Youre Posh Like Me - Fresh Meat

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JP's upset about his Dad so Oregon decides to tell him about her dying horse. The comparison isn't exactly sensitive but it does make JP realise that Oregon is just one big 'Posho'.Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more -

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I thoroughly enjoy this moment . Love JP!
Adnan Kičin
JP sounds so much like Stewie from Family Guy
Christy Fearn
JP : One of my favourite characters from one of my favourite programmes.
Dylan Shannon
I can't wait till the next series
Fernando Marquez
does anyone know where to find the music for when shes talking about her childhood being shot int the head
Izzy Woof Woof
I love jack :)
Jasper hanngan
shot in the head and turnt into tesco burgers lol
Katie Rose Aloe
I know a lot of kids like her, posh kids trying to be cool, bless em :L
Beautiful blue eyes.
Kristina Winter
I’m so happy the Americans have not tried copy and ruin yet another great U.K. comedy bu5 I guess there is time yet
Lara Barclay
It's a horse. It's basically just, a big fucking dog.
ooo... edgy XD
Mausoleum of Madness
I love how they call back to the dead horse throughout the rest of the show, culminating in josie walking in on her wanking with a riding crop
Natalie Thomas
i agree! him and oregon would be cute or oregon and vod! i cant decide!x
Paddy Osmond
I love how Jack Whitehall basically is JP
Piper Joseph
i never understood why i identify to jp so much.
Rachel Hepburn
I really really hope their friendship grows and maybe into something more than friendship :)
her fringe is crooked, and it annoys me aha
Come on, Oregon!  Horses are not dads, dads are not horses, and dads and horses are not each other!  Unless, of course, you are like a horse or something, yeah? 
He's lovely lol
Jack is so adorable!
i hate that name