Trivium - Betrayer (Tour Recap)


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Who else is exited for their tour with BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE!!!
Aka Ess
Hi im Matt. Br br brrr brrrr
Alex Mascareñas
venga perros muy buena musica
Ana Cristina Mata Bonzinetti
Andrie Taher
Austin Chu
6 betrayed victims disliked this video ;)
BK's Bullets
Baiba Antonovica
Absolutely loved this tour, saw Trivium in Vancouver and this was my 5th time seeing them overall on two different continents. Never regretted seeing them, always a great time and will go again and again! Keep on the great work guys :)
Benjamin Lu Tseng
Grammy !!!
Black Stones
Broken Psu
god the cuts where horrible. I like how im complaining about the video and not the music or the performance
Bruno Del Souza
Come back to Argentina please!
Please come to Mexico!
Chris Gardon
You need to release a live DVD/Bluray!!! \n\nMetallica has Live Shit: Binge & Purge, Iron Maiden has Live After Death... \nTrivium deserves to have something like that. We (the fans) deserve it! 🤘🏽🤘🏽
Crest Fallen
4:11 so good
Damian Maroń
I will see them for 13 days in Warsaw, Poland. Can't fuckin wait. This song sound amazing live. I Can't wait to hear beyond oblivion and sever the hand!
Darth Green
They NEED to keep Alex
David Oakes
How high are Paolo's backing vocals in the chorus ?!?!? He should sing in the studio with Matt.
Dejan Acevski
its sounds amazing
Dorey Adrien
So freaking good ! sound quality----\u003e 10/10 !!\nThey're just amazing it's crazy. \nAlso you can hear the bass a little more here, which is nice.\n\nWell done Trivium, album of the year for me.
Edward Sasis
This version is sick!!! keep it up!!!
Emmanuel Diehl
The Album is not bad, but in my opinion it is one of their weaker albums. It sounds very casual and I feel like musical quality was reduced to appeal to a broader audience. Sure, the songs are catchy, but that's about it. No comparison to masterpieces like ascendancy. \nLooking forward to see you guys in Germany tho!
Eric Bluezummers
Euan Harrison
You guys realise we think your the best metal band around right? Please make the next material just as good
Felipe Lopes
+Trivium this video is unlisted! Make it public =)
Great vid! Like Paolo's singing also, sounds great on this vid! Next, Trivium Live Blu Ray and DVD! Haha can not wait! :-)
Glenise Harvey
Looks like it rocked wish I was there
Guillaume Mazoyer
I like how Alex and Matt both have Emperor shirts \\m/
The ONLY thing that bothers me about this song is that he said \
Hakan Çeltikçi
alex bent... better than any drummer you'll ever imagine... \ncongrats for the grammy nomination!
Helmy Arif
I love this live video!
Matt heafy is the reason why I want to get a 7 string guitar!!!! Why does he have his finger taped up??
James Brabham
When hard work pays off
Jarosław Gliwski
Insane drumming... definitely the best drummer in Trivium history
Jaume Sierra
This song + this mixing = Perfection
Javier Martinez
Trivium 🤘
Joe Harrington
Goddamn the mixing in this is insane!
Joey Jones
I'm gonna see Trivium in May at the international in Knoxville TN. damn, I'm so stoked to see these guys, so much talent in one band, it's absurd.
Jon C
HAIL brothers and sisters of metal! TRIVIUM are beyond awsome, evolving, constantly growing, amazing musicians, empowered by the gods of metal, and self empowering those of us with blazing spirits, and hearts made of metal, stronger than all. Love new album, what a ride from last album, silence in the snow, snowflakes became EMBERS ablaze with firery passion born from true metal hearts, carried along on a sudden violent gust of creativity, fueled by the eternal flames of metal, the new album is like a triumphant deafening roar in the cleansing INFERNO, stay metal, METAL FOREVER!!!!!!.
Jonathan Schmidt
well it was your best album to date. simple answer :D
Jose Torres
De los albums que mas me ha gustado de Trivium, so amazing!
José Augusto dos Santos
Juan Francisco Agudelo
😭😭😭son la mejor banda, ya quiero que visiten sur América
me encanta los adoro sobre todo a paolo \nAGUANTE TRIVIUM
Lucas Novaes
Please, record a live DVD with this quality and with the same camera work, pleeeeeeease!!!
One of my least favorite songs off the album, just my opinion. I do like the live music video. I wish they would do “wretchedness inside” as a single.
The success of The Sin And The Sentence is definitely well deserved. Such an incredible album. I have The Sin And The Sentence Special Edition Boxset + T-Shirt. I have an unboxing video and a review video on my channel. Money well spent :) \\m/
Mauricio Moreno
Gran canción!! Son demasiado buenos ☺😉
АПЛАУЗ / APPLAUSE !!! 🖤 ❤️ 🖤\n\nHails from Serbia
Melkor Arrieta
Wow, this guys sound really amazing live. I liked it more than the studio version, it has a different kind of energy
Michael Mykel
Please come back to the Philippines!
