GTA 5 Online SPECIAL CHALLENGE - Emergency Landing! (Gone In 61 Minutes #1)

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GTA 5 funny moments time and today we have a special challenge! We've been given a list of vehicles to find in 61 minutes. It's going to be a crazy and hilarious ride. Let's do this! Previous 60 minute challenge Mailbox: The Yogscast, PO Box 3125 Bristol BS2 2DGBusiness enquiries: [email protected]

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Why did Rythian spend ages trying to turn that plane? He could have just ran over Duncan. and even when he was in line to taxi it he kept on turning.
That's some really good editing!
Sips or riot
Adam Hill
Why would he give up the cargo bob for the riot van
Adriana Vokshi
Already enjoying this. I hope this has a lot of long videos XP
Aleks Toombs
Good job Rythian, Duncan has had it coming for a wile.
Great editing, looking forward to Yogscast: The Movie (tm).
Arjun M
Tom at 1:25 in the background when it zooms into the cop car getting hit... he's on the ledge
Watching Rythian trying to park the plane.. ow..
Banzai Zone
I honestly am rooting for hat films because they aren't being assholes as much as the others
Benjamin Leyshon
They wasted so much time going after vehicles that u can't find in the world but u have to buy... I feel so bad for them lol
Big alzo
oh trolling, I hope it never stops. Nice to know Duncan and Rythian is getting along again
Bjen Scrawls
Sjin: \
Anybody remember when Sjin sniped Duncan in that jet? That was epic!!!!!! Love ya Sjin!!! \u003c3
Buzz The Buzzard
I like it when Simon is in a Lewis and Simon video.
Cameron Bell
crapfilms - tryhard much?
Cave Johnson
Rootin for hat films or Lewis.
Connor Worley
6:16 Did trott just go to a garage and repaint the car he already had? Is that even against the rules?
The cinematic shots are so beautiful...
I love how they made non-epic content EPIC
Damon German
This channel is dead,it hardly gets any view compared to what it used to get back with shadow of Isobel.
Is Turduncmon a new kind of Digimon?
At this point it really wouldn't be a GTA video with Duncan without him getting salty and blaming something on GTA that's his is actually his own ineptness
Edvin Kuric
Duncan doesn't realize that land is not synonymous with plow it into the goddamn floor.
Feytey .DarkEmber
Jesus duncan XD Do you not know you are meant to slow down while in the air before going in for a landing? He just did a full speed nose dive every time.
Yogscast should do more videos like this
it would be fine if u turn left WOW! 12:37
I would like more minecraft with Leiws and Simon on the main channel
For once no Zylush, hell yeah!
Grant Dettman
you guys could have a member from each team start an organization so you can differentiate teams on the minimap better
Ibolya Tóthné Tanács
no sips? :(
Indigo Charly
The Sjin vs Smith battle was pretty epic.
Jack B
I hope we start seeing more Lewis & Simon duo videos soon. Having said that, this is one of the best GTA videos that these guys have done in some time
Jack Glaser
Hey that guy that occasionally shows up on YOGSCAST Lewis's channel..think it starts with a \
Hatfilms and Turps, this is going to be a good video
Joe Haynes
Why was rythian blaming that on Duncan?
Jordy Lakiere
That part with duncan and rythian just about summarises what a salty ripper he is. Duncan did nothing and he just utterly failed and all he could do was blame duncan XD Its actually really painful to watch, to be honest.
Josh McDonald
Doesn't Rythian know how to steer a plane? Also... Duncan really wasn't in his way at all, he had plenty of time to get past him.
Jurassic 1211
I love these gta challenges
Land Of Tom
Duncan keeps coming in for landing FAR too fast.
yet again Sjin is the worst.
Leo TW45
15 minute video, uploaded 5 minutes ago, one dislike. \nSeems legit.
That transition when Lewis was doing the intro...\n*GONE IN 61*- minutes, you got 1 minute than before, guys...
This. More of this. Games with everyone. I wish I could give it more likes.
Matt M
Did this remind anyone about 24? The TV series, with the count down timer
Oh my GOD I love this series so much. Well, I loved the last one and this episode. No doubt the rest of this will be absolutely brilliant. Can't wait!!
MewMewWinx Emo
0:44 That's quite the bulge.
