Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC - Special Challenge 4-S1 4-S2 (World 4)

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC - Special Challenge 4-S1 & 4-S2 (World 4). This video shows you the two special challenges in world 2. Special challenges are part of the first DLC of the game.►MARIO + RABBIDS - 100% WALKTHROUGH PLAYLIST: - World 4-S►Game Informations:▪ Title: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle ▪ Developer: Ubisoft▪ Publisher: Ubisoft▪ Platform: Switch▪ Genre: Turn-based tactics▪ Playtime: 20+ hours

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Aaron Heathcotte
Whoever designed 4-S2 is now on my hit list.
Adrian Wang
Fuxk this game! Cause this level! I want my money back!
Anton the undertale fan 645
How do you do this HOW
Conga Alien
*starts watching the first 30 seconds of the video*\n\nme: wonder how beardbear is going to impress me with these challenges \n\n*sees spawny surrounded by smashers* \n\nme: PROTECT THE SUNSHINE CHILD AT ALL COSTS
ConnorPxlT Productions
8:07 Luigi: (dabs) yeah! Go dab!
DarkPit Stars
Special challenge 4-2 was the most annoying level to beat in this game
EpicLuigi Kid
Faith, Hope and Love
Special challenge 4-2 left a bad taste in my mouth for this game. I LOVED this game 10/10 but that challenge was just annoying. I like when you use skill to win something, not random chance for pretty much the whole entire challenge. Ugh. Please don't make more challenges like that because they are not \
so funny thing I beat 4-1S using rabbid mario and luigi and using luigi's drone to blast spawny over the gap
Ich heiße marvin
4-2 is bugy
James Reid
So let me get this straight...\n\nSpecial Challenge 4-S2: Bowser Jr.'s Big Payback is... a luck tester. The final special challenge of the DLC comes down to whether random chance thinks you deserve 900 measly coins, and that final \
Are you going to continue the Mario + Rabidds 100% walkthrough?
Keanu Luis
Let's see, S1 was clever and fun I liked it but S2 was bullshit, it is luck based, it took me an hour of just landing on squares in the hope that the meteors or whatever randomly take my characters to other squares, I hate luck based chances of winning, it reminds me why Mario Party is getting worse and worse nowadays
Lee Xiong
Anyone knows another way of finishing 4-s1? Because I did exactly this video did and spawns isn’t landing on the other side
Mark Brestensky
Quick tip I learned the hard way: the strategy for 4-S1 only works if you DON’T fast forward because of the way bounce and hero sight trigger. I spent 30 minutes trying to replicate it until I realized the problem...
Mert Duruturk
I watched this to see how S1 is meant to be done and wow that looks cool! I kinda cheesed it by bouncing spawny using my own car xD
Original Gameteer
4S2 aka luck based hell
Poser Panda
World 4-S1 worked excellently for me. S2? Not so much.
Well this DLC was disappointing. I was hoping for another set of Ultimate Challenges, where you could keep challenging yourself over and over again. Instead, we mostly got these puzzle-like challenges, where they stop being fun/challenging after the first time you try them.
The Pataka 96
8:07 Luigi Dab
The Sky Miner
2:17 Is This A Kids Game????
Tom Ross
Don't get why 4-S2 is so difficult for everyone? You have 5 turns to hit 16 zones with 3 characters. By walking alone you can hit 15 of them, so you just need 1 based on \
How the hell do you get the fucking blocks to break? I can't get the cover to break no matter what I do. I followed this video exactly even using the same weapon and it still doesn't break the cover blocks and spawny ends up bouncing 1 square short because of it every God damned time.
So on this one do you just have to get lucky and be burned and run into an extra yellow space?
there's a easy way for 4-S1. \n1. Rabbid mario, use magnet dance\n2. Let enemy - Rabbid - end point in a line\n3. Luigi' weapon \