The Voice UK Coaches Take On Each Other's Hits - The Voice UK - Live Final - BBC One

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SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: Singing mega hits 'It's Not Unusual', 'Price Tag', 'Where Is The Love' and 'Breakeven', our four superstar coaches mix things up and cover each other's songs. Only on The Voice UK...

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This is just so much better than the US version.... and I'm from the US. xD
Aaron Wittbrodt
I love how you can see the respect Jessie has for sir Tom Jones!!
Aj. Mac
Jessie singing It's Not Unusual 😍
Al Gonzalez
I LOVE how dramatic and theatrical Jessie J is on stage
Alexis Mae Pangilinan
i always keep watching this vid.. my god jessie j is so amazing. Im hoping that Jessie J will also sing  the song of Tom Jones Its not unusual as her single.. Im gonna wait for it. \u003c3 \u003c3
Andy Christensen
Tom Jones 73 years and still ONE sexy player :P
Angel Cruz
this is probably the best coach performance I've seen
Arwa Hosari
3:37 Me: Cmooon nub move I want to see Jessie and Danny dancing together!!!
Ashley Beckham
Jessie slayed the song during the start
Ashley Mills
Tom Jones it the cutest thing ever \u003c3
Audreana Green
Is no one going to mention the fact that Tom and Jessie were dancing together?
Barbara Neri
I ship Jessie with Will
Jessie is the Queen!!!!
This is one of the most amazing performances EVER don't even try and argue with me on this
1:45 - .......... did that girl really just grope Danny's crotch? O_O
Bria Hiromoto
I love how when it gets to Price Tag, the guys are like \
Tom Jones singing, 'Where is the Love?' ---hec yeah!
Camilla Chopinet
These four are the most stunning and close-knit judges I've ever seen in any the Voice edition around the world😍\nwhenever I listen to them performing together I'm always about to cry
Camren Thomas
Jessie j and her damn runs. Kills me inside everytime. One talented singer
Captain Euro
0:05 It's not Unusual\n1:14 Breakeven\n2:17 This is Love\n2:37 Price Tag\n3:26 Where is the Love\n3:46 Chorus
Caro Line
GOOOD I love Danny so muuuuuch
Chivaz Amir Iii
i hope someday the set of this coach will reunite.. again for the voice UK..
Chloe Gutsell
I miss the season 1 judges on the voice
Chrissy Piccolo
Is no one gonna mention Danny and Jessie having a moment in the background...
Christopher Michael
Lol Jessie was trying to show the left and the right from the viewers' perspective. Will I Am was goofing with her about her other left, but she wasn't worrying about her own left and right- she was trying to sync up with the viewers' left and right. Always an incredible attention to detail from the marvelous Jessie J.
Cornish LoVe
3:36~3:38 Jess and Dan, what's going on. Are you two kissing.LOL JANNY FOREVER.
Dara Saguid
I love this coach line up! the best one so far..
