Lev Yashin ● The Legendary Goalkeeper

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Lev Yashin ● The Legendary GoalkeeperLev Ivanovich Yashin (Russian: Лев Ива́нович Я́шин, 22 October 1929 – 20 March 1990), nicknamed the "Black Spider" or the "Black Panther", was a Soviet-Russian football goalkeeper, considered by many to be the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the game. He was known for his athleticism in goal, imposing stature and reflex saves. He was also deputy chairman of the Football Federation of the Soviet Union.Yashin earned iconic status for revolutionizing the goalkeeping position by stamping his authority on the entire defence. He shouted orders at his defenders, came off his line to intercept crosses and also ran out to meet onrushing attackers, done at a time when goalkeepers spent the 90 minutes standing in the goal waiting to be called into action. His performances made an indelible impression on a global audience at the 1958 World Cup, the first to be broadcast internationally. He dressed head to toe in black, thus earning his nickname the 'Black Spider', which enhanced his popularity.Yashin appeared in four World Cups from 1958 to 1970, and in 2002 was chosen on the FIFA Dream Team of the history of World Cups. In 1994 he was chosen for the FIFA World Cup All-Time Team, and in 1998 was chosen a member of the World Team of the 20th Century. He made over 150 penalty saves and kept over 270 clean sheets in his career, winning a gold medal at the 1956 Olympic football tournament, and the 1960 European Championships. In 1963, Yashin received the Ballon d'Or, the only goalkeeper ever to receive the award. He was voted the best goalkeeper of the 20th century by the IFFHS.► Support me!✓ Instagram- ✓If You Like This Video Subscribe!

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A man ahead of his time. It would be amazing if there was color footage of some of his games and great saves.
430293 hunter
A man who wins the respect of his opponent is destined to be a great man
Adrian Vevatne
Who came after seeing the FIFA 18 icons?
Who else came here when you found out he was going to be in Fifa 18?
World best goalkeeper Lev Yashin ● The Legendary
Anton /
Who else came here after EA released the new icons for Fifa 18?
Antonio elias Vallejos
Lev YASHIN 1\nPelé 2\nMaradona 3\nRonaldo Nazario 4\nRonaldinho gaucho 5\nCarles Puyol 6\nVan der sar 7\nRoberto Carlos 8\nOkocha 9\nFerdinand 10\nMaldini 11\nBlanc 12\nDel Piero 13\nOwen 14\nPetit 15\nVan vasten 16\nMattaüs 17\nRene higuito el loco 18
Antônio Luiz Bisneto
My top 10 best goalkeepers of all time\n10-Michel Preud'homme\n9-Ricardo Zamora\n8-Oliver Kahn\n7-Iker Casillas\n6-Gianluigi Buffon\n5-Sepp Maier\n4-Peter Schmeichel\n3-Gordon Banks\n2-Dino Zoff\n1-Lev Yashin
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He should be an inspiration to every keeper... he is the best keeper to ever exist... you see, he isnt scared of anyone... only one thing scares him and thats conceding goals... so, he just pounces on the ball no matter who is in front of it! #thebest
Arka Seth
The best goalkeeper ever!!!
Aseel Hassan
No my opinion is\n1)Yashin\n2)Schmeicel\n3)Zoff
Banquo Boy
FIFA 18 anyone?
Bart Oltvoort
Who's watching this after EA reveald he is an icon on fifa 18?
Bolsominion, vote 17
rogerio ceni e melhor
man those catches, he is so good he could catch them all
Cang Nguyen Kim
he was wonderful ! yashin lev
Chavadinho O
straight up savage!\nHe wore a hat and also smoked :'v
Anyone here because of Fifa Icons?
Chris Paul
he was crazy!! look at these jumps! really a wonderful goalkeeper
Con Robo
Only ever keeper to win the ballon'Dor
David Landeros
We need this legend is FIFA!
Davy Kamanzi
The pioneer of modern goalkeeping.
he was not soviet,he was best goalkeper in the world\n!!!
Der Zocker1337
He is better then PELÈ I thing
Dwiki Chandra Hermawan
5 Kiper Terbaik Sepanjang Masa.\n1. Yashin\n2. Schmeichel\n3. Casillas \n4. De Gea \n5. Van Der Sar
Dylan Bruno
DETALHE. Ele mal espalmava a bola! Goleiros hoje em dia não conseguem segurar a bola, vivem espalmando. O mito ai segurava a bola de todo jeito q ia
who is here from fifa 18 Icons revealed?
EmreSpielt Izz da
Felipe FL
Man... this goalkeeper jump like a cat.
My top 5 keepers: 1. Lev Yashin 2. Zoff 3. Barthez 4. Neuer 5. Preudhomme
Galaxy Veteran
There no goalkeepers like him today
George Heap
1) yashin\n2) zoff\n3) neuer\n4) buffon\n5) kahn
Graham Collinson
Watching his movements, aggression and things we associate with modern football, Lev was way ahead of his time. Fantastic video. Thanks for sharing this.\n\n\nAnd who made this music? :)
I'm 75 years old I watched him from beginning there is no other than Yasin he was a beast in modern day football Ronaldo and Messi would of hated him
Haile Selassie
Times when real men played football
Iam You2b
Just know him from FIFA 18 and I forget how good Buffon, Neuer, Casillas were when comparing to him. What a legend.
Ignacio Prieto
The best goalkeeper of all time. Lev Yashin, the Black Spider.
JJ Greeno
Guaranteed so many people have just seen the Fifa icons trailer and haven't even heard of this legend before. Plastic year 8 football fans.
