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I got tricked into thinking this was a Try Not To Laugh challenge, but what it ACTUALLY was left me speechless... Thank you all so much for 500K. I'll have a few more 500K Special Vids this week so stay tuned!Follow me on Twitter: Thanks for watching, be sure to leave a Like! :)

challenge chris denk... denkops denkops 500k dont laugh or grin swerved try not to try not to laugh try not to laugh challenge try not to laugh or grin

Adham Abdo
I'm thinking about doing a YouTube channel but I don't have the materials to record.
Alejandro Madera
Congrats Denk!  I got to thank you a lot because you introduced me to nba, (nba2k15) and I almost play it everyday. But I didn't know about next gen and stuff when I had a xbox 360 and I got nba, you know what happened next. Still, Congrats!
Try not to Cringe
Ashay Rathod
Congrats buddy.....Happy for You!;)....All the best for future
YOU DESERVE IT!\n*clap clap clap-clap clap!*\nYOU DESERVE IT!\n*clap clap clap-clap clap!*\nYOU DESERVE IT!\n*clap clap clap-clap clap!*
Biggie Cheess
Now we're a hundred thousand subs from a million!!!!! Love ya Denk. No homo
Black Kid from Monsters Inc.
im lost :(
Carlos Quintana
will power with the dab
Cavs Fan23
Cedric Harvey
Congratulations on reaching 500 Subscribers and very very soon I know it be 1 million in a short time period. I was wondering if you could play DC Universe Online on this channel. Looking forward to future videos.\n\nLater
Chris Dragone
Like if he's better than pewdiepie
I thought the try not to laugh was going to be on Denks own videos
Your allowed to use Try Not To Laugh videos in your video its not copyright if you make sure you put a disclaimer saying you do not own the contact
Congratulations Chris ! I am glad that you hit 500k subs today :) I have subscribed you since you had around 200k subs . Keep it up bro and we are proud of you ✌
Damian JPres
Congwats on 5OOk chwis
David Wessel
congrats man I've been watching you for a long time I love your videos especially your wrestling videos looking forward to some WWE 2K17 videos
DenkOps - Chris Denker
Thanks for your support guys. I appreciate it more than you know. More 500K specials this week. Maybe even a Twitch live stream tonight!
Don P
Hey Chris your number one fan here... thanks for everything you've done... making me laugh and happy when life knocks me down... thanks fof everything +DenkOps .... Congratz... keep it up
EKay Productions
There's a dilfo
CONGRATULATIONS DENK ON 500K?!! U DESERVE IT MAN Love ur vids thank u soo much for puutin in effort in makin entertaining, funny, motivational vids for us we really appreciate it enough and I knw for sure u aint one of those fake youtuber's love u denk love ur content and vids keep it up
Fantastic On Rye
I didn't know Michael knew DenkOps
Hayden Cook
Do face cam for all your videos
Henry Okeke
cmplus's was my fav
I love Jeff Hardy
Do more YouTubers life please.😊😊👍🏾
congats on 500k ive been around since 230k around there and i enjoy your vids so much keeep up the good work
Congrats dude!
Irrelevant scumbag
Try not to get bored challenged..............................................................failed
Notification Squad, where you at 👀 ❓
Jaskaran Singh
Welcome to the DangerZone! Population 500,000+
Jason Rother
was that actually John snow
Jay V
New subscriber.......But that was fantastic......obviously you are an essential note in a beautiful song........ty Jay from London
Great job Denk!!!!!
John Gilliam
you deserve it clapclapclapclapclap
Johnathan Boyd
You,upupdowndown,lugey,and will power in a fatal four way
Jordan Mcpherson
Thank you Chris 🙌🙌🙌🙌 thank you Chris 🙌🙌🙌🙌 thank you Chris 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Joshua Manring
who else was shocked that jd was here.
Right now I'm proud to be one of those 500k persons who pushed that \
Kevin kharrat
Congrats denk i have been here since wwe2k15 and you sir have put a smile on my face evey time since then \nHope you read hope you get a million soon
Kodie Sarkodie
If this guy's a YouTuber, then I'm Batman
Korey Games
Your the best Denk
Congrats bro, been here since 1,000,000 subs and I'm looking forward to that 250,000 sub special
Lil Tweet
Last time I was this early Kevin Durant was on the thunder
Man O Main
i still don't understand why pickle boy was naked
Marcus Cervek
As soon as I saw JDFROMNY, love that dude!
Matt Hettinger
Mr. Danger Zone,\n\nYou're definitely a one-of-a-kind YouTuber. You want nothing but the best content for your subscribers, you're you and don't change for anybody, and you make sure you're happy in between everything. Most of the people I'm subbed to only make videos for views and for the money and don't really care about their viewers. You're a fantastic YouTuber and human-being all together. I believe it's safe to say that all of us are thankful to have somebody as talented and caring as you are in our lives. Cheers to you and cheers to another 500k!
