Britney Spears-Justin Timberlake-Christina Aguilera Best Moments @ The MMC

Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera best moments at The Mickey Mouse Club.The Mickey Mouse Club is an American variety television show that aired intermittently from 1955 to 1996. Created by Walt Disney and produced by Walt Disney Productions, the program was first televised from 1955 to 1959 by ABC, featuring a regular but ever-changing cast of child performers. The series was revived, reformatted and reimagined after its initial 1955--1959 run on ABC, first in 1977 for syndication, and again, from 1989 to 1995 on the Disney Channel.1989--95 revival (MMC)In 1989, when The Disney Channel began broadcasting, the very first show aired was an episode of the original Mickey Mouse Club. While the show was popular with younger audiences, Channel executives felt that it had become dated over the years, particularly as it was in black-and-white. Their answer was to create a brand-new version of the Club, one geared toward contemporary audiences.Seasons 6--7 (1993--95) Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Justin Timberlake Joshua Scott "JC" Chasez Nikki DeLoach Tate Lynche T.J Fantini Tony Lucca Ryan Gosling

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9:15 nah mean
This is not a coincidence I think these three kids had contracts signed that when they reached a certain age they would become huge popstars the power of Disney. Queen Britney.
Did no one else see Ryan Gosling?
Im I the only one who feels that the lyrics and and dancing are inappropriate?\nDamn i hate disney.\n\nPeople I'm no conspiracy guy. I just want everyone to watch out what we let our children watch.
Nobody talk about Ryan Gosling... Sad.
Alejandro Galaviz
It's all about Christina, and it will always be.
Awww...back in the day when Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears are best of friends. ❤️
Ami Hernandez•
Cristina's voice OMG she's so good
Ana Mira
OMG CHRISTINA BLEW ME AWAY! She has the same voice and ways back then as now, so young!!
Anais Guzman
OMG Britney's iconic panther walk 1:19 already existed back then! 😍😍😍😍😀😀😘😘
Andy Saenz
Even back then, Christina covered Whitney like a pro! Wow, what a talent she's got!
Ariana Snider
Thats looks so 90s that I can't even breathe. It's been so long.
Ashley Lam
Christina Aguilera back then looks and sounds like Sabrina Carpenter!! OMG
Auddy Zhi
They look sooo sweet \nIm a fan \nBritney & Xtina ❤️❤️❤️
B Mn
I love how Xtina talks exactly the same now. She's so cute
Benjamin Hull
Soooooo 90s!!!!!!!!!!!! Ughhh wish I could go back!!!!! 😂😂😭
notice how Britney and Justin filmed clips back in their hometowns but Christina did not. I truly believe it's because she didn't have any friends there. both the kids and their parents would bully her. not to mention her violent father might have been back home. There was just nothing there for her back in her hometown and i'm sure she never intended on going back. Hearing her say \
Bryan Villegas
awww christina 😍😍😍
Ca Ka
Christina has that extra something in her beautiful voice since back then! Britney's voice was so powerful too, but it just because so mousy when she grew up!
Cengiz Mert Karabulut
İlluminati training ground
Oh, so the legend is true: once upon a time, Britney sang live...
Cristina Varona
I love how Justin had Trace, his current best friend, in the video with him.
Dan O'Connor
You can just tell Justin was meant to be a star/television personality. He's a natural in front of the camera...he didn't stutter once and seemed like he hosted the show
Dara Saguid
I'm watching this after I watched the episode of the voice where Christina met her childhood friend from MMC
David Fern
oh my god ... I feel so ooold
Dharry Fraga
Back then, you will really work hard for fame.... unlike today celebrity people being known for being stupid and living a stupid life\n....(ehem cough karda.....shhiann!)
5:14 look, Baby Jamie Lynn.
Frogie Plays
I love before xtina starts they all scream CHRISTINAAA
I'm kinda actually sad.. this amazingly beautiful&talented girl doesn't seem to know what she'll go through in the near future..
Hanh Nguyen
Christina Aguilera at this age can sing better than 95% of the singer now. Legend
Heighton 720
Lmao Justin and his friends walkin down the street like gangstas 😂
RYAN GOSLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ibeth Hernandez
So Christina's always sang like that lol
Inayah Cee
omg fetus Christina is ADORABLE
Indira G
Little britney is soo cute and mini christina is soo beautiful
Inten Tirkasari
kerri? as in kerri russel?
Omg compared to children nowadays they were so mature for their ages, like wtf.
J Vega
Even as a child Christina had an enormous talent
Jana Odsinada
How cute when Justin and Britney probably met here fell in love and such.
Jenny 19
Britney was so cute
Jessik Lopez
is very strange to realize that these three young childrens, would become three of the biggest legends of pop music
Jimmy Flores
you can see through this video that britney will be more a superstar than christina... britney is lovable.
Just showed my mom this (mind blown) then showed her the videos for Christina's Dirrty and Britney's i'm a slave for you (Speechless) lol
Kadi Touline
why does no body filmed me singing when i was young..... i feel so sad
Kandy Rose
so what happened to Britney's voice? she could actually sing
Karen Martinez
Omg! Britney was so cute!!
