Lev Yashin, the Black Spider [Best Saves]

"Lev Yashin was first-class, a real super goalkeeper. His positional play was excellent, but everything he did was amazing. He was a model for goalkeeping for the next years, without a doubt" (Gordon Banks about Lev Yashin)Music: Charles Mingus - Tijuana gift shop

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И здесь нет Русских...
People are talking about De Gea, Neuer and Buffon! I can tell you that Yashin is the greatest of all time!
Airzae 3RD
This is not Lev’s best saves, these are the ones that are recorded.
Albert Pérez Alpízar
Lev Yashin and Charles Mingus, great combination ;)
Aleksandr Pushkin
Gordon Banks knew what he was talking about!  Yashin had everything necessary to be the perfect Keeper.  He was tall, quick, aggressive, great reflexes, great concentration, strength, perfect positioning, and textbook technique.  I still can't believe he did these things so long ago.
Allan Johnston
I can see why he won the ballon d'or.
1:05 \n\nWHAT A FREE KICK \nhe's the old david luiz
Andy 972
La grande classe ce gars #FIFA18
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Who is here because of FIFA?
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Avalancheofhappiness 402
My grandfather watched him with his own eyes at the stadium in Chorzów in the 50'. USRR played a match vs Poland. Stadium hadn't been done yet this time and you could get there without a ticket. My grandfather and his friends fled from the school to watch that fixture. Poland won that match 2-1, but Russian goalkeeper was amazing anyway.
Baasandorj Oyunmandakh
Yashin is best keepers one of the world
Beatbox Channel
Летал как птичка)))
Belerofon 74
Wow! This guy certainly knew how to fly... 🚀
Bethebest music Group
and this without expensive goalkeepers equipment we see nowadays goal keepers are chickens . respect to these amazing goalkeeper.
COMRADE Saswata Chakraborty
Soviet ❤❤❤
Chazlie Baccour
When I started watching football since Mondial Italia 1990, I loved football and that made me read a lot about the best players before 1990 to know the stars of football. The result was Pele and Maradona are the legends of football Ever. While for the goalkeepers Yashin and Buffon are the legends Ever. If you said Pele is number one and then Maradona that’s right and vice versa .... The same thing if you said that Buffon is number one and then Yashin and vice versa. This is the reality that all critics, FIFA and all the great fans of football know it. Nowadays, If you love and support some players or goalkeepers it’s your choice but the fact of football is these legends that never comeback again Pele, Maradona, Yashin and Buffon. For me, I am proud of myself because I saw two of them Maradona and Buffon.
Cristopher Souza
Also honorable mentio is Rinat Dasaev,one of a kind too.
David Alexandrowitsch
for me personally its amazing how he saved those balls and held them even though the shots were not easy to hold and also with an equipment of the sixties\n(sry i know my english is bad -.-')
people have to realise how much heavier the balls were back then which, I believe makes him the best goalkeeper ever as his skills can be compared to the keepers of today with the extra weight of the ball
Diego Loera
0:39 the ball is still in his hands!!!! 😲🔥
Diego Román
El boinas v:
Emmanuel C.
C'est lui qui a créé le poste de gardien de but.\n\nIl savait gérer son espace (il été un des premiers à faire régulièrement des sorties au pied) et ses défenseurs.
Faizal Abdillah
the ball was much heavier back then, and he swap it like a fly
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Спасибо каналу за видео)\nСпасибо за память)
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Now i know why hes in FIFA's legendary team
Grigory Chernov
My grandfather met Lev Yashin in Yalta during his vacation at the end of 60th. I have photos: Yashin and famous soccer player Nikita Simonyan in regular clothes .
Infamous Rj
Did they wore glovese back than? Because at some points it seems like not
Invader Ruben
i'm the 444.444 reproduction
Jason HD
better than neuer
John Falco
Вот это сэйвы! А техника игры великолепная. Он бы и сейчас может золотой мяч бы получил
Jorge Lozano Gama
This is ancient football. But the Yashin´s level ... simply wonderful!!! If these guy lives on this time, he could be yet one of the best in the world. Great video, and the combination of football and jazz was great. Congratulations for this video.
Juan Cruz Ursino
aaaaaaaaa pero en fifa xd
Kani Fuker
Easily the greatest keeper of all time, wish he played for Scotland.
Karthikeyan K
perfect nickname :)
Kevin Seves
Who is here because they have just seen the FIFA icon reveal trailer??
Le Porta
Lev Yashin
A que chingon soy jajajaja
MOCKBA Shinjuku Shinjuku
Great Goalkeeper but Buffon is the greatest IMO.
