Linares vs Lomachenko: The Tactical Overview

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This is the fight I'm most looking forward to!
That was an awesome call by you Mr. Wylie both for Linares (bringing Loma down in the 6th with a counter to his jab) and for Loma (destroying Linares with a liver shot). Thank you for doing in this! What a fantastic place for boxing heads!
I think u meant to call those “body shots” from Salido nut shots
Alkor Melesker
Not Salido's body punches slowed Loma but constant restling and lowblowing did a bit. The way salido fought could be the street fight without rules, he was punching Vasyl's balls all night long as well as restling as he was a pro-restler artist- and still Vasyl sent this bitch into a standing knocdown in the final round, one additional round and he would lay down for sure. The it was not a loss but a corrupted matchup with bought judge that didn't see antyhing wrong
All is Well
If lamachenco has the power of pacquiao or higher how a great boxer he would be
Anand Subramaniam
The main question for me is how Lomachenko's power comes up with him to 135, even as a cumulative thing. If he can't hurt Linares, the technique may not make a difference. Linares could just walk through his offense and unload on him, and the one thing we know is that Lomachenko definitely will feel Linares's power.\n\nMay be a technical analyst's dream, but I think it is going to be decided on pop. If Loma can bring it with him, I think he wins. If he can't make Linares flinch, then I think he gets stopped late. \n\nOr I could be completely wrong and it does end up a chess match. Just hope it is an exciting fight either way. :-)
Atul Yadav
Be it Loma, Mayweather jr. or any so-called \
Aybak C.
PLEASE PLEASE BREAK DOWN PRINCE HAMED VS BARRERA!!! great channel man, kudos from spain
Delicious breakdown, flavoured by the salt of Lomachenko fanboys (for giving Salido credit...) !
Blaze WhiteHorseRider
I think its NONSENSE to do this 'Tactical Overview'. If you are playing a video game, may be it works. But in REAL LIFE, every thing is fluid and not digital. You cannot make decision like you could in digital. In REAL LIFE, the wisest wins.
Bob Weaver
Excellent tactical overview.\nI see Loma impressing further with this win. Linares is very good, but Loma is something else...........shit, I just thought about Rebecca Linares. Damn!
Bogdan Hmelnickiy
May I ask you to name me music in this video? I like it very much.\nAbout Linares and Lomachenko. Linares is a level already, good puncher, warrior, and really skilled fighter. But he has no chance against Lomachenko, because of Lomachenko tactics and speed, feints and movements, unpredictable spector of different combinations. Vasiliy will not leave him any chance to catch himself. Only Craword is really dangerous for Loma. Not Linares, not Garcia.
Boon O
Linares is good when his opponents are standing in front of him. Loma doesn't stay stationary.
Brandon Hernandez
The amount of development Lomachenko has gone through since the Salido fight is immeasurable! Plus it had the worst officiating that anyone can ever witness. I do not think Linares will stand a chance. Lomachenko is too quick for anyone he faces and anyone he will meet in the future.
Brendan Dorman MMA
Wonderful work brother
This fight should be awesome. Linares doesn't seem to have got the credit he deserves and got those super fights. I think Linares has a good chance, but his problem will be if he has to keep resetting his feet to get his fast combinations off, due to Loma's excellent lateral movement. I'll be happy whoever wins legitimately as I like both of these highly skilled fighters.\n\nP.S. I just resubscribed to this channel as I think Youtube may have unsubbed me.
Hard fight for both fighters
Can't be touched
Linares by savage KO esque Marquez overhand vs Pacquiao!!!
Chudotvorets Chudotvorets
..если Линарес, конкретно, не потрясёт Васю до пятого раунда.. то, начиная с шестого, у Хорхе будет наблюдаться кислородная недостаточность на фоне прогрессирующей боли в увеличенной печени...
Courtney Jones
Body punching..... Loma has a very visible weakness...he dips foward. He just hasn't fought a fighter who is a devasting puncher to exploit the body+Uppercut combo
Linares looks like an amazing boxer and human. But lomachenko isn’t human
Your predictions were correct, Linares straight right sat Loma down but Loma won on a body shot.
Dan Means
Whenever Linares lands a good one he stops and resets instead of pressuring more. It's almost like he celebrates every little victory and I think Loma will capitalize on that. Linares hits hard though.
Danny Lopez
No one on boxing gives Salido credit for his low blows. Salido won't fight lomachenko a second time. He will get destroyed.