Mishell Melgarejo
This song couldn't be more perfect. The drums are awesome!
Neighbour Thrashman
Paolo's backing vocals \u003c3
No offence, but 2:53 is me when i run out of food in my fridge
Nicholas Macken
only thing that sucks about this is now im having suuuuuuper bad \
Nicolás Bascuñán
Independiente de que mis gustos musicales son variados, Trivium será una de mis bandas favoritas por siempre!
Nikola Cvetković
I'm seriously gonna stop listening to them if they ever fire Alex. The dude is insanely devoted, and they never sounded better in general. Damn.
Oky 84
It is great to see Matt doing his scream vocals again, I am excited to see them for the third time in Munich
Omar JC
I definitely love them! \u003c3\nAnd I'm waiting for you in Mexico. Come back I look forward to hearing you for the third time here in Mexico.\nYou have changed my life in many ways, for your music and all the things you do, in difficult times your music has raised me, improves the moment.\nReally, I love you. Thank you so much for everything.
Peter Kutis
had goosebumps for 6 minutes straight , i'm insanely happy and proud of Trivium's progress and achievements.\n\nCan't wait for the SLOVAKIA show.
Rodrigo Vallejos
niun brillo la metal por el pico
Congratulations for your deserved succes! Please come to México!
Sam Cook
Hi, dont mean to spam but I though you are the people that might care most, im selling travis smiths actual european tour kit on ebay right now, I bought it from travis' old drum tech when he left the band in 2009. selling from UK\nsearch this in ebay UK , ' DDRUM Trivium ACTUALLY OWNED BY TRAVIS SMITH signature drum kit 8 piece nosnare ' \nthats my listing
Sgt. Hugh Janus
Sounding way better than ever before. Love this album!
Skullixi yay
Why Trivium has been ny favorite band ever since I got into metal.
Been a fan since Like Light to Flies was featured on the jukebox for sims 2 on ps2. Thanks for coming back to Portland this month, I’ll be there!!!
Sofaking Mad
Jesus christ, that's arguably better than the studio version, holy shit \\m/
Paolo's backing vocals are insanely good !!!!
I LOVE this song !\nEvery part of it is amazing, with an amazing flow with drumming that goes underrated with the drumming in itself\nTrivium rocks! Kill it live and I can die happy n.n
Tales Mendes
Venham para o Brasil ...Trivium!!!!
Tamires Silva
Meus amores \u003c3
I don't think I've said \
The Hall monitor
Please come back to Arizona! I'm ready for round 2 of Trivium!
The Man Who Reads
Corey Shreds, Matt Shreds, Paolo Shreds, Alex Shreds. God Head Bang.
The White Wolf
Thomas Shepherd
Trivium rules. #FuckPhil #allthatremainsSucks
Live CD Please!!!
Toby K.
Gotta admit that I feel out of the Trivium wagon after Shogun. But the new album is fucking phenomenal. Been rocking it since it came out and learned about half of the songs on guitar. You guys are awesome.
Vayne Elo Baixo
Sever The Hand pls xD
Victor Prado
Come to Brazil!! pls!!
Vladislav Kondrashov
I am probably going to raise an unpopular opinion here, and I wanna stress that I do not mean to criticize, I just want what's best for one of the best goddamn metal bands of our days.\nMy point is that it would probably be for the best if Matt dropped the screaming altogether and focused on his cleans. \nIt is understood that after two voice blowouts your voice might not be going back to the way it used to be, but the change seems a bit too much here.\nMatt has lost \
Wendel Porto
A última turnê na América latina foi em 2011! Venham logo pra seus monstros. De preferência com essa turnê junto ao Bullet, garantia de lotação em todos os shows da turnê
Trivium is better than ever :)
Can't wait for the México show!!!! 🤘🏽 soon soon!! I hope
Best band in the business right now.
Come to Brazil!
ed rage
i ve never been in a Trivium concert but maybe someday
It's a really good live song
hugues pinaud
I love how i didn't even notice Matt wasn't talking anymore. Just sitting in front of my screen, blown away by their performance. Can't wait to see you in Paris once again !
I am so stoked on your latest success! So well deserved, particularly after this monster of an album!
Live DVD incoming? I would buy that shit day one!
I had so much fun seeing them it felt like old times :)
resistance !
5:02 that transition from brutal to clean and than brutal again... duh goosebumps!
roberto bustamante araya
Congratulation for Grammy Nomination 🤘🏽🤘🏽❤️
อย่าตามกูมา กูหลงทาง
yeeeeeeee lm so happy\ni love you alex bent & i love you TRIVIUM!!!!! frome thailand fan club🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