Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake MMC Ill take you there, Disney -

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For more videos and images, visitBritney Spears and Justin Timberlake in MMC mickey mouse club (1994) with the song - I'll take you there on Disney channel music video kids

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Alley Tanner
Most 90s thing I have ever seen!
Alyssa Rasmussen
best acting eva \u003c3
Anais Guzman
JT was her first kiss and her first lover! Aghh poor Britney, I bet she still dreams of his face.
Anastasia Backlund
She sounded like a godess already at 14 Omg, Britney ❤️❤️❤️
Andres C.
Honestly, if Britney still used the voice that she has in this video, she would've been a much much better vocalist then her current voice. Her current voice is not bad, it's decent and good but it's weak and nasally. I could imagine her doing crazy things with her voice like this! Much bolder, natural and deep. She was already really good here and her younger years, she would've been improving so much, maybe even becoming a riffer! I hate her record for doing that to her voice.
im watching this in 2013 wtf who was that
4:00 It says \
Beck Echevarria
I laughed the whole time this is amazing
Blossom Puff16
I had my volume on full blast and I got scared because of the beginning. Lol bad idea
Britney SpearsVEVO
The irony of her being a better vocalist then Christina as a child then boom Britney sings baby style
Britney's voice :O, and look at lil Justin being all fresh LOL
Chris Cashe
There should be a Mickey Mouse Club reunion
Clumpnugget Montenegro
Britney spears\nChristina Aguilera\nJustin Timberlake\nHilary Duff\nLindsay Lohan Lol\nMiley Cyrus\nShia LeBouf\nSelena Gomez\nDemi Lovato \nJonas\nZendaya \nDisney has made the best pop stars of the century! Who is next???
That choreography..... Lol
AT 3:32 Christina runs toward Britney to give her a hug..and start dancing. aww... Hope they will regrow their friendship. You can tell they were inseperable best friends.
Dana :-/
They should make another Mickey Mouse club.
1:29 i see swoozie sad face not moving lol
Desiree Santos
Britney sounds good without auto tune. She has great music but she sounds nasally at times
Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark
This is the most 90s thing I've ever seen
E san
I hadn't say this in like.. 15 years!... but.. Justin and Britney belong together!!!
Who came here because of Swoozie?
Erle Meyer
This is just soo -94 :) Love the sound :)
Evie Ro
i would pay good money to watch JT react to this
everytime i watch this i cry:'( I MIIS JUSTIN & BRITNEY they were meant to be together, i'm sure deep inside still love each other, that can never go away. Soooo adorable here and including Ryan Gosling :D
GeeGee Star
Britney voice sounds sooooooo much better here than it do now
Geny Gen
This was good but i never knew that \nBritney Spears ,and Justin Timberlake were on Disney channel
Gleyce Kelly
Justin T. sounds just like Justin Bieber
Britney was always amazing.
Jahmo Chavez
I saw swoozie like it if you did
Jayson M
at the end of the song Christina runs up to Britney and hugs her in the other MMC video with Christina singing \
Jennifer Casey
her voice sounds deeper on here then it does now lol .... Still love her though!
John J
omg britney so young! fan since 1998.\nlong live to the queen
John O'Connor
Those must be Spears & Timberlake as kids.
Joshua Blackwood
So she sounded like a full grown woman when she was a little girl. And sounded like a little girl when she was a full grown woman.
Kelley Nicholson
wow i was so young when this came out! justin and britney look so young!!!!
disney is a star making factory it's just the truth
Kiro Música
she is hugging christina aguilera 3:34
Omg Justin's voice is so sweet!
who came here form swoozie
Lizzy Aleman
Britney had a lower voice when she was younger
Ok so britneys voice is deep when she 12 but when shes 20 her voice is all high.
Lucy F
Damn.. can someone PLEASE teach me this dope ass choreography?
