Mike Tyson VS. Julius Francis (29.01.2000)

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Mike Tyson VS. Julius Francis (29.01.2000) НТВ

01 2000 29 Francis Julius Mike Tyson (Film Actor) НТВ

Aaron Bogatch
Undisputed is Lennox Lewis. Mike Tyson had been undisputed before he met such an opponent like Lennox Lewis whom he had never met before.
Adam Mulya Lubis
Allabout Themusic
at 19:51 we HEAR the sound of the Mike' s appercut before Francis fall for the 5' th times ! Crazy !!!
Ammar Z
I wish Tyson fought for the title after this was still light and in shape by 2002 he gained so much weight.
Ashley Rawlins
tyson with hair :-s lol
Ayatollah Khomeini
Benjamin. Evans
I hope Julius Francis got a big payday for this ludicrious performance.
I love mike he is my most favorite boxer but this fight was rigged str8 up you can tell.
Braulio Vargas Jr
Creeper man
haha listen to all the hardmen on here n not one of you who are mouthing off would last 1 minute with Julius francis I watched that man push a Toyota landcruiser up a 1/3 gradient hill what this fight shows is when he was focused just how hard mike could hit its the body shots you simply cant shake real power to the body off
Dan Han
Tyson looked like absolute shit here. I bet he didn't even train for this one. Can't believe the Tyson that fought Lewis was even worse than him here (he fights Lewis next yr)
Dance Fever
How can bouncers hold back the army on the ring entrance how stupid do they look
Daniel Santana
MIke Tyson has Aged over tha years he was 33 Here
Deedar Ali
Merely under shoe advertisement
Tysons a nappy headed Ho in this fight. Check out his hair.
Dr. FeelGood
тайсон был не просто хорошим боксером. он был самым лучшим. на равне с Али. может даже лучше.
Duel MasterBlaze
What was going through Francis's head when he stepped in the ring with Tyson.... I mean with IRON MIKE..
Duterte supported
Fake knockdowns
E. T.
What's with the twisty braids? 😂😂
Edee vagh
El Tiburon
Elegua Augele
Fight starts 14:55.
Eric S
This guy was scared man simple as that lolll
Eвгений Тищенко
Хлопцы кто знает мзыку с 4.38 мин..подскажите!
Felipe Areco
Feylon Santo
It's so realistic. Mike's face and mannerisms before this fight .....K.O. The night of Lewis...opposite. And it was only 2 yrs apart. Indescribable
@Sisyphus, Only a handful of fighters were able to take Tyson's punch and keep fighting, those were the fighters that beat him. Tyson was still a top 5 fighter even late in his career. His prime was 85 to 90, many fighters don't last that long in the game.
God Bless General Lee
Julius Francis had a glass jaw.
vintage tyson at 19:30
Ismail Abdelirada
Francis was game, but his fight plan was all wrong. You don't win a slugging match with Mike Tyson; you stay elusive, keep a jab in his face, and hope he wears himself out.
Jason Lee
mike punch is lightling and heavy
Jeff Wills
it's the shots to the belly that knock this guy out.  After taking one of those I bet you wouldn't be standing eather , let alone fighting.
Jeffrey Jordan
Tupac bumping on the background. Doesn't get better
If I didn't know Mike Tyson, I would have said they paid this tomato can to fight him. But even so, This dude he's fighting is one single big CUNT. I have seen other fighters take harder shots from a vicious and young Mike Tyson in the 80s. This dude goes down the minute he's Grazed with one shot. He went down on a fucking Jab. Are you kidding me?
Koor Osman
boxing is no jokes the moment u will step on that ring u will realise that u are in another world.
Korny Sinclair
side body ,side body , gut shot. all over . Tyson takin a few but just soakin it in np. It seems he actually hits so hard it goes beyond the block. Iron mike still rules. Always the best!1
Kuku Mfalme
What happened to the three knockdown rule? Don't they have that in Britain?
look...a god. Big Tyson.
Lucky Ras
Match falso? Ma siete sicuri di capirne di boxe?!
гендлин мразота
Marcos Pereira
\n30 years old Mike Tyson lost to 34 Holyfield while 34 Muhammad Ali defeated a monster 25 years old 40-0 George Foreman.....Tyson definitely the greatest!!!\ufeff
Marvin Thomas
come on guys ,lets go solve a mystery.
Maurus Krispie
This was after Tyson was washed up in the US, to he came to Britain to fight some nobodies like Francis. These guys were rubbish, even in Europe. Then the promoter, Frank Warren, refused to promote Tyson any more, after he said that he threatened to kill him. And that was another avenue closed to the aging thug.
Michael Nepia
more like british chump
wtf dude ? ahahah army in start up ? \n2pac this is what you need to win :D
Mohammed Remawa
at 6.08.. tyson is smiling looking at him like ..... Lol
If you watched this fight closely and think it was a real fight,..................your time would be better spent doing something other than watching fights...........
Muhammad Rifqi
