"Scream 2" Trailer

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courteney cox kevin williamson neve campbell scream 2 scream 4 wes craven

amen to that!!
AJ Estur
Never would've guessed who the killers were in this one.
Aidan Devine
i like... Happy Death Day lol not scary
yoo i was 7 years old when that movie was out
Alexis Hernandez
This franchise came at the perfect moment. It was the time when everyone thought the slasher gengre was dead. Kudos to Wes Craven, may he R.I.P.
Alora Bonilla
Really? is that guy dumb? scream needs to sit down and wacht my little pony!
So borring...
Andrea Carpenter
She was stabbed 17 times. Not 7.
Art Morgan
I love the movie of scream 2
Ashley Harris
makes sense why randy got killed now...he was following the pattern of the real serial killer micky therefore he just got unlucky when he wasnt expecting an attack coming from mrs loomis who was in the news van...but he did speak unhighly of her son to her...brutal stuff.
That movie was just as good as the first one if you ask me. Scream 2 was more scarier.
Becca Lmao
Ghostface \
Billy Meza
Sarah Michelle Gellar is great! 🎀💞 Would have been great if her role was bigger, but I get it the hot girl had to go early on! Plus it added to the suspense that if an A-Lister like her can go no one is off limits! Cici was an amazing character!
Brandon Waggoner
Still don't understand why they didn't make Scream 3 as good as the 1st 2. They kinda just took a shit on the franchise with that, but it was probably their way of saying everybody is getting old, & they want to do different projects. Say Sidney is 60 years old & she's still being harassed by ghostface. Yeah i can understand why they treated the 3rd one like shit. At the same time they could've just left it on a high note like they did for Scream 2. Yeah movies like these develop a cult of fans, why push them away with shitty movies? Look at everybodies career's that took part in these movies, & none of them ever recovered. David Arquette's only serious movie roles. Courtney Cox, that last time i seen her, was in the Longest Yard, what happened to Neve Campbell? Matt Willard, & Jaime Kennedy are the only 2 that can actually headline a movie today. Matt Willard has more genre options open to him, & Jaime Kennedy, i'm sure he can still head more really good Comedy roles, i'm sure he could do a serious role if he really wanted to.
RIP Wes Craven
Cassidy Person
Its time GIRLFRIEND!!!\nlol favorite part~!
Chandros Evans
the reboot of Superfly is my favorite scary movie, absolutely horrifying 😱
Daniel Selk
In the end of Scream Dewey is being carted off in the ambulance, and he even asked \
Darnell Major
The original script was way better! They had to scrap it because it got leaked on the internet revealing the killers to be Derek, Hallie & Mrs Loomis!
Dee Jay
If Pretty Little Liars increased the Level of Violence
Galaxy Wolf Girl 4144
i really dislike when people hear a noise from the bedroom or something and they're like \
well scream 2 music was like from the 1st movie trailer
What? She was in her 30s during filming!\n
at 0:36, the blonde girl is Ellen DeGeneres's wife
Goreboy 1
GreenLashes 48
I love Neve Campbell
Harris Asjad
“Let’s look at the suspects” 1:22. Love that part\n\nSpoilers!!\n\n\n\n\n\n\nRIP Randy
Holly Thomson
Who's the killer in this? I know I'm spooling but I've seen the first one and the fourth and to be honest I'm just kinda too lazy to watch the other 2, i know it's real bad but someone please help me out 😂
Jason Mead
what's your favorite scare move
Jay IU
Poor Sarah Michelle, she died in IKWYDLS and then she died AGAIN in Scream.
Jermaine Hernández
Jerry Zoumis
It's not a sequel, it's an equal.
Jesus Villalobos
The movie is Turning 20 years old in December 😢...
Kieran Ramotar
Love this movie
LILY In Despair
i watched it it was ok but there is a scene is the police car crash when the killer is unconscious and they could have just killed him there but they tried to escape so it't a bit stupid but it's still good
Lazara Lazo
I have them all but this one is in bluray but I want it in DVD its awesome
of course you where laughing, you where only 3 you didnt know what was going on :P
Lee Sullivan
Pretty good film but tried to be to clever for there own good in this one the original didn't need to try still good though.