David Sanchez Garcia
It's not unusual to be loved by anyone\nIt's not unusual to have fun with anyone\nbut when I see you hanging about with anyone\nIt's not unusual to see me cry,\noh I wanna' die\n(ladies and gentlemen Sir Tom jones )\nIt's not unusual to go out at any time (dara rara rau..)\nbut when I see you out and about it's such a crime\nif you should ever want to be loved by anyone (it's you tell me)\nIt's not unusual it happens every day (Pa para) no matter what you say\n\nCome on! Come on! .... everybody put your hands up.....\n\nI'm still alive but I'm barely breathing\nJust prayed to a God that I don't believe in\n'Cause I got time while she got freedom\n'Cause when a heart breaks, no, it don't break even\n\nHer best days were some of my worst\nShe finally met a man that's gonna put her first\nWhile I'm wide awake she's no trouble sleeping\n'Cause when a heart breaks no it don't break even... even... no\n\nWhat am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?\nAnd what am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and you're OK?\n\nI'm falling to pieces, yeah,\nI'm falling to pieces\n\nIf you love it like I love it\nAnd you feel what I feel inside\nIf you want it like I want it\nThen baby let's get it tonight\nIf you feel it, say hell yeah (hell yeah)\nSay hell yeah (hell yeah)\nAnd say hell yeah (hell yeah)\nThis is love, this is love, this is love\n\nSeems like everybody's got a price\nI wonder how they sleep at night\nWhen the sale comes first\nAnd the truth comes second\nJust stop for a minute and smile\nWhy is everybody so serious\nActing so damn mysterious\nGot shades on your eyes\nAnd your heels so high that you can't even have a good time\n\nEverybody look to their left\nEverybody look to their right\n\nWe're paying with love tonight\nIt's not about the money money money\nWe don't need your money money money\nWe just wanna make the world dance\nForget about the price tag\nAin't about the uh cha-ching cha-ching\nAin't about the yeah b-bling b-bling\nWanna make the world dance\nForget about the price tag\n\nWhat's wrong with the world, mama\nPeople livin' like they ain't got no mamas\nI think the whole world addicted to the drama\nOnly attracted to things that'll bring you trauma\n\nMadness is what you demonstrate\nAnd that's exactly how anger works and operates\nMan, you gotta have love just to set it straight\nTake control of your mind and meditate\nLet your soul gravitate to the love.\n\nPeople killin', people dyin'\nChildren hurt and you hear them cryin'\nCan you practice what you preach?\nOr would you turn the other cheek?\n\nFather, Father, Father help us\nSend some guidance from above\n'Cause people got me, got me questionin'\nWhere is the love (Love)\n\nWhere is the love (The love)\nWhere is the love (The love)\nWhere is the love, the love, the love...\n\nif is there any mistake write it and i'll correct it :)
Douglas Santos
Uk coaches are better singers than USA coaches!
i got Goosebumps on the \
Emiliano Andrada
The best ever coaches performance
It should be illegal for Jessie J to be this damn attractive.
Fatima Elkhalifa
Im a huge jessie j fan and she KILLED this performance but honestly Tom was UNBELIEVABLEE. What an amazing voice flipping hell! and Tom singing breakeven actually bought a tear to my eyes
So talented!\nI love them!\nTom and Jessie, my favourites \u003c3
Floris Klaver
Tom almost seems surprised by Jessie's skills in that first bit.
If only Tom was like even 40, he and Jessy would rock so hard ) He is like impersonated Las Vegas.
Gerald King Almendras
ohh.. my god i love the impact of their voice espicially jessie j...
Gunner Foust
Hana Ⓥ
Best judges combination
Heather .A
These group of judges were my main reason for watching this show now I can't really 100% enjoy the new season with the new judges because it's just not the same.
Heyguys imjodie
Who's missin Jessie .... Not the same with Jennifer Hudson .... She's a good singer but I'm a heartbeat I support Jessie .... The voice UK isn't the same with out her but it's up to Jess she needs to do wha she needs to do its her life and she needs to be workin on that 4th album it's been too long us heartbeats miss her !! Haha xxx
Holly Knight-Parfitt
This was always the best line up. Bring Jessie and Danny back. ASAP. 😍
Ian Mendoza
Jack O Donovan
This was the best coach line up ever! The first two series of the show were the best in everyway
Jason Antonio
& again, Jessie J is too perfect omfg!
Jennifer Horvath
I want Jessie and Danny back on the UK voice as much as I want Shakira and Usher on the US voice again.\n
Joel Edwards
jessie j is gold
Jon Cedrick Uchiha
WOW..Hearing Tom Jones sing made me stand in me chair..Wonderful Voices BTW
Jonah Williams
Seeing Tom Jones sing Breakeven really makes my day
Josue Rivas
When Tom said \
Juan Andrés
God damn it! I can't help but to see Carlton every time the video starts
Juiicy Skittles
I can't get over Jessie's in the begin 😭😭😍😍😍😍😍
Just Buah Naga
Jessie performs gorgeous as always \u003c3
The transition of 'Price Tag' to 'where is the love' is so good. I love it.