bersama mike tyson
He looks like jordan
My Daddy
annoying commentator 
Neil D'Souza
Tyson with that bad ass entrance!!!
One .. two .. three.. four ..\nOne.. two .. three .. four ..\nOne .. two ... jeez , just stay down already !
Ovais Malik
Haha.....6:07. Tyson is smiling and the other Francis is trying to be all tough.
Panos Tzelepopoulos
I love Tyson but I didn't like his performance...
Peshmerga - YPG SDF
at that time mike tyson would knockout lucky coward lennox lewis.
Prankster Kids Family Fun
What about Lenox Lewis?
Pravoslavniy Svidetel-Iegovi
Francis - лох!
Quantum Studio Creations
Francis looked tough until Tyson whipes his ass with him lol.
Rodney Palmer
Tyson never even landed a solid shot.
Said Gawawa
mike he's punches soo heavy. ..
Silva Ward
This fight was fixed
Spirit Saltator
Just imagine Mike punching with bare knuckles...... SHIIIIIEEETT !!!!!!!!
Steven Elliott
Oh my Goodness!  I never saw this fight before.  I thought the Etienne fight was bad (Etienne falls adjusts his mouthpiece and closes his eyes until the 10 count) this guy for getting hit so hard softly hits the mat every time.  Its been years since watching Tyson fights, especially post prison.  These have been disgusting.
Taunus- Jäger
Can you please tell me the Name of the song?
interviewer: Mike what did you expect coming to this fight? \nMike: \
Vitaliy Ostrovsky
Гендлин — гений. Можно слушать хоть балет с его комментариями.
Wario's Gold Coin
This was an easy pick of opponent for Mike Tyson, but to give some extra credit, back in the year 2000 Julius Francis (21-7-0 KO's 11) was the defending Commonwealth & Brittish heavyweight champion and also viewed as a top 10 European heavyweight contender. Had been in the ring with future world heavyweight champions Vitali Klitschko, & John Ruiz + top contenders Zeljko Mavrovic, Axel Schulz & Danny Williams. Altough after this fight, Francis career took a HUGE dive down between 2000-2006 he only won 2 more fights, had 1 draw and lost 16 fights (14 of them straight losses).
We're All Thieves
looked like a dive to me
Wiang Chiangrung
Very Good.
Ymous Anon
those punches must have been like lightning.  i never saw them.  unless mike did some body damage to the guy early, broke a rib or got internal organ damage.
arron frederick
you came here to win lol no chance get back home
Dude threw this fight. He went down a couple times from ghost punches!! GTFOH!!
I'm sorry but Mike tyson looked super gay the way he was playing with his hair in his under wear and glancing at him with a smile lol
Dear oh dear, this fight must have been loaded, the guy was gong down from punches that missed, it must have been the wind factor from the momentum of the swing.
Rocky 5 quote from promoter George Duke talking to his fighter Union Caine:  \
iraklis perakis
I hate dives.....
john waynesgun
I went to see this in manchester. Francis sold the bottom of his boots to the daily mirror for 20 grand cos he knew like everyone else he was getting knocked out.\nThe atmosphere was excellent...the fight wasn't. Joe calzaghe fought David starie on the undercard and that was shit as well. loads of Italians were sniffing coke in the toilets...funny old night it was. Tyson was trying to recoup some money after don king ripped him off.
jon lenon
mike tyson legend \u003e3
round 1 starts at 14:55 ;)
mayito padilla
Como deportista....excelente. Su vida privada lamentablemente fue la otra cara de la medalla. ¡¡Que lástima!!
mr. pilmeshka
бля*ь комментатор зачем коментируешь кто выиграет на перед теперь не интересно смотреть можно же нормально работать все кроме этого говори
strangest fight i've ever seen
Mike still got quick angles on opponents even late in his career that's why he was such a knockout artist. Power speed and precision.
omar amin
6:07 hhhhhhhhh
oullah takane bghik awili hbiba diali
first time i see a fighter going against the tactic of tyson and watching himself from tyson killing combinaisons but he collapsed .. very very hard to avoid thoise furious conbinaisons .. evander holyfield made it ... he was really determinated and showed tyson that he wasn t afraid ... james bustler too
Every Match Tyson had after his Comeback are fixed, except the one he lost.
Tyson may have lost to lewis and holifield but proper boxing enthusiasts all know VINTAGE Tyson was far better than both of them.
rusty shackleford
nice song choice :P
smooth & humble
Julius Francis obviously didn't come to fight,
stan burdick
wish that damn rusky would shut his face so we could hear tyson
taxi 14
It was the 19:30 body punch that got him. He got up but the jab he gave hurt too much.\nLooks like broken ribs,
vlad smothesbeuger
hmmm these aren't real knock downs... why did Julius through this fight?
wolfe david
WWE all time take over the fights forever.............
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