Michael Freeman
Last time I came this early, I thought of an original joke \n\n\nI'm sorry I hate these comments
I don't think simon knows they're recording
Yesssssss Hat Films!!!
Mr Elephant
11:39 i love Rythian and his channel but that rant about Duncan being in his way made me so god damn angry that i want to strangle Rythian sorry i had to get it out of me
They have to do this more often!
Nadir Chowdhury
yay Simon is not dead!
Lewis: Ditches Cargo-bob for Riot van.\n\nNow I'm not a GTA expert, but I think there's a way you can take both of those with you.
I love challenges like this. Much more interesting than freeroam or endless playlists.
I know its much harder to organise and all that, but I'd love to see more of these kind of GTA V challenge videos, where you have to use the open world nature of the game, rather than the mini game type things you usually do for GTA. Maybe you could do a kind of deathmatch last man standing only using melee weapons across the whole map, or something like that. Idk, just a suggestion.
Owen Shotts
where is sips
Party Personified
I love how Rythian kept backing the plane up the wrong way every damn time.
Sjin is such of a troll griefer in all gta games pretty much -_-
Those soft contact noises are the best, It's like someone is punching a couch.
Duncan getting lightly hit in the head with the plane was way funnier than it should have been
The editing on this is really great.
Sam Farley
4 things that happened to me today:\n\n1: I woke up\n2: I went outside\n3: I met a hot girl\n4: I won a million dollars\n\nBut it happened in this order: 2-3-4-1 :(
Sips? No? Ok. Bye.
Shaun Gilmore
That 15 minute episode was 20 minutes of gameplay... I feel robbed.
Shreyas Misra
notice how team Turduncmon on the scoreboard is just \
teams:\nSjithos\nturduncmon (that's totaly a pokemon)\nHat films\n\nspot the odd one out?
Sir Flareon
Hat Films is the embodiment of what foreign people think British people are like.
Spookster Gaming
Rythian has no chill. Like Duncan wasn't in his way, a plane can easily run over duncan. He was just shit at steering. He would backup then rive straight into a tree and keep doing it, it's like he doesn't know what a rudder is. like wtf
Tea Love
In this episode Duncan continues to prove he has no idea how to land a plane.
My God... Rythian trying to taxi the plane! I ripped!
Sjin: \
3:05 I was expecting him to grapple to the plane. I've been playing too much just cause.
Teresa W
Simon: \
The Good Word
im so glad this is back, after asking for it at EGX!
The Musician
Anyone notice how they've been posting less and less minecraft videos? The last one was two weeks ago, and even that was from a livestream. Most of their videos have been GTA V and Gmod lately. Their YT banner is even a GTA-themed animation. I think they're slowly becoming a GTA-oriented channel. I am perfectly fine with this, just felt like pointing it out to people.
Oh my god, this must have taken AGES to edit. Yogscast editors really deserve more attention than they get. Bravo people, bravo!
TheYahwehWizard - Gaming
Haven't been keeping up with the Yogscast for a whole but so glad I clicked on this video :O
Tim Sawyer
Why does Rythian complain so much?
Tomas Davies
I appreciate the 24 reference intro
Tristan Drijver
Jesus, nobody knows how to actually play GTA...
Duncan is a terrible pilot
Loving that rip off 24 intro :D
Will Parkinson
Simons 'Murray Walker' is incredibly impressive.
Also, Hat films' Beetle atv thing is yellow so doesn't that count as a yellow car as well?
bradley Taylor-jones
IT was so painful watching Rythian pull up the plane😩😩😩
caian mikry
Hope they do another Gone in 60 mins, maybe Gone in 62 mins.
ed ludwig
holy crap hat films feels my flustration with sjin in about all of these videos
everyone is a terrible driver xD
paul paulio
hahaha rythian's so salty, that was entirely his shit drivings fault.
ratchet qwark
wow time sure flies !!!!! 10 mins gone in 7mins lol
My stomach hurts from watching Duncan bring the plane into the parking lot. Why was he going so fast?
What was Duncan in the way do I to get R killed?
y is simon and lewis never in the same team enymore? its rly weird ._.
yaseen reza
This series was hilarious last time it was on, especially the complete chaos at the end, I can't wait to see what this one entails!