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528Hz | MIRACLE TONE for POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION. 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency is known for its healing benefits. especially things in the solar plexus region. as it is also the frequency of Solar Plexus Chakra. Here are few more benefits.✓ It returns human DNA to its original, perfect state.✓ It brings transformation and miracles into your life.✓ DNA reparation is followed by its beneficial effects of increased amount of energy.✓ It also helps in balancing and tuning Solar Plexus Chakra which helps in more Self Confidence and Self EsteemThis particular version is 9 Hours long and can also be used as sleep music. Screen will turn to black in around 10 mins.Copyright ⓒ 2018 Meditative Mind. All Right Reserved.

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I just had my second most beautiful Anima dream while listening this. I've met Eros by walking among the Pyramids, she was outstanding, shining, happy, and so attractive.....we felt love to each other without any sexuality and loved and cared about the other without even touching each other. It was so romantic, so deep even later I feel so much loved and cared...….from deep down, thank you for this music it was really, really beautiful dream I haven't had for a long time! Namaste and many love to all of you lovely people!
Aaron G
Thank you
Aaron Rothenberg
What is Solfeggio?
Ahimsa Porter Sumchai MD
Lovely combination of audio and visual effects!
Alia Wilson
Lovely, thanks for upload,
Anita Carter
Nice!! 528 extremely healing for your DNA 🙏🏻💕
Anzu Riki
I love this particular one more than the one that’s most viewed.
Cappy Corn
May this bring about positive results for my driving test in the morning. ❤
Carla Jovanessa Figueiredo
Que paz !
Cheranne Sand
you guyz are all wonderful!! peace be to you all and stay awesome! xox
Cullen Hart
Ive always been a fan of this tone ever since I found it but today I was about to kill myself and i put this tone on for a few hours and no shit 5grand low and behold came my way. Literally the 4th or 5th miracle of my life but this one may have seemed forced i guess i was ment to be that down and out to realize miracles like getting hit by a train in these most horrific way and walking away with only scrapes and a ruined front bike tire. My point being never lose faith, god is there just reach out~!
David Crist
Excellent vibration, slept like a baby. Deep, loved it!
This feels like home
Devoted To Christ
Absolutely incredible! There's like songs playing within a song when I wake up and am on the edge of the hypnogogic state. Those songs have their story which produce the thoughts and most incredible dreams! I was on the verge of lucid and brave enough to fight some form of alien being that was threatening me with a countdown from 10 to 0 as we each had an intense grip on each other. As I begin counting the numbers with him he quickly jumped to number 3, then 2, and 1, in an attempt to trick me because he knew I was holding my strong will in place.
Diane Giovanniello
Meditative Minds You Rock 👍⭐️❤️
Digesting Depression
Can I download this somewhere?
Dr Walter Tonetto
I've had a number of clairaudience experiences after listening to this ....\nAccording to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the *musical mathematical matrix of creation.* More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. ... Thats why 528 Hz is also known as *DNA repair frequency.*\n\nOne of the unfortunate elements of YouTube is that it provides shonky ads ... like a woman that links sex to meditation ... if you get the same shonky ad, skip it. Let Solfeggio unease you, and if you do meditate at some point (and I hope you will), do the Jhanas ... look into Samatha or Vipassana meditation.
Druncea Bia
Eleonor Scheno
! Hermoso !gracias por brindarnos el placer de poder escuchar esta belleza,que Dis y el universe,los bendiga
Frisbee Girl
This music has been amazing for this quiet girl living in a chaotic world. Whether a sound bed for meditating and sleeping or a warm aural embrace when I'm recovering from a seizure, this music is such a gift.\n\nThank you so very much!
G Wind Star River
Thank you 🦋💖💜🌻🌳🌹
Gaurab Sharma
The animation shown here is so magical it makes me feel happy from inside. Thanks a lot Meditative mind for showing us the path of peace.
