hip replcemnt and finally getting out of hospital one yr later came home to his brother dead on couch ,other brother died and the sister in law and his dad all in 4months all passed then his mum took ill and we moved in w her to take care of her and she passed w him holding her !myself had abdominal aortic anyreseaum 8hr on operation table then following yr cancer which i had lost my mum to cpl urs before. Its been veey long rd however, Samuel w many prayers and tears we embrace the thought that we WILL see our loved ones again and no bad neg memories shall we have nor shall you. Embrace the tears for they are cleansing. Gods plans are hard to understand and at times we get angry but you have a strong strong spirit in you follow you instincts. We all will get thru our pain togeather by the mercy and grace of god love light and peace come to you and many good things ARE. Coming to you w love from Upstate ny 😒😗be well be strong 🙏🙋💔👣👣👣👣👣❤💕💖💓
miss nature
Tears are flowing down my face, To see all of us here searching for peace within and trying to get better. The comments are touching. We are not alone. You all are beautiful blessings. Take it from me stand and be proud. Don't give up. I tried so hard to give up and the creator didn't let me. When everything was going wrong hope kept my mind and spirit. Now I'm here crying my eyes out. God Bless the generation give us mercy. Sending love and hugs and healing energy. I love you all
Hey if you scrolling down and see this comment, know that you are a beautiful human being so have a wonderful day 😊
rose violet
This is the most beautiful music I've heard in my life. Now I know why I love certain songs with this certain pitch. This is what I've been looking for, thank you.
starr la roc
Update: I fell asleep to this after feeling nauseous all day and woke up on towards the last few minutes; I have never felt better. Thanks a million! God bless everyone watching this!
Life can be so paintfull. But don't worry my friend, love is with you, always, just behind, silently. Listen carefully and you will hear it. Be courageous and strong, follow your heart, trust yourself, trust life, everything will be fine, you can rest in peace, it is your right, you are innocent. Your home is right here, you can come back when you want, just follow your heart. Pain are your broken parts that need to be healed, love and take care of them, do not reject or ignore them, or they will cry louder.
Love. The most important thing we can create and give. It’s really all that matters ❤️\nBig Love to all who read this.
tj antipas
IV been listening to these when i cant sleep since my younger brother was killed by the system. I live with so much hate and anger now, this i dont think ill ever be able to truely get over, but listening to this helps. Thanku
vicki Pabalan
Upon visiting a friend today who just had brain surgery, (80 yrs young) she told me she saw a filigree gate opening, and there were gregorian chants by priests being sung.