***CARP FISHING TV*** The Challenge Special "The Great British Carp Off"

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Join Mark on this extra special episode of The Challenge, which sees him attempting to catch carp from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The Question is can he reach the target set by Harry??Fox Fishing TV is home to a huge collection of carp fishing videos. With clips and films ranging from, The Challenge with Mark Pitchers and Chilly’s Vlog to all the very latest product videos and Free Carp Fishing DVD’s at Fox Fishing TV we have carp-related content covered. Fox International is one of the world’s biggest carp fishing tackle manufacturers, supplying well over 3000 products to carp anglers who require quality fishing tackle that is up to our exceptionally high standards. Items such as bivvies, bedchairs, rods, reels, luggage, right the way through to end tackle like hooks, hooklinks and swivels. We hope you enjoy our videos and if you do please like, share and comment.

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Aaron Unknown
What an amazing vid!!
Adam The Fisherman
Harry should’ve allowed extra time - next challenge, for every carp catch Harry has to make Mark a brew.
Al Saraj Fishing Sports
Great bro
Alex Fuller
Good work lads nice chilled out way to end Xmas day, well done Fox 🦊 another year smashed with great content!
Alex Jonik
Liked it before I even watched it!
Andy Barrett
i love using light tackle now and then takes me back when i was kid nailing the silvers until i discovered meat and a size 14 lol never looked back
Andy Vayro
excellent video dude. next challenge can you come to the North East of England and catch a number of double figure fish. By the north East I mean Durham area. Not quite the pits from down South.
Angler Uk
Dunking Scottishness into Irishness! Mark pitchers = legend!
Ashley Memory
At 06:07 that doesn’t sound like you’re talking about fishing lol.
Bac0n 1066
Another Awesome video 👍🏼 \n\nDoes anybody know the song at time - 55:23 minutes please ??
Barry James
Great work again lads
19:22 louis vein sticking out holding that camera eewwwwwwww
Bas Dijkstra
keep your chin up mark you did great catchin a 30, a 20, a double, and a single you should pass the challenge!
Black.Flaps .Dont.Match
Didn't like this one sorry. U seemed like best mates loving it all. Prefer when u get wound up. It seems like your acting a lot more. Still good though
Blankmaster Harmen
Magnificent video guys, beautiful fish caught and the banter is priceless as usual! 😂
Boxing Fisherman
Mark is what Chris tarrant was to who wants to be a millionaire or Noel Edmonds is to deal or no deal, the mans a genius, hilarious so he is!
That fishery in Scotland I fish it all the time cos I basically live up there half the year you know u was fishing the stock pond lol😂
Callum Cast
I mark or Harry could you come to a fishing lake called the Warren in Stanford and do a challenge which you would need to catch a perch roach bream and a 18 pound carp and you Harry you can make other rules if needed
Epic challenge video, as always, and right in time for Christmas. Many thanks you everything you do in putting together such great entertainment for us all. Happy Christmas and hope you have a wonderful New Year ! Tight-Lines.
Great video. Thoroughly enjoyed that. You can't be disappointed with that fail after those results.
Charles Duffy
Great video
Christopher Bingle
Stalked an sight fished 30lber worth two any day the week
Coe Fishing
2:00:26 second to be exact!!
Connor McGarry
Craig Cameron
Awsome vid even my partner watches it she loves it..can't wait for carpiness 2 ..well done mark great effort and a great vid job by Harry again
Dan Meese
Fantastic film boys... love the format of retrospectively discussing the session as it went along! 😊
Daniel O'brien
Definitely worth the wait, great video and brilliant work gone in to this for our viewing pleasure, thanks lads 👍👍
What rod is that? at 1:40:12 ?
Fred J Pearce
Gordon Nicol
Go to somewhere called mansbridge revisior and if you catch great but just to warn you it is very hard on the waters
Gregg Hall
Love it! Merry Christmas guys
Harry Biston
Oh my days guys I live up the road from lamby lake in rumney I’m always on the lake
Harry Rambo
Saying 'bump' every time your lead lands nicely, that's carpy
That 30lb caught the way you did makes it more enjoyable more exiting 🎣🎣
Ian Campbell
Brill well worth the watch. Cheers
Igor Z.
Ist great, incredible! Thank you Guys! Merry Christmas!!!
Jake Boggs
Love watching these challenges hope to make a trip from u.s. to try my luck!
James Alexander
Great video, you can’t be too gutted with the result, plenty of decent fish and all. Please keep making the challenge. I absolutely love it!
James Harris
Got fed up half way through more travelling footage then fishing, sorry not for me guys,
Jez Carp
You guy's certainty cheered me up today, as I've been suffering from a nasty Viral infection the past four days and feeling pretty low, that challenge is definitely one of your best yet, well done Mark & Harry for putting together a cracking film, best of luck on your next challenge Mark, Merry Christmas to you guys and everyone at Fox International.
John Moorfield
Great angling, Mark. You can’t be disappointed with the result.
Jon Kelly
Love the work that goes into making the challenge. Keep it up guys! :) so funny and so unfortunate on not getting the last 30.. I watched earlier as a syndicate member :)
Keaton Ditchfield
Absolutely great video guys. FANTASTIC presenting and angling Mark and AMAZING camera, editing and co-hosting work Harry!\nKept me glued to the screen for 2 hours. \n\nWell done!\n\nNext challenge: come to South Africa.