Jack Cooper
Imagine how many incredible saves he made that weren't recorded
James Foreman
Own up who's here from Fifa 18 trailer ?
Jason Wang
Yashin is the goalkeeper version of pele. Both were way ahead of their time
Jonas H.
Wonder if he would‘ve been any good in modern football
Juan Balseros
marcos coll from colombia was the first man to score a goal from the corner kick in a world cup,the interesting thing is that he scor ed that goal against the soviet union in which lev yashin was playing.
Kalai 4382
I like the cap he wear...I love him so much
KooKie SaidZ
I have just seen that Yashin is 91 on FIFA 18 I he deserves 92-93
LFC Reviews
What a legend! I feel one of the best football players ever!!!
Le Grand Fromage
The best goalkeeper or all Time rest in peace lev Yashin
Lok-y Musik
He played Icehockey as a Goalkeeper before he came to football ;)\n\nLet me say ... Schmeichel VanDerSar Zoff Buffon etc -difficulty hard (pro)\nYashin is difficulty asian\n\nMessi,Cr7,ElFenonemo,Suarez,Ibra,Costa,Bacca,Lewandowski - they all would hate him on the field
He was a tough guy.
Lourenço Branco
he is now a fifa icon!!!
Luca Manfreda
Luna Torres
Who came here because of the icons
Lev Yashin \u003c3
Matei C
best than Neuer
Mohamed DZ
Who is here because they have just seen the FIFA icon reveal trailer??
Mr.Zwette !
daaaamn yashin had ballon d'Or cool bruh\nand people now days are having orgasm about neuer game UNFAIR
Ni Made Sri Hayanti
he was born at the wrong time,i would happy if he can play for modern football like nowadays,best goalkeeper ever,no doubt
Petra Marbun
I know this guy faced pelé, he's great goalkeeper.
Piece of Pokemon
Rest in peace Lev \u003c3
Raul Yagudaev
That's the best goalkeeper all-time.
RazyachiyMechom iOgnem
Черно-белая съемка конечно ужасна, но сейвы и правда неплохие.
Is there any recorded material of Pele vs Yashin?
Rus Gus
Great goalkeeper
Sim Salabim
а сегодня у Российской зборной карлик в воротах, в то время как у всех других комманд вратари по 2 метра. Яшин был высоким.
Who's here because of his icon card?
Stanley Louis
the best goalkeeper histoiry of football ⚽⚽⚽⚽🏆
Stanleyyjb Yt
Who's here from Fifa 😂😂
Subscribe For No Reason
I wish I could see these types of players in HD
The Emerald Fire
Lev Yashin, a true icon! he is the greatest keeper of all time! #TRUELEGEND4LIFE
The Hash Slinging Slasher
3:10 what a save man...this giant man at full stretch and getting a finger tip to that rocket
The Nigeria Man
Lev Yashin \u003e De Gea + Neuer
His goalkeeping and positioning is like from 2010 and later. Unbelievable!
This guy was absolutely insane.
fun fact of the day: the first goal scored directly from a corner in world cup history was against Yashin.
Vlad C
He is a LEGEND! \nBest goolkeeper EVER, no doubts!
Yousif Salah
Who is here from Fifa 18 icons trailer 😊😊
3:30 amazing
dhnfijdbskf hbxsfvds
its amazing how little is the difference between him and today's goalkeepers. not even to mention the fact that goalkeepers now have specialazed training to have techniques this guy had with barely no training at all
dogsrocks - Streamhighlights
Hes just jumping right into the other players doestn give a damn :O
grazi as
Beta of Manu Neuer! oh ladies excuse me! Neuer is a beta of Yashin \u003e)! Moret than usual respect from Germanski Mr. Yashin! No. \
legends are born in black and white!
kabeer ponnad
Some people are saying they are from fifa mobile If you are saying you are disrespecting a legend graçias yashin
no name
Take a bow. The man who raised the standards of GK so high! We can't even imagine the amount of hard work he has done....there is no one like him. The only goalkeeper to get the Ballon Do'r. Terrific!! Marvellous!! Once again my salute to such a player 👍👍
SONG NAME IS: For The Win - Two Steps From Hell
regan khadka
кто пришел сюда после того как посмотрел fifa 18 трейлер? \nwho came here after watching fifa 18 trailer?? \nthanks God, I got to know about this beautiful legend. I believe Russia will still rise, shine and win the world cup. \n come on Russia. вперед.
best gk of all time imo
ruth prakash
my preference \n1.yasin\n2. van der sar\n3.preudhomme\n4.petr
thanks for the 28 subs
Best goalkeeper who ever lived...
veyis veliyev
walid h
he is a monster great goalkeeper with great skills
Акан Каринов
очень жаль что не видел его игры в живую
Андрей Нарышкин
Two Steps From Hell – For The Win
Бешеный Кот
уважаю льва яшина
Валерий Миронов
Иван Казаков
Павел Зуев
The best goalkeeper of all time football\nЛучший вратарь за все время футбола\n#лучший
Чистяков Юрий
He even wasn't a footballer. He was just a factory worker.
†Maf Artz†
My inspiration (I'm goalkeeper)
I think THIS was the man who influenced all the modern goalkeepers, if not for him then the keepers wouldn't be commanding the defence line, dive for saves and come out of his line when needed. Not gonna say he will always be the BEST EVER, because better keepers WILL emerge some day. However, you can't deny the the impact he had on the job of goalkeeping, and I believe I have never seen such an aggressive and yet great shotstopper like him by far. Let's say he had the reflex of Navas, the speed of (Prime) Casillas and the mentality of Neuer.