Betrayer - Kreator lyrics

Canción: BetrayerBanda: KreatorÁlbum: Extreme Aggression

Aggression Betrayer DeadMadGirl Extreme Kreator lyrics metal thrash

Ad Absurdum
This is a song in which I use to describe\nWhat I feel about people like you!
Adrian Gonzalez
great band
Beavis Ass
Thrash from Germany!! Hell Yeah!!!!!
dans ma chambre à 15,16 ans avec ma guitar \
Callie Smole
This is so freaking hard to play, too. It's talent so over the charts!! 💗💗
1:36 is my shit
Chris Gerdes
Cynthia R
gabriel gonzales videla song
are you spanish?
Hate lyrics that get on the screen when the phrase is half way gone, whats the point?
Damion Swartz
Brings back some old memories
Daniel Rico
David Williams
This song just reminds me of FUN!!!!!!! BETRAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great lyrics
Edward Beil
This greedy lust, you can't deny, you can't deny.......
Felipe Rojas
think it through, you could be granted this song too xd
Felix K
Giorgos Abso
Congrats,dedicating this hell of a song to ex's like it's a taylor swift song -.-
Gugus Panca Yanto
Metal For Die..!!!!(GugusDry)
Hans Wurscht
Jack Napier
what year was this album released?
Jefferson Andrés Araujo Mendoza
The voice is shitty!
Jeronimo Garcia
This is for my \
Jesus Thrasher
hell yea !!!
Jose vega
hey deadmadgirl you wanna marry me ?
Josh Garcia
Favorite song by them \\m/
José Ángel Zamora
My excrush is a betrayer xD
Justicia Satria
This is a song \nwhich is use to describe what i feel\nabout people like you\nno sense for humanity, no idea about life\nthis premise has been proved\nyou used my trust to satisfy your brainless lust\nyour word isn't worth more than puke in the dust\n\nbetrayer\nbetrayer\n\nmisleader, you twisted things to satisfy\ndeceiver, this greedy lust you can't deny\nhow could i be so naive to believe all the lies\nyou so easily told\ni think i've learned my lesson too late\nthe story took time to unfold\nnow i see your true face\nbehind your mask, a cheat, a fake\nyour word isn't worth more than puke in the dust\n\nbetrayer\nbetrayer\n\nignorant twisted mind, maybe it would help\nto think before you speak from time to time\npretend to be a friend of mine\nbut you would sell your mother if you could \nfor less than a dime\n\nintelligence lost, brain deceased,\nso you will loose, fall to your knees,\nguys like you i cannot stand\nmaybe i must speak another language before you understand\n\nbetrayer\nbetrayer
King Diamond
damn pissed of song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Le Guitariste Autodidacte - MattyPS
Marko U
dedicated to m.p. he knows whom i mean...
Good Song about todays politicians and parliment.
Miodrag Mergel
old trash germay \\m/
You can't deny... BETRAYER!
Beastival - Kreator, Sodom , Destruction :)
Nagela Gomes
Ignorant twisted mind (8)
Necroblade T.V.
Nicolás Morgan
Pablis M R
Kreator es genial
Philip Scoggins
angel grip 7th generation prepare for a worldwide moshpit
Quag roth
Kill in them all!!! \nTo the dark
Raphaël Dordeins
First time I listened to this song was in 1989 on a Spanish TV chan in a awful quality but I managed to record it nonetheless as I didn't live far from Spain (S-W France). Became one of the \
Renan França
Santiago García Rincón
Savatage Fan
The Greek Prime Minister.
Scott George
I heard this when it came out and I still think the lyrics and band are killer Great !
Tarkan Tevetoğlu
Thrash at its best. Period.
TokusatsuHeavyMetalKaiju 2000
Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction are truly the best German thrash metal bands of all time!
Tony Greaves
I first heard this early 90s(punk was my thing) a nd it blow me away.. Reading words has made me wonder is he queer.. If so he got some balls... Fucking rock on.. Excellent stuff
Viri Bonilla
Fuck you fucking betrayers! Pieces of shit! Damn I'm so fucking mad!! This song is like cathartic fot me..
Waco Johnny Dean
Petrozzas Stimme macht alles kaputt, schlechteren Gesang habe ich auf einem Metal-Klassiker nie vernommen (und ein Metal-Klassiker soll das gemäss Kreator-Fans ja sein, angeblich.....). Ein politisch-korrektes Büblein versucht auf hart und angepisst zu machen und das misslingt vollkommen. Das Gekeife halte ich keine Minute aus. Würde Petrozza neben mit stehend solche Töne anschlagen, ich müsste ihm die Fresse polieren. Aus reiner Notwehr....
Warlen Campos
Underrated song by Kreator itself...
Yuda Ben
Yea yea, let me guess your boyfriend cheated on you what a liar scumbag... i'm sure your completely innocent. Sorry its just these ex/post relationship comments are such a cliche everyone escalates to the same problems, its is most likely that your ex is a player or a douchbag so its partly your fault for hooking up with him and being attracted to assholes.
andré marques de sousa
I would do the same with my ex-boss but she doesn't deserve anything so good like this awesome classic like Betrayer. Kreator is too much for her.
austin rura
someones gettin fucked up in some club in the 80s somewhere...
Maybe it's not about an ex but it describes mine to a T.
ftr 0200
I also have been betrayed
Puke in the dust.\n\n
noval jersey
santiago luquerna
my friend is a betrayer xdxdxdxd
steve riccio
i agree, when people say metal is satanic i just show them the lyrics to this song and watch them be dumbfounded.
Everyone is talking about \
In My Darkest Hour (Megadeth) - 0:50 aprox\nAgent Orange (Sodom) - 0:23 aprox\nBetrayer (Kreator) - 1:39 aprox\n