Luis Ramos
Me hubiera encantado nacer años antes para.. aunque sea verlos por la TV .. los admiro hasta el sol de hoy
Luke Bourke
what ever happened to this cute little girl? oh right!!!
Luther cook
The fact that Britney sounds more mature when she was younger compared in the 2000s is sad. Also she dances the exact same way too.
MELTALKS! the issues
People think I am crazy but I LOVE 90s fashion. The oversize clothes, the denim, the plaid, the floral. I love it. Im inspired by it! Love this clip!
Maria Mena
So they DID have a duet once?\nDamn, this is so cute.\nNo wonder why the guy was heartbroken for years.\nChildhood love, is something rare...
Marshan Thomas
disney not good any more
Mary MarMar
The year was 1994\n
Mike Hawk
Lipsynching since she was 12- SLAY Queen! I love Britney!
Mingie Noriega
omg britney and christina OMG OMG, wait that is the real voice of britney? great dancer btw
Damn Justin Timberlake had moves even when he was a kid.
Moya jolie
She dances so weirdly
Munya Fashu-Kanu
I can understand why Britney went crazy..she and Justin would have been the perfect power couple. (I know she went crazy because of Federline, but I'm sure some of it was because of JT as well)
My mom had a singing class with Britney before she was famous
Nathan Morales de Santiago
90's kids rule!!!
Natsu Tsuna
was this recorded on a toaster?
Paulo Ricardo Gameplays
WHAT??!?! Britney was amazing!! She actually has avoice!! I never noticed...she always whispers in her songs now...
Anyone else notice Britney still does a similar style of dance as she does in this video?
Rachel Vandenberg
When Disney had good tv shows
Resident Evil 7 Sucks
Wow they ruined britney's voice now
Robert Rodriguez
Britney was a born performer okurrrr
Sam Sands
lmao at justin
Shelly Newhook
I still think they belong together :)
Sierra Bee
She could actually sing as a kid\nWhat happened?
Sol Winchester
Christina and Brit heans!!! So sweet!!
Sophia Renee
she sounds like a grown woman here wow 💕💕
Illuminati training ground.
Suss Jaj
I never saw this. Guess I was too busy watching \
Tara Parker
Oh my God, Britney has such a great voice...and Justin...why is he singing like a Jamaican man?
Tasha Kang
Damn she was innocent.
back when you actually had to have talent to be on tv
That Guy
where was swoozie?
The Lopez Family
I love this song 110000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% love this song
Well, britney's voice is actually good cause even though she has that deep cool tone she still managed to sing really high all these years and with a good vibratto!
Tic Tac Toot
dafuq is swoozie
Toujours Belle
@3:33 - 3:34 proved Britney and Christina are bestfriends ☺
Travis C
This is hard to believe this was the old disney channel
Trọng Ân
Britney!!...You're always my princess \u003c3
Everything was fine til Justin had to mess it up...
Yasmine Valentine
when britney wad a good singer
Britney and Justin laughed at Adande, aka swoozie, when he was on that show
3:32 Christina and Britney hug \u003c3
Back when kids had true talent...*sigh*
This was THE SHIT back then! Damn!
It's a shame that Jive forced her to sign with that baby sounding voice of hers.
It's seeing magic stuff like this that I still believe they're going to end togheter... they MUST do.
Omg crying they r soooooo adorable ugh
hani hajjar
damn! that girl had some serious beauty in her voice! such a shame it was ruined
God, what happened to Britney?? She actually sounded so good there.
irma m
I would of love them if they got married and had \nKids together !! Just love them ❤️
Jutney 4ever \u003c3
Britney spears was not a cute kid but its always the not cute ones that grow up to be the most beautiful its so weird.
meron avisar
Brit and j t are so sweet u can see back than how much talent they have
She was even better at playbacking back then
OMG, the voice of Britney here is freakin amazing\n(I Know it's playback but who's little girl has a voice like this)
snow fiera
where is swoozie thumbs up if you know what im talking about
ιlυν втѕ
she is a good dancer wow