Jessie J The Voice UK Best Moments The Battle Season 2 Episode 8

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Jessie J The Voice UK Best Moments Blind AuditionSeason 2 Episode 8Date: 12 May 2013

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Alex Shelley
Everytime she says \
Alistair Sutherland
I loved her hair and i am the best fan of Jessie j I even know what stands for j. I also like that to it is....Jessie jenafa
April Jane Linggian
oh i love danny's laugh :D fuHAHAHAHA :)
Dany Rossi
Jessie the best..era meglio😎
Dennis Frammore
Jessie so pretty :-o, damn damn damn
Djordje Petrovic
My ears are confused XD
Eleanor Haney
Thanks for uploading! The best jessie j fan account on YouTube!
Ezra Al Barra
Jessie J's adviseor is chubby Kanye West
Jade Thirlwall
I Love Jessie J She's So Beautiful To Me And She Can Sing
Kaliane Braga
i Love Jessie j
Kayren Cole
Hi! I also want ot say thanks for uploading the voice UK, cause I also can't watch it, I'm from the Caribbean an island called St Vincent and I honestly love it. I really love Jessie J and I'm a big fan wish I can see her or even talk to her. Please tell Jessie to look for me on twitter. I go by the name Kayren Browne (Kayren25). Please do that for me.
Kevin Alen Chung
Like her personality so prank and at the same time, genuine.
Leo Nardo
waoo jj
Mary Lourdes Paraiso
Can somebody pls tell me the title of the background song at 6:41? thanks... ! :)\n
Peaty Land
Team will
Rhealyn Acas
I liked the way she judge's ever..
Rusni 118899
i love jessie j
Short Stories
Everytime she opens her mouth I just fangirl like crazy
Wonder Wall
Thanks for the uploads . Because i cant watch the voice uk because im from the philippines and do you ship danny and jessie??
Nice vid :) love it :D x
katelyn Waddell
she is men but I love her to me.
liquidationhaircare com
little pinkie
Jessie's the most beautiful woman inside and out ❤️
i love her shes so honest its hilarious
tobie hartshorne
Jessie u are my ideal I love to sing and everyone tells me to shut up I want to be a singer
yenisa Dominguez
love jessie j
ying panrayanee
Love Jessie J😘😘
zquadsm jacobs
danny is so cute,and Jessie J is so hilarious
มังกร อึ้นเจริญรุ่งเรือง
i love jessie j
Jessie is... Amazing singer and Amaznig person