Evanescence making of bring me to life

This is the making of bring me to life video..Enjoy it..

Evanescence bring life making me of to

Abril Sosa
extraño este evanescence,pero siempre sus canciones son geniales
Alaric Salvatore
....I was hacked.
Alexandra M
haha 3:13 is funny
Alyssa Leeann
Omg that fall backwards was amazing shes so fucking brave ! :O
Amanda W.
This was an awesome time for them, and still my favorite video they have done. Paul is cool too:)
Anastasiya Belikova
Эми просто МИЛЕЙШЕЕ создание=) Я обожаю её музыку!! Даже когда она показывает фак, остается милой)
Angels Crazys ツ
3:49 se fosse eu que tivesse que gravar esse clipe eu iria ficar me cagando pra ter que me jogar dali
LOL: she waves at the guy at 3: 15. : D
Arina Kulinska
She just had an assistant, who did that. Amy told that. But the moments under the water in other videos she did by herself. She's not very talanted, she's also brave)
Bella Isabella
Amo essa musica o clip ficou demais
Bloody Ruth
se ve muy mal bitch!!!
crianças brincando na neve! 1:50 ^^ uahsuahsuahsuahsuhas...
Charz YT
my dad heard this song when he was 15, he is now 34
Cjango Freeman
Two incredible signature tracks, My Immortal and this, Bring Me to Life. Fallen was epic. Nothing better since.
Desira Luna
Amy I need to tell you...that you're amaizing!!! I love all your songs, all of evanescence!!!!!!\n\nEVANESCENCE RULES!!!!!!!
2:12 OMG LOL!
Doddie Kris
Romania. Omg i'm so proud
Emily Thang
how did you get this kind of video??
Romaniaaa \u003c3 ... my country......wooooooooo i didn't know that evanescence had made a video in romania =O
Fabian Estrada
the making of Everybody's Fool is missing!
Farhat Qazi
What the heck at 3:14!
Paul McCoy ♥\n2:10 - 2:13
George Love
freaking awesome!!!\r\n
Hamzah Yasser
omg \nawesome\nlove evane.
i think she showed the middle finger
Amy did not actually do the 80 foot fall. It was a double.I saw her on another interview(on you tube) talking about it and she said \
Ioana Bogdan
si oamanii ca tine fac tara de ras... scrie romaneste !!!
Jared Messinese
she literally dabs at 3:44
Jasmine Hartley
but she did do some of the jumps. hehe i saw that vid.. realmagic i think
Johan Joharis
what a stunt by amy.. U ROCK AMY!
Joyce Willingham
So..she didn't die??? YAY!!!!!!! :-D
Julieta Mora
3:48 to 3:51\nIT WASN'T HER!!!
Kira steffenson
amy is epic, \
@evanescence9314 Yeah and I'm sooo happy about it because it's MY country!!! ♥
Losguapos Montecarlo
Is that Salvo Basille 1:20 if is him ....I liked your novel The woman in The mirror 1997...Colombia
Lucas Cardoso
Karalho ela tava mt bonita nessa época
Lyy Aly
Eu! :D \u003c3
Mano Eltohami
@Meganrox12310011 ,,so ?
3:44 amy dabbed :D
Matt S
omg ben without a beard!
Maziar Heydary
@[email protected]\n
Molly Vatauli
that jump though
Moriah Lambier
@robloxvempor in what time of the vid?
Muhd J
this video was actually shot in Romania??? I swear to god I didn't know. :)
I love my country now that I know Evanescence put their rockin' feet on it's earth. Love you guys!! Ev forever!! \\m/
Nani uchiha
the minute 3:12 is so funny xD LOL!
15 people actually believe she was in that metaphor city and really walked around that tall building.
Ori Adrian
in 2.07 , 2.30 \u003c3 \u003c3
Patrick Kelleher
Amy Lee looks so different then, she looks WAY younger. Although she was so it makes sense. There's way too much of Ben Moody in this video, nobody wants to see him!
Perro Chow Chow
I was 17 years old when this came out... it was my favorite song/video then!!! I still love it!!!
Rebecca Matzen
wait did Amy flick the camera off at 3:29
Roberta L
Hahaha, já tive uma queda pelo Ben Moody !
Rokusana Megumi
Romy de Vries
no stuntmans? awesome amy!
the guy with reddish hair who stiicks his toung out...frwaking sexy(: i love evanesence(:\u003c3
Sami Bumbu
she didin't, they used a stunt\n
Shafiq Tariq
that smile at 3:16..
Sonia C
omg..\ni'm from romania and i didn't know that the video from evanescence was maked in romania...\nI'm imprest..
@rockchick12issa Tht Big fall No..It Was A Stunt Double...Theres An Interview About It Where Amy Makes Fun Of the Doubles Butt Saying Its Too Big And Tht It Was Not Her Butt And Stuff
The Demon Becomes Me
Her stunt double just did the jump.\nAmy walked around the wall etc.
da:))asa e:)). daca mi-ar fi zis cineva inainte n-as fi crezut ca videoclipul este filmat in romania:))
lol, snow and ice war
Tyler Quantrill
Thanks for uploading this - I've always wanted to see how this was made! :D
Vladimir Jeger
It was better that way. Otherwise, Evanesence would fall appart. Someone had to go, him or Amy, and imagine Evanescence without Amy...
Wellington Clementino
muito foda
ياهيك الاغاني يا بلاشي
@SweetSacrifice121 lol i wanna see that :D:D
vai ce tare! acum am vazut!\ndaca stiam dinainte ca va fi filmat aici.....:))
kay castillo
LMFAO!!! Ben Moody @ 2:56 ahahaha \
kevin Cruz
3:08 *-* Amy sua liiimda
lele terbang
this video is uploaded before I borned lol
she had a double in this vid??? dont think so.. if so, where is she?
ROMANIA?!? Wow! I've never seen these making-of vids of the Fallen music vids! Awesome ^_^
nos he really jumped like 4 stories and they had a string attached and fan under her and they held her in one place with th efan to make it look lke she flying and then she landed on a nice soft and comfy pallet
que guapoo
Wow... she really did that backwards jump! Go Amy! I would have been waaaaay too afraid XD
omg the jump at 3:50 ... was that real?
Was it really Amy that fell down??
whos the male singer?? im having arguments about him, my friends are saying his from linkin park, i say that he's from your band..... these guys are really doing my head in... but any way.... amazing song love it :)
shes pulls lots of stunts in these videos O_O
willy todd
That's cool because i live in Romania and i didn't know this was shot here