Keith Mass
Why they got rid of Tom Jones I would never know! He was so pissed off that they didnt renew his contract because he enjoyed doing the show so much! If I got picked in series 1 or 2 by Jessie and Tom my head would say Tom but my heart and soul would say Jessie xD
Kellie Dalhaus
Jessie J kills the judges performances as always
Kira Dread
Danny and Jessie should totally be together \u003c3
Lee J
Jessie j's voice is speechless! amazing every single time!!:-)
Leonie Ngandu
I need Jessie J to do a full cover of It's not unusual , it's just amazing
Lucy Dugdale
Jessie and Tom sound so good together they compliment each other perfectly. \u003c3
MR Reaper4444
I've seen this video like a 100 times...
Martha Agness
Jessie and Tom tho #friendshipgoals?
Mathew Steptoe
i think the quality has just gone down since jessie and toms gone if im honest
Mbali Baduza
I am here for Jessie's part at the beginning
Mike Besley
Jessie J's vocals Are just Perfect *_*
Mr. Carey Collection
I miss Danny and Jessie And Tom
It need to be these 4 again man ...
Niarah Music
Jessie j's vocal ! Omg !
Official Waffiy Zstar
people killin\npeople dyin\nchildren hurt and\nyou hear them cryin\nwill you practice what you preach\nand would you turn the other cheek\nfather father father, help us\nneed some guidance from above\nthese people got me got me questionin\nwhere is the love?\n(love) where is the love?\n(the love) where is the love?\n(the love) where is the love?\n(where is the love the love my love)
Poolsba sk8
Will x Jessie \u003c3 3:13\n 4:29 Jessie totally ignores danny , and goes with Will hahahaha XD
I still can't get over how shabbily Sir Tom has been treated. Seriously Boy George?!
3:01 where Jessie points the wrong directions! 😂😂 \ say \
Shannon Tsai
the ending when they sang where is the love in unison..... ahhhhhhhh omg! its those magical moments in music.......
Shelby Joseph
Toms face when Jessie nails those trills 😂😍 she's perfect.
Sidi Rashid
Jessie J is like literally the best singer here!! Love her! ♡♡♡\ufeff
Danny and Jessie need to make a duet.. oh lord. Those high notes together were magical.
I actually think Tom sung breakeven better than Danny.... XD
The Voice was definitely at it's best when Jessie, Danny, Tom and Will were the judges!
Taylor Arnce
Best judges performance ever!!!!
Teisha Lemaster
If these four couches created a band I'm sure it would be a #1 hit
Tori C
Am I the only one here who ships Danny and Jessie?
I love Tom's exclamations during Price Tag. Very cool grandpa. Lmao
Tyler Yeager
The Coaches on the US Voice season 9 need to take note. This is how you make a coaches song medley.
This is great and thankful they used the best BEPs song. Jessie J is one of my queens
God! Jessie J looks like a damn Goddess in that dress! \u003c3
I wish they brought Dan and tom back.
aimme youru
3:02 \
anh tho
i like Jessie J sing It's not Unusual . Wow bravo
you know, a lot of people criticize being a coach on the voice, i did at first too. but when you think about it he's actually a great fit. of course he isn't nearly as good a singer as the other judges but most of these contestants have amazing voices anyway. what you really need is a producer and writer, someone to help your career after the show gives you the exposure and in that regard he's one of the best. and he's probably one of the funniest and most colorful personalities you could choose so cheers to the voice uk for a great and not so obvious pick.
josselin mercadier
Oh my god Jessie's vocals was perfect O_o!
3:36 I'm convinced they hid Jessie and Danny on purpose and I'm mad. I need HQ's of that
HA!  Tom Jones is STILL the man!
I bet you a million dollars that Will.I.Am arranged this.
This is definitely the best coach performance ever
I want a full version of Jessie J singing It's Not Unusual... that beginning bit was brilliant.
This makes me so happy :')
of all the voice coaches performances around the world, THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST!!! the energy, the voices are superb! Jessie J is the best!
Tom Jone's like what? 80 now? and his voice still sounds as strong as the early days. Maybe no longer has the stamina from then but still strong
the Black Eyed Peas look different...