Go Jump
I keep coming back to this video. Other videos have sounds that become jarring after a long or short time and become annoying to me. This video is just perfectly balanced and I can relax or sleep to it.
Gretchen Pike
This is my favorite. It just resonates with me. So calming.
Healing Nature & Meditation
Lovely💕💕💕 Really peaceful... Thank you!🌹
not long enough
J. Wat.
I love this 3D image with the orange, amber, & yellow tones!
Fell asleep to this and had the most incredible regenerative feeling upon awaking! So much confidence!
Jeff Van Rooy
Jonathan carter
This is great but if you want something truly magnificent and life changing then check out Ki Kaz on u tube, there is literally nobody better. Ultimate love to you!
Kat Jasper
I just started crying when I saw that image! Thank you for the vibes!
Kayla Brown
Oh my God I love this sound❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kelcy Lounsberry
How can I buy this frequency without any music with it?
Perfect for morning meditation as it helps get the day started in the right state of mind. Thank you. Namaste.
Ken - Kunal K - Kansas
Lightworkers 🙅🏻\u200d♂️ ⚔ 🌟 ✨ 💫 🔥
Kenneth Organ
Khonsu Imhotep
Idk if it's this Blood Moon in Aquarius, this Mercury Retrograde, or this audio. But I can't recall the last time I've remembered so many of my dreams the following morning!
Kimber Lee
Little bird chirps 🐤👌💕
LaTia Edwards
Love unconditionally to anything and everyone. It is time to raise more consciousness and high frequencies across the world. This is ultimately what our creator wants and needs from each and every one of us. Yes... you!!! Including YOU my dear. Give love, peace, harmony, patience, grace, etc... Remember that we are all connected. We are all one. Let change these negative ripples into positive ripples.
Laura Cifuentes
This is beautiful. I will go to sleep with this creation tonight.
Laura Gilbert
So good thank you
Leah Shine
Awesome....is a beautiful Friday......full of energy.
Learn & Grow with Ann
Epic, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Leslie Arnelle TV
this upload is greatly appreciated . thank you.
Thank you God and universe for all the miracles you send to me and bless me with. Give me the strength to recognize them and to have faith in all the beauty life has to offer. Good night and sleep well.
M Aparicio
Thank you for this gift ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Maja Jakus
Beautiful! Thank you very much.
Melody Shadow
An entire weight just lifted off my chest after a duration of 10 minutes. ^^ i feel much better
Meri GdeReid
I love this. I am a HSP and this video brings me to a peaceful state for grounding. Thank you so much.
Moy Gurnsey
VERY LONG !! BUT CHERS\n:) :) :) :) :) :)
Mrs. EliteNugz
Really like this one 1 ✨ \nAdding to my playlist lol! \nthank you so much ✨ 💫💫✨
I’m a tween and I listen to this every night, it helps me sleep in peace. Thank you
Narbada Rajbhandari
Raise Positive
Nasser Dean
they def help.. thanks for sharing
Nelson Navarro
Can I listen to this while going about my day?
No Gym Neededジムが要らない
Phill Maltese
I've been listening know for two weeks. My sleeping patterns have changed big time. My body only needs about 3.5 to 4hours than Im up awake and fresh ready to go. Is anyone else having this happen
Productions CEO
I LOVE this channel a lot, much respect and be blessed always!
Punk On Whiskey
So beautiful. One love.
Little chirpy 🐦💕🐤 etc lol
Queen Saeedah
I love this I play for good vibes in my home my babies sleep so well when this is on 😍😍
QuietQueen Project
Your's is a healing channel. Thank you, family.
It's relaxing to listen to at work. This tone works well for me. Thank you!