Dave Maniwang
If linares will use his reach and proper distance and has the stamina to throw 1000 punches, he will beat loma...
Dean Leckie
I think everyone still looks back to Salido as a way to beat's that working so far?? Salido was Loma's big introduction to pro boxing and to not rely on the referee as they do in the amateurs...anyone trying to rough house him now gets it back double
Remember, Loma isn't actually South Paw. He just fights that way but he's right handed.\n\nAlso, in that first round of clips, Salido threw two definite low blows. If deducted, those two shots would have been enough to draw the fight. That was probably like 15 of Salido's 642 (?) punches from that fight. TL;DR assuming that ratio kept up Salido should have been looking at a score of about 50 on all cards, not 115-113, 117-111 and 113-115.\n\nFurthermore, Loma had a better massively punch percentage, punches landed, battered the fuck out of Salido without taking any damage and was fully two weight divisions lighter than Salido on the night of the fight, after failing to make weight by quite a lot. Dude was 147 on fight night vs Loma's 136 or 137.\n\nSo basically, Loma got his legs targeted while fighting an exhibition match against a fighter from a higher weight division. And whooped his ass, probably only losing due to boxing being boxing (hey Alvarez vs Golovkin draw when Canelo clearly lost. Yes, boxing is notoriously corrupt). Icing on the cake? Salido has been running up weight divisions and refusing all offers of a rematch even when Loma's camp meet all his terms. Dude is literally too scared to fight Loma again after the whipping he took.\n\nIt's insane that Salido won, much less that you actually credit him.\n\nThat said, I think Linares has a better puncher's chance than most. Maybe I'm wrong and Loma will turn him into another GRJr though.
Domo Don Doom
I like this fight. Loma is following the blueprint left by the likes of floyd and others where you just fight one of the most popular boxers who is a current or ex world champ in the weight class above or below. Its a great way to pad your resume with solid opponents.\n\nI rate loma highly. He will win fairly comfortably in the end.
El Gringo Loco
You are awesome sir!!! You called the body shot by loma and even the outside slip 2 simultaneous counter by linares that dropped loma in the 6th. If you dont fight, you can def be a great coach. You have a brilliant mind that understands the fight game. The meticoulous details of the science and the enigmatic beauty of the art. Respect from miami florida.
Energy Fitness
Linares should use the Southpaw VS Orthodox lead foot 'issues' of accidental tripping to mess up Loma's footwork as Loma tries to turn him. But he is gonna need a backup because Loma's in-out game is good.\n\nAlso, how does Loma deal with dudes trying to maul him? Maybe this is why Floyd is pushing Loma vs Tank?\n\nI also think if you can obstruct Loma's vision you can stifle his reflexes a bit, he seems very visual, keying off the opponents lead arm.\n\nWhats Linares gonna do about Loma's lead hand control? Loma is almost as sneaky as Floyd with those subtle traps against the lead hand.
Fernando Padron
Linares by UD
lol after this boxing ego and Dontae will say Loma is not real unless he moves up to heavy weight to fight Wilder . Lmao! Mikey’s next !
George Myers
I think Loma will win but Lineras Is absolutely electric to watch has that Manny Pacquiao esque excitement too him
I am Bear
Salido the MMA boxer
Iron Mike
Linares will break him psychically and mentally
Lomachenko will cut the shit out of linares face as he tags him with ease. Linares will be a game opponent, and not quit like loma's last four opponents. THERE WILL BE BLOOD.
HBO Boxing need to hire you!
Jake Kaliko
I enjoyed your video! All I gotta say is that Loma's reflexes in unbelievable! I'm reading off on what your theory of how Linares plan should throw off Loma's game???? I don't think he can.....?! With Loma's amazing footwork and quick reflexes, I don't know man....????
Jay Nguyen
If Linares throws a pull-counter left, Loma will still be out of the centerline. The best counter will be to time a step out to Lomas rear side while he pivots around Linares’ lead foot and slip a 2 - 3 - 2 down the pipe. Off his pivots, Loma likes to throw a hook to the body then head, or whatever he sees open first. If he can pull it off efficiently, It will shut that off and force Loma to feint the step around the lead then go back to his original starting position, which will expose Linares an opening to throw a combination starting with a left hook. \n\nBut guess what, it won’t happen. Loma is too busy, unconventional, and versatile. No matter what Linares has to do, he lessens risk, counter stepping to Lomas rear-side because he is a right-handed southpaw. The footwork, levels, and in-your-face pressure throws everyone’s plans out the door after the first round. Remember Iron Mike. Maybe someone else will be able to pull it off, and it won’t be Jorge. Effectiveness cannot defeat Loma because he is probably the most efficient practitioner ever. I like Linares cause he a bad ass motherfucker, but Loma gonna put on another clinic.\n\nI’m not a wanna be boxing analyst / professional. I just love the sport of boxing and this is some insight to what I’ve learned sparring with guys that move like Loma. Forgive me if you’re butt hurt .