Maturity Productions
much love for you bro your awesome and a inspiration to me and all the Denkers out there. if I could ever interview for my podcast as a sign of respect id love too
Michael Midax
6:20 that was on point, LMBO.
Thank you Denk. You deserve every single thing you have coming to you. I try to model myself after your attitude and work ethic with my own YouTube channel so thank you for everything you do man! Here's to the next 500k and well beyond!
Love you and I'm super proud of you \u003c3 You deserve the world!
Naas Kaleem
I died laughing at Brock 😂. Congrats man! You deserve every single bit of success you have
U will get one millions like next year
No Mexicans
I don't just want to say congrats on your subscriber count and just want to thank you for contuining to upload videos that I like and also thank you for getting me into stuff like wwe and even considering making my own YouTube channel.Thank You Denk
Opa Uwe
im a german guy and I have followed you since the 100# Episode Of my career and ive seen every Episodes of it congratulations for 500k subs!!👌👍👏🖒
And the crowd chants... YOU DESERVE IT!! (Clap clap clapclapclap) YOU DESERVE IT!! \nCongrats Denk you are a major inspiration to many people.remember don't sell out MAX out. Keep up the great work breh! :) \u003c3
Peter Jerome
ha ha
Pizza Panda
thank you denk (clap clap clap clap) thank you denk (clap clap clap clap) thank you denk(clap clap clap clap)
Pllana Productions
Congrats on 500k Subs Denk!
Congrats on 500K Denk you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randy Crawford
Pulse and Tony said you’re the hardest working guy they know but they’re also 2 hard working guys themselves.
Robenson Alexis
Why do you have booty-o's what do you have booty-o's
Shrek Savage
LMFAO Gotta Love JDFromNY Bruh
Son Red_Win
You deserve it clap clap clap clap clap 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Sylas 121502
Yo congratulations bro. Man I've been watching you since MW3. It's awesome seeing your channel grow man. Your are a huge influence on my life man. You e helped me through tough time man. But congratulations on 500k!!! And I can't wait to see you at a million!!
Been here since like... A smaller number! Congrats Denkops!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nYou have the denkest of memes
TJ Badness
like if chris danger is the greatest wrestler ever
Tayyam Alkisswani
Less than 2 years later hits 1000000 subs, WOW. Congratulations
The Deadpool
This Youtuber should be banned....
The Gaming Child
Max Vs Chris the Danger Family Implodes
The Sky Bandit TheBandit025
Stone Cold didn't screw Chris Danger \nShawn Michaels didn't screw Chris Danger \nIsaac screw Chris Danger (go ahead and laugh at it Chris)
The WolfPack
congrats on 500,000 denk, I have been here since call of duty origins because my friend told me about you when I first saw your videos I thought you'd were hilarious but congratulations on 5k denk your my favorite YouTuber and peace out see your next time
The top 3
Congratulations Denk, you deserve it!
:) lol
denk you are the first youtuber i ever subscribed to hell i didn't even know what is the subscribe button\n\ni watched your videos every single day and you seem like a good person this video was an extreme motivation to me\n\nand who knows maybe i'll be one of these people who congratulate you for having 1 million sub i hope you see this \n\nyou don't have to reply or do anything and i'll see you in your next video , thank you :D
Congratulations Chris Denker for reaching 500,000 Subscribers and I glad to be one of them! I know you are going to be one of the best YouTubers ever!!!
Theluckyg PT
Didnt anyone nodice that Bootyos cereal in the background xD
500K - Keep it up beast!
Congrats on 500K Chris!
Troy Smith
Denk, I've been subbed to you for a long time. 50k i think. You deserve this so much. Thank you for all you do for us. You truly are amazing.
Hey man I'm a small youtuber that loves your vids and I'm trying to do a wwe 2k16 collab
Congrats on 500K Denk!
Video Remix By Swapnil Joshi
Big fan here
Volt Troop
Congrats Dude! 500K is a big achievement!
Westcoast Outlaws
whairs grim????????????????
World-Wide Wrestling Fantasy Community
This just goes to show things take a little time and quitting is never the option because if you stay true to yourself then you'll strive and every video I've watched has improved and with that progression your going to get another 5k in half the time it took you to get this one so just keep being you because as you can see it really pays off. You can tell your famous because on other people's video's there are comments such as why don't you do as much as DenkOps so congrats about 5k (because your channel is so great there is no possible way you could improve it now but only time will tell and I love your commentary.
What kinda camera you got Denk??
X21savage01 Youtube
Also I've been on you're channel since 300,000 subs like 2015.
XxLiving LegendxX
did any1 else realize the box of bootyos in the background
Zameer 1
Who is a will power fan
Whos here after he hit 1 mill and this was a year ago😂😂😂
dude perfect vlogs
we love you chris
500K+ Keep up the great work love watching your videos
kylen landry
Am I missing something he is at 600k
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