Rachel the wren
Today at work I ran myself ragged. Normally it doesn't get to me but today it did. Stress has had a mean grip on me lately. It's strange but these meditation videos are the only thing that helps me calm down after a long day. I wish everyone could feel a bit of peace at the end of the day. I hope you all have a blessed day with peace, love, and happiness. Goodnight and sweet dreams. 💤💤💤
Ragnar Mängel
So so beautiful, thank you so much:):):)
i wish picture would stay
Revolution Television
his is Dr. Leonard Horowitz's research and he should be credited for it.\n It is unethical to not cite the original source. In this case, his \nbook, \
Rosanna Diaz
The time of the video 9h 9 minutes 9 seconds to the same is 6.6 minutes 6 seconds the mark of the beast 6 6 6
Sarveshwar Dowluth
This brings so much awareness.. Thank you Meditative Mind, be blessed always 🙏🏿
Sergio Sanchez
Excelente muy recomendable para la reflexión y creación de imágenes internas que hacen de la meditación un gozo.
Spiraling Universe
Harmony,\n\n I studied science, religion, philosophy, spirituality for a long time.\n\nIn the end the main one thing i relised is. Harmony is the lifeform or lifestyle of a organism. From cells to people and our nature and our earth. Its all the same we are all apart of our reality.\n\n\nHarmony is to strive to conquer to achieve to change and be more.\n\nTo have more effort to higher performance.\nHarmony is complexity of life getting to be more. \n\nTo be out of our comfort zones and readapt our lifeform or lifestyle to be like fluid to be in motion .\n\n\n\nHarmony is growth and maturity it is life is of birth is of creation.\n\n\n\nWell chaos disorder disharmony lower vibration. Are effects of life slacking giving up keeping to their comforts lack change. \n\nThose are of destruction death to fall towards being lesser.\n\n\nHarmony is to rise towards being more.
Stacie M
I have been coping with a panic disorder with agoraphobia for over 22 years now. Recently, my therapist introduced my to the different Hz sounds and told me to start exploring them at home. I’ve been trying different ones every night and during the day when I do my breathing exercises. I am feeling less anxious overall, I’m falling asleep faster, I’m having less bad dreams, and I’m able to focus on my breathing/meditation much better. And - as a bonus - my husband says *he’s* falling asleep faster, sleeping better, and waking more refreshed and relaxed!! I didn’t even think how it would affect him 😂!! Thank you for creating these amazing pieces for people like me and making them available on YouTube. It’s truly been life-changing.
Subbalakshmi Hr
I need meditate THANK you
Susan Peters
Very relaxing
Swapna Majumdar
Thanks for uploading such a positive music, I believe the music will make my life better and positive.🙏💥
Tadj Tracey
Gives me a good night sleep and good dreams. Ahhhhhh
Tales Of A Penguin
This audio also contains 132 hz which is associated with the kidneys and coccyx\nand 196 hz which is associated with the colon
Tesla Trappin
Does this require headphones if using as a sleep track?
Thank you so much for these tones. They are helping me heal, in every way. Love and gratitude 🌻
I listen to you all every night have helped me manifest money when I needed it, I trust this frequency will bring about the positive transformation that I desire. Thank you in advance.
Tommee Edmondson
I love this ! I already feel my energy change, I cannot wait to sleep to it
Good morning to everyone on this blessed day (: I love how relaxed and centered I feel when I wake up and listen to tones like this because it brings out the best of me for the rest of the day! Peace & Love
Ty Balarezo
Thank you 🙏🏼
Unruly Unicorn
Thank you for helping me sleep and feel better 🌈💚
Vegan Vocalist
oooooOhwh ;D this is so soooO wonderful it gave me a tingling sensation , how beautiful and the animation is pure awesome THANK YOU ! \u003c3
Whis Pers
Very good to have lucid dreams
Yung Dymo
alien vanessa
may this bring me positive thoughts,good grades,and freedom :)
this works very well.
david jones
Shrooom music, ❤️
This was like an ON switch for feeling love and light! Amazing how one minute I'm feeling low in energy and then I turn this one! Bless you for uploading this!
nejc kastelic
i wish i get a grilfirend bu i always get rjected
Thank you :)
Éléonore Havard
Une baignoire en pierre bleue obsydienne
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