Joshua Wilson
Masterful as always, Lee. Hopefully this fight beings out the best in Linares, both these fighters clicking on all cylinders should make for some tactical fireworks; can't wait!
Josue Ortiz
There is one very important factor to observe, Lomachenko's movements after the Salido fight are different. Watch closely, you'll notice.
João MenegaleBarbi
Lomachenko is more technically gifted, but Linares may be too fast and big for him
I think this may be a step up in weight too far for Lomachenko. I can understand why he may have to move up in weight because nobody wants to fight him. So it kind of sucks but it will be an interesting test to see how far he he can go with his technique, speed and overall boxing IQ.
Linares has a weight- and reachadvantage and is one of the fastest fighters at 135.\nTough fight but Loma\
Logan Simmons
A lot will depend on the power he can bring up with the weight , Lomo is not the biggest hitter , if Lanares can walk through ( big if ) and get close and use his natural weight advantage to bully Lomo , making him actually more hesitant to throw punches then there could be a big upset . Lomo has pretty much always been bigger than most opponents
Lusi Nurfianasari
Loma is so fast good body moving good foot work, difficult for linares to beat him, but if linares can beat him by KO linares will make a history
Only way I see Linares winning is by coming good 10 pounds heavier and fighting bit dirty. But he is not that kind of fighter, he is an offensive speedster with average defense, and Loma already destroyed a fighter like that (Garry Russel Jr.).\n\nI think a fighter like Julio Cesar Chavez would've had decent chance against Loma, prime vs prime. Relentless pressure, very good defense, brutal body work and a very hard punch coupled with excellent stamina and boxing ability.
Masatoru Iwakurai
It's gonna be a great entertaining fight. I have Loma winning a close but clear decision.
A good analysis brother. An important thing people tend to forget is Vasily is a right handed Southpaw. His anti-meta tactics are based on the current dogmas in boxing. Such as the power hand should always be in the rear. Remember, technique is a trap, and style is a prison.
Gesta and Walters dislike this vid
Mustafa Shirzad
Are u a boxer? Are u sure that Solido won that fight against Loma u haven't seen the lower belt punches which Loma was complaining and the other south paw boxers are different from Loma wait and watch it will surprise u Loma when breath have a technique?
Lee Wylie = Senpai
Narc Seven
salido the krav maga practitioner
Nelson Mamangon
Salido`s tactics is called \
Not Important
2:17... oh come on.... he targeted the BALLS incessantly... can we stop the charade?\n\nin fact, the very first example you showed as a \
October 4th
If Linares comes in overweight and lands lots of unchecked low blows, he can certainly gain that same advantage and gain that Salido did. I also think Loma learned a lot from that fight and got much better at fouling back and not taking the \
Lmao will be great at that weight he is still super young going to be 29 30 years old this year so the weight will be nothing for him if he was almost 40 then I would say it would be but he to young for that to bother him hes only going to keep frowning maybe even to 140 or 147 depending on the way his body develops and linares will quit in 6 rounds from the pressure and combination and angles that he uses just like everyone else and you show the salido fight but he threw so many low blows I dont know how he was DQed from that fight honestly but it is what it is but salido didnt take the rematch cuz he would have knocked out in 5 rounds . Linares is about to see why Loma is known for making people quite lol
Paul Bautista
Using Gesta in the video is not good, he did nothing but circle left, right in line to Linares` right cross-left hook combo
Pedroban leither Banks
Great video as always..i like Linares but give him no chance vs Lomachenko.. he is just too good I see Lomachenko stopping him on cuts or referee stopping it .
Pekko Kuopanportti
Carpenter, oh yes!
Pompous Psycho
Music made me feel like someone was gonna be murdered, much like when stalking your prey, and then going in for the kill. Linares is going to get worked on like the sweatshop labor factory boy in China that made my Air Jordans!
