F2F Radio LIVE 08/05/18 - So Ya Need Sommore Miller Time?

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So ya say you need more Miller Time? Ya Got it. Live tonight will be a return conversation with James and Dr. Richard Alan Miller. From the Oregon Wildfire being possible a result of Volcanism to Colonizing Mars to Greater then Light Speed... and all points in-between, Dr. Miller is our man with one foot grounded in Physics and the other stepping into the Metaphysical, he talks are rich with thought-provoking talk and a whole lotta fun!Richard joins us at the bottom of the first hour. We will end with a video commentary from Les Visible-----------You can always have access to everything Feet to the Fire Radio Audio & Video plus Articles and Archives at:

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Giovanni Xiuhcoatl
Hay un puente entre esos dos mundos, pero también hay fuerzas que persisten en derribarlo.
barbara mcintosh
Fantastic show as usual gentlemen ...
peace tranquility
love this guy!!! Dr. Richard needs to do his own live shows also, man i could watch this guy lecture on any topic.
sylvia Briggs
what a mind ,