ДЕБИЛЫ, щедрая подборка у них обострение! 🌟 ЛУЧШИЕ ПРИКОЛЫ 2017

BEST VIDEO JOKE, JOKE SELECTION. FUNNY VIDEO.WATCH THE MIXED VIDEO. SELECTION OF HUMOR. The morons are level 80. Entkräftung Witz. Jokes of the VIDEO.📃 The morons went out for a walk-aired.Necessarily to like - above each roller I laughed for an hour ヅ - voosche umora. So the best selection of selected humor, the best jokes - with jokers and morons awaits you. These guys suddenly can this - this is not a surprise ヅ. Write what you liked best about the comments under the video. Laughter and humor live helps and prolongs.👩In the subtitles, my assessment of what is happening)))Share the video in the social network and of course subscribe to Mila's channel very Milo !!!🔔 to notify you of a new video.💖Dive to fresh fresh 👍, and I to you fresh vidos - this is a gameDo you want to continue? See still funny jokes

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Падло сиськи не до показывала
Андрей Кокорин
Мила все классно,продолжай!
Мармеладный Царь
Не удивительно, что столько дизлайков.
Николай Рябиченко
мила, ну на лыжах это что-то, реал ненормальный