How could you beat this man! He was the Pelé of the saves. Great Lev Yashin, the inmortal \
Marcelo Faviere
Jazz and Vintage Football = Orgasm
Marco Peláez Fernández
It looks like a goalkeeper of this generation.. Its amazing , he was ahead of his time.. Insane saves
Marian Tiron
0:27 *Falcon..PUNCH!!!*
Mariatul Yenyens
Lev yashin the spider
Michael Fribus
In his previous life Lev Yashin must have been a puma!
Miguel Menezes
Minh Trung Le
Lev Yashin - An iron curtain that works.
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Mysterious _
What an Icon!
Piece Of Stars
the legend, the black spider, the father of modern goalkeeper, the only goalkeeper who won ballon d'or.
Ponomarenko S
Лучший вратарь!!!
Просто лучший вратарь в истории!
Lev Yashin True King :)
Rapentus 1.0
Gianluigi Buffon and Lev Yashin the best goalkeeper's in the history of football!
Replica '13
Отличное видео и музыка! Приятно читать комментарии иностранцев, восхваляющую нашу легенду!
Ridho Wiranatakusumah
Goat of gk
stopped over 150 pens in his career more than any other keeper and also the only keeper to win Ballon Dor
Snail Master
The saves he made are amazing he has the best reflexes and reaction timings of all time
Snake Plissken
First goalkeeper to use gloves.Father of modern goalkeeping,a legend.Best goalkeeper that ever lived.
Spoony Pizzas
Can you re upload in colour, 4K and 60FPS. Thanks
Stefano Riviera
That save at 3.00 is breathtakingly good .... I wonder how good he'd have been had he been born 50 years later, with today's better training, diet, and preparation.
Unreal to watch, the footballs back then were so much heavier which makes alot of his saves that more impressive ( same with Pele's heading ) with those reflexes and reactions i cant stop thinking about how much better he could be in the modern era with the correct training.
Tute Pallero
llama mucho la atencion la velocidad que tomaban esas pelotas
Ну что англичани,у нас тоже есть легенды))
95+ all goalkeeper stats confirmed
Vlad C
Yashin saved over 150 plus penalties kicks.\nLEGEND!!!
2 07 is yashin really wearing a cap while goalkeeping?!
Warlock Cow
Probably the greatest goalkeeper of all time
By far the best Yashin video, thanks Barbosa !
_ Ayv4n _
Лев Яшин Великий вратарь
1. Yashin\n2. Casillas\n3. Buffon\nIn my opinion the best of history.
diego perez
эй здесь есть русские
The 1957 jazz music by Charles Mingus matches the video perfectly, it captures the mood of the period, and is a classy choice for a classy football legend!
enrico carraro
1:07 what a straight and powerful freekick!!! Almost similar to that one from Roberto Carlos!
hans tonra
Never knew Jazz and football would go well together.
help me get 5 subs
this man define what a super gk is
julio césar flores
A football video without the usual house (shit) music. Thanks, thanks a lot!
michal ZIlberman - Shushy
butland will still be better in fifa 18
1.Yashin + Buffon, Kahn, Schmeichel, Neuer, Banks, Zamora, Zoff, Jennings, Planicka, Gilmar, De Gea, Dasaev, Van der Sar, Preudhomme, Casillas, Cech, Maier, Southall, Shilton, Taffarel, Pfaff...
Buffon of our days...
pão 123446678910
The best goalkepeer the history
sam neale
Well he makes Neuer look pretty ordinary
Man, some of the rockets he catches... And he was absolutely on it when it comes to smothering the ball, leaping on it like a soldier shielding his team from an unexploded bomb. Amazing stuff.
toon blom
yashin was the best keeper i ever see
Who come cause of the new FIFA18 Trailer ?
The music is so horribly!
undoubtedly the best gk of all time so far,just check his stats they speak for themselves.
who's here because FIFA 18 ICONS?!
Василий Добряк
Уникальность Льва Яшина в том,что он обладал феноменальной прыгучестью и способность ЛОВИТЬ мяч,а не отбивать.Он мог поймать из угла сильнейший удар двумя руками!Это талант от БогаТ
Евгений Малюженко
Евгений Малюженко - Песня - ФУТБОЛ 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sinSWIzmPfA
Игорь Соколов
Роман Паланский
Яшин топ
Тим KrankeEule
Best keeper ever 🇷🇺
0:32 fiction this saves when I saw
ᖙαиιɛƖ ツシ
Best saves from a person I’ve never even heard of