Kelly Corlett
Merry Xmas you 2,another epic film as always, you defo deserved to pass the challenge with the amount of effort you put in,to the next one,can't wait for it.all the best \nFor the new year.nathan
King K
Harry's actual reaction when he slammed the door 😂
Kyle Hart
I have really enjoyed the episodes so far. This one has been the best one out of them all. Great video.
Lee Waters
Great challenge and great results even if the challenge was not completed, got to be well chuffed with that 33! ;-)
Leon Leonh
Dont like the new film style
Maciej Raczkowski
HI Mark! I don't think its a luck. You just got a puzzle right ;) Great angler!
Mark Storer
Well done Mark.... just goes to show you can't rely on the Welsh for anything... challenge passef in my eyes 👍😁👍😁
Mark Carp
excellent stuff, you can't be gutted with that result👍
Mark Exon
Banging video again great banter 😂awesome results, great dunking to lol\nWhat’s the track at the end if video ? Another of Harry’s awesome choices
Mark Withey
Matthew Wallace
great video mate! what fishery was that in scotland?
Max Darych
Great episode great entertainment as usual but not the great British fish off is the great UK fish off as Northern Ireland is not part of Britain petty comment I know but someone had to say it 🍀😋
Michel Robert
In french please it s so funny \nThanks
1min 58 second dunk. You legend Mark😂
Off the Scale magazine
Awesome as usual! Merry Christmas :)
Paul Holt
Brilliant stuff as always you two 👍🏻👍🏻
Peter Seager
Is harry a carper or fluff chucker???
Peter van der borg
Great episode again !!!!
Phenohunter UK
Lmao 😂 I’m. From Stockton-on-Tees
Philippa Baile
A wonderful film.
Rafał Baran
Merry christmas Mark...
Richard Burke
It's a win in my eyes!!!!!. Great way to spend Boxing Day. Thanks for all the laughs. Best wishes for the new year to both of you.
Ricky G
Another quality video. Well done boys. Thoroughly enjoyed it as always. Cant wait for the next one Cheers
Edge of yer seat stuff!! Great challenge again Mark and Harry I don't usually agree with you 'fiddling' with the challenges but the fly fishing was inspired nice one.
Rob O’Brien
Brilliant work as always 👍🏼👍🏼🦊
Sam Hubbard
Best way to start x-mas day off!!!
Sam Shroom
Only People who have never smoked weed don't get into the dunking capabilities of biscuits before they hit their mid 40's....
Sat Nav Gav
Spot on, very entertaining well done lads 👍
Scott Ronaldson
Awesome video and pretty funny!
Steve Nash
Unlucky, you did very well tho. I have a challenge for you guys but I don’t use Facebook or social media, what is the best fox email for me to email my challenge.
Steven Daniels SD Plastering Services Wrexham
Should have saved ya lucky 🍀 charms for wales boyo 🏴\udb40\udc67\udb40\udc62\udb40\udc77\udb40\udc6c\udb40\udc73\udb40\udc7f
The Dreaded
Sorry Mark but you totally did slam that door, your poor paint 😂😂😂
No doubt, this is one of the best so far! Thank you Mark, Harry and Lummy!
chris gascoigne
Mark Pitchers \
ewan carp fishing
Should have gone to cefn Mably in Wales there's a lake full of 20s there
Hi Mark, been following the challenge from day 1 and have to congratulate you guys in the best on the best one yet. Found it really inspiring and am now looking to get back out after 10 years of not having the time or money to allow me to do so. Been a pretty hard few years with having lost my son to cancer at the age of 7, but you guys have been great at providing a small distraction from that with the vids so again thanks. Q for you: I need to get 2 new reels that are decent enough for margin work on a small water with some pretty angry mirrors, what would you suggest for a budget of about £42 per reel?
Awesome and gutted for you at the same time! Merry Christmas
Great Video as always guys but you broke out the Lucky Charms too early Mark!, It just wasn't a big enough bowl to sustain the luck into Wales. School boy error. Mr Hughes take note 😂
Great video better than the xmas tv.
ingmar hokke
Great movie again 🤙🏻
jason jackson
brilliant video m8    one of the best carp vids ive watched
jeroen waterschoot
Maybe it's time that Mark gets his revenge on Harry
jodie proudlock
Hi harry behind them cam
michael mcquiggan
Any chance of the next challenge been done with subtitles so i can switch the awful background music love the vlogs but hate the music spoils it
olly 1250
I once got a 2 second bite
Excellent vid as always Sparky :-)
ricky harrison
in wales should have gone to the new celtic lakes
rory price
Could watch again seeing as TV is shite. Good work lads
sharna upson
When I’m Scotland and the car door incident, mark should of assaulted the man with the haggis.... would of made great tele....
simon griffiths
Great video guys, so close to the cigar but not to be. Love the humour you bring to these challenges mark keep up the good work. Keep ya lines tight as that looks sooooo carpy
stuart grampa bruce
@markpitchers to go to Lamby (or lammy lol) and catch 4 is a challenge in itself. much easier waters in wales where you could of bagged a 20 but the whole idea of a challenge is just that I guess. great vid both big shout to @harrycharrington as well exceptional editing mate. keep it up and cant wait for the next one.
Brilliant....thank you.....I made it 1min 57sec dunk....is shortbread the most robust biscuit for dunking?
Another great challenge. Well done guys.