Leonardo Vasconcelos cerqueira
Um dos meus filmes preferidos. Eu amo a franquia Pânico e o Ghostface.
Scream 2 is cool
Maddie :)
Course she did she was like 20 but she looks better in 4
ManOnThe Moon
this trailer just showed the whole movie in 2mins and 17secs 8o
Marijan Stojanoski
one of the worst horror movies
Max A.
Scream 2 was the scariest to me. It had more suspense than any of the other three. And by suspense I mean really good, drawn out chase/death scenes that fucked with your nerves and left you a neurotic mess. At least it did with me.
Mazen yasser
hello Sidney
Mickey Johnson
If I could go back to the 90s, trust me, I would.......................... :(
Mlp DV Studios
1:24 wtf this part never happened!!!! I want more SMG
i saw this when i was 3 my whole family was scared while i was laughing
Naim Naimi
1:54 the best of courtney scream ever...
Nancy Breau
This was the best one because it makes sense to the original
Nathanael Talley
Are the killers still alive???
Neo Edition
I love the whole SCREAM FRANCHISE 💓
Pamela Romero
My favorite scary movie is Lights out, The Purge Election year, have The Purge Election year on DVD
Patrice Urie
*WARNING SPOILERS*\n....\nI was so mad when Randy was killed! Wish he could've survived until Scream 3 though.
Patrick Lange
The fact that this is 20 years old makes me feel so damn old!
No he is white\n
When you suspect the killer is gay, \
Raziel Cruz
Sarah michelle gellar from IKWYDLS and Rebecca gayheart from urban legend are both in this movie.
I really liked Scream 2, my favourite of the original three movies.
Rolando Mota
The killer from Urban legends comes out in this movie lol she's a sorority girl
SD Pines
i love sarah michelle gellar
Samie Abinanti
Scream 2 has it's moments!
SammeyJO Abinanti
I thought number 2 was cheesy but I still liked it!
Shane Folan
actually late 97 in usa,i don't think it got worldwid release till 1998
Sheila Martinez
There are like 4 scream movies
Sherry Khan
What's your favorite scary movie?\nShowgirls
Sie Sie
Why do u have 666 followers lol
The Scream King
I like the idea of Randy dying.. But it was too soon to kill him off in this film. They should have killed him off in Scream 3 since Main Characters could die then. Plus, that way he could deliver the rules to us In person instead of through a video. Also, so Randy and Sidney could have kissed in this one or the third one!!
I agree, she looked very good in Scream 2!
Thomas h cullen
Scream 2 feels like the quintessential Hollywood movie, but in a good way. It has the excellent sense of fictional reality, but with a semblance of actual reality, and a great sense of storytelling. Agnes Scott College was the perfect setting for the sequel, because of its utterly suggestive backdrop. Neve Campbell was great in the sequel, although I think her performance in the original was more satisfying.
why do all the scream trailers start with a phone call
Tyrone Durden
my favorite
Vasil Dilo
i love cici
Vivian’s Life
Zoran Ristov
Fav Scary Movie is the original one, the sequels arent funny. Wazzuuup
Corey Haim and Corey Feldman should of been in this movie.
I watched them when I was like 9.
Apparently, the script was entirely different. There were suppose to be three killers, one of them still being Mrs. Loomis and the other two were suppose to Sidney's black friend and Sidney's boyfriend. But someone leaked the script and now you obviously know what happens. The original script can still be found online. 
haribo hipster
If scream asked me what my favourite scary movie is I'd have to say cloudy with a chance of meatballs! IT WAS RAINING CARBS 😨😨😷😵😲
jessica perez
kaynã Silva
what name of song in 1:39
melany escalera
It's like Jack Frost because he never dies and he plays comes back
michaela tustin
This is a scary movie
Lol I don't remember ghost face calling Sydney \
shavana rills
wow stupid things that could do
That soundtrack though
lol it's time gurlfreinddd
احمد وليد
I Love This Film And I Love Nave CAMPBEll
Dewey's face in 1:52