Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC - Special Challenge 1-S1 1-S2 (World 1)

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC - Special Challenge 1-S1 & 1-S2 (World 1). This video shows you the two special challenges in world 1. Special challenges are part of the first DLC of the game.►MARIO + RABBIDS - 100% WALKTHROUGH PLAYLIST: - World 4-S►Game Informations:▪ Title: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle ▪ Developer: Ubisoft▪ Publisher: Ubisoft▪ Platform: Switch▪ Genre: Turn-based tactics▪ Playtime: 20+ hours

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Is this game fun?
Cesar Morelli
Awesome game!!!
Ed Cowley
So. Many. Coins 😲😲😲
EpicLuigi Kid
Is 150 coins really the reward???
Do you need to have beaten the campaign to access this? Cuz I am not quite done with W4 yet and I don't have any of the challenges or the co-op campaign even though I have bought the Season Pass and the eShop says it is \
Hoppy Jr.
How much does this DLC challenge cost?
Joanna Szymczak
Im Happy to return Mario +Rabbids Kingdom Battle of Special Challenges World 1
Jonathan Sanchez
How do I get the Ultra Challenge Pack to appear? I've already downloaded it.
JuLayLee Bee
How far did you get before you came back to finish this?
Kervis Boston
There’s a fifth world coming as DLC also
The world 4 pleeease ☺😢
How do you get it?
Merwan Barakey
Reward:\n\n\n\n\n\n\n150 COINS
Roviken origins
More Rabbits
Good to see this even though you never finished your walkthrough.
The Lemur Soldier
pause at 8:51 look at his face XD
Varun Pandian
Am I able to get this if I get the season pass late?
dude, what about world no.4?
I wanted Rayman as a DLC character. Now I'm sad.