EVANESCENCE - Making Of (Full HD)

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Check out the behind the scenes of the brand new video 'Imperfection' from their upcoming album 'Synthesis'.Video from RevolverMag: www.revolvermag.com

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Amelia M.
I absolutely love how the band jokes around
Elss 21
La mejor
Evanescence eterno
Foda de mais parabéns
Kansas Patriot
Amy must like those pool shots!
Mayflower Wolves
Mike Oliveira
Venha logo! Lembra muito Sweet sacrifice!
Old Movies
Amy was the first girl I jerking off in 2004! I'm still masturbating at her
I wish more of the underwater scenes were more visible in the video, but still a great video
“I feel like I spent most of the time either being set on fire or drowning” lol Amy is hilarious! And Will too XD
Vania Lynn Lee
Minha princesa
Yara Gonçalves
hit sad
I like u
infanitjester lol
rouge is my cousin
sadie garcia
Amy Lee's red dress brings out her beauty. She's always creative. Her under water scene are fascinating.
It looks like they worked hard and passionately for it. Too bad the final product looked so messy. It was pretty bad... I wish we could just had Amy underwater but well...