PunchFor Pound
Linares punches just look so much more explosive and powerful than Lomachenko. He looks way bigger. But then again, I thought the same thing about Ward and Canelo before they fought Kovalev and Canelo respectively, yet all it took was a few months of training without drug testing, and some \
Rocco Majdoub
Linares is taller & punches harder, Loma is smarter and faster.. And i think that Loma is who gonna work on body shots rather than jabs that will probably not reach Linares face. I don't know.. I just wanna watch this hellish fight
Serhiy Pazelskyy
Right down the middle and a bodyshot KO it is
Slimster UK
Loma is not a normal southpaw in the sense he is not left handed naturally. He is a right hander. He writes with his right hand. Therefore although we see his Loma right hand as his jab in fact it is his power punch. Amazing strategy . \nIf Linares tries to use his amazing left hook on Loma he will get countered by loma's powerful right hand. \nLinares only chance is body shots body shots body shots
I think the name of the game in this fight is TRANSITIONS. \n\nAs you said, when Linares concentrates he is defensively responsible after throwing punches. But that isn't enough. Linares would need to throw punches, use defensive responsibility with footwork re-positioning, and then throw more punches. He is going to get hit by the faster Lomachenko anyways. But Linares often does not chain offense-defense-offense-defense. He is content to use offense-defense and then reset at a safe range.\n\nLinares has to get to Loma's body, as well...but isn't really a body punching boxer-puncher (if you can even count him as a boxer-puncher).\n\nOnce Loma deciphers Linares's footwork (spacing coverage), his reaction speed, and his reach...Loma is not going to give him any space to breathe or think. The punches will come in waves.
hey lee, we saw everything you predicted, great overview...\ndo you have a boxing record in amateur or pro?
Tiago Cardoso
John Carpenter's vortex??? great song choice lee
I can't believe you gave credit to a complete cheater in Salido. You know for sure those were low blows that were bothering him. Body shots don't faze Loma. He should have been disqualified but the referee did a terrible job.
Tron Born
What people fail to see is, Linares is nothing special, he is mediocre boxer. Not too technical, have no power, but he has decent hand speed.
Uncle Sham
Viktor Yakunin
I expect Linares to show good skills and not give up no matter what.
West Cork
Another great vid masterful work
Zuhaib Amir
Loma is going to win
Music/Song: \nTitle: Vortex \nby John Carpenter \nAlbum: Lost Themes
amr yasser
Hey lee wylie am a big fan, can you make a video on errol spence jr. And terence crawford you will find a lot of sweet science to analyze there
salido the ball smasher...horrible ref in that fight, should have had points taken
Linares has been KOd by two B fighters and a bum. Loma better win.
you HAVE to make Loma fight backing up or you have no chance
Linares ain’t just big he’s too big for 135 ,he really should be at 140 this will be very interesting for sure,can’t wait
People don't realize that Linares' style is more dangerous for Lomachenko than Garcia's.
Cuts could be linares downfall, which will be beyond annoying, let’s see just how special lomochenko really is vs another technician, but who can also fight in the trenches, can he???
Linares is a dead man. Lomachenko will school him. Next.
it's me med
linares has a great jab he can creat a lot of problems for loma it's 50/50 fight
Ehh, I'd think more of the Salido v Lomachenko fight if the referee wasn't so terrible. The sheer amount of back of the head shots, holding, and below waists shots tarnish most of what I could learn from it. Sure, Salido gave Lomachenko trouble, but he did a lot of shit for which should've been disqualified before he even made it halfway through the fight.
Finally Senpai Lee has made another video. Thanks, Master :)
beautiful breakdown :)
Lee Wylie is a time traveler. On the money.
pardeep bhadu
The professor will school the kid.. You'll see
rapidoods doodles
I think the Salido fight is irrelevant. Too many low blows.
skrrt when i want
i am beyond hyped for this fight
steve foxx
I really need to see the size difference between the two in a face off. Loma's biggest critique by experts is that his power is low, and htat was fighting people at 125-130. At 135 against Linares who I know is bigger and can eat shots from bigger men, the question to be posed is will Lomachenko be a physical threat to Linares? If the fight doesn't get stopped due to a cut, or if Loma doesn't hurt Linares enough, a fearless and confident Jorge is a dangerous little man.
Lomachenko from Salido to now is like Neo from Matrix 1 to Neo from Matrix 3. You can't compare Loma from past. He improved.
victor carrillo
Techniqual orgasms for may 12th
warrr _machine
Scary how you predicted the most effective attacks from not just one but both fighters.
Часть Целого
Сan you analyze the style of Dmitry Pirog? There many interesting things. Thanks from Russia