Korie Elizabeth
I can't believe Christina's voice sounded like that even when she was that young! Amazing!
Omg Britney & JT !!!!! So cute
Martina Berhani
Christina is adorable :)
Michelle Enriquez
Let's talk about how JT featured Graceland back in the day and recently had Elvis granddaughter in his video TKO :)
Michelle Rose
That baby Britney's granny was holding, was that Jamie-lynn?
Mike Boland
Was there ever a thirstier decade than the 90's? My God, so desperate to be cool. hahahah
Mike Kruk
Min J Lee
All of them were so cute and happy. You could see the happiness in their eyes. Really kind of sad how the industry worn them out by now.
Mysterious Night
All of you raving about their talent, please wake up. This industry was desperately evil, and the Micky Mouse Club was an Illuminati brainwashing/indoctrination industry that programmed these children with MK Ultra (Code monarch) from a very young age. Talent actually has little to do with it, rather \
Nihal 542765
OMG Christina is so *AWESOME* !
PrincessAsha Villafuerte
britney and justin are meant for each other. hope the'll find ways to reunite. theyre look perfect couple. miss them much! :'(
I love how they completely whitewashed Christina's childhood when she had a very violent father.
Rock Metal
I'm from Brazil and I love Christina Aguilera
Ron Burgundy
Justin was born to be an entertainer.
Ruy Graça
Britney beeing perfect since she was born until nowadays. :D
Sally Brite
I can see why Christina hated Britney. Britney was cute, charming and popular, Christina on the other hand...
Sophie Brazil
britney was me when she started talking about how much she ate😂
cristina has the best doubt always had...she was always better then that direction.. :)
Thaister 56
I eat like Britney did in her past I wonder if she does now
The Hamster
Kind of sad that Britney's vocals now isn't as strong as her younger self.
The Imaginary Gallery
It is such a shame that every single one of these kids was traumatized with all kinds of abuse & subjected to MK Ultra-style torture all in the name of becoming famous. The irony, of course being that so many kids long for fame & fortune & think it brings these kids happiness when in reality, these kids have been ruined for life & subjected to unimaginable abuse.
Wow when kids use to do kids things. like go play outside and help out around the house. when things was and seem so sample! Awww I miss my childhood yes I'm a 90's baby
These little kids became 3 of the most memorable stars after few years \u003c3
when britney didn't playback
Victoria Jennifer
Christina's and Justin's voice still same until now, except Britney's voice. I confuse why  she changed her voice since 1999 (?)...
Wandré Filho
How can someone prefer Britney's voice than Christina's? Are you guys deaf?
Wendy Gutierrez
At 3:17 the background dancers dabbed 😂
How can anyone NOT love Britney?! From then to now, she's such a sweet little southern heart...... the rest? Who cares? Especially screamtina haguilera....
Britney is such a little queen here! Gotta love her \u003c3 Then and now.
Zama Raya
Isn't it weird for you to watch the first performance of Justin and Britney, and then think of them having sex..?\nAnd even weirder to think of the vid \
This video just shows you that showbiz literally does take the soul out of people. Look at how innocent these 3 are, now all 3 are demonic scums of earth.
Britney's speaking voice hasn't changed very much. But her singing voice was way stronger back then!
I bet Christina is proud of the fact that Justin and Britney were her backup singers.
daniella b
At 1:53 when Britney sings \
Britney and Justin sing and it's like, Oh. That's cute.\nThen Christina sings, and she blows you out of the water.
jose ochoa
Christin aguilera Voice is Amazing
ha ha so ironi that britney sing good like a women whene she was girl and now she sing like girl
I find it SO insanely odd that SOOOO MANY famous people were in this... Like for real? What are the chances that at the exact same time Britney, Christina, and n'sync would be super popular and have signed record deals and stuff ??!! And then Keri Russell, Ryan gosling, like for real?! Is this some part of one of those conspiracies?
khristhop cc
Christina aguilera ,the best!!
does no one care about Ryan Gosling????
lisa simpson
who knew that 4 kids: Justin, Britney, Christina, and Ryan would be huge people in Hollywood and the other cast members are like wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
where's christina's friends? :'(
Classic icons of the late 90s and early 2000s. Defined pop music as we know it.
Christina has always been the powerhouse vocalist. I was always drawn to her more than Britney. sad the management wrecked her voice but Christina had a much better grasp on vocals I think for their age
natalie marie
It's so odd that Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera all made it big and then the other kids are just somewhere in the world.
im so excited for them! they'll be great in the future! i hope so
Haha they're all so precious!! This must be so embarrassing yet hilarious for them to look back on
spwilkey w
Something in Britney has died since then
you know Britney and Christina were the cutest friends I really hate the media for getting in between that. I also wish instead that they supported each other rather than fall for that crap
swift phoenix
Justin was such a peppy kid
if media was not mean and vicious.. britney could still be the sweet lil girl like in this video.
wait this is actually hella cute, and then they were together years later, Britney and justin were a dream couple shouldve stayed together forever 😭