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straight out from iphone 4
At 6.26 min the joke withe wooden spoons made my day....awesome....
These are all fake..
I am glad the clown didn't run into me .. I would have pulled my gun and shot!
Alistair Milner
mixing up good and evil as funny, not that funny
Andrew Tongue
I can appreciate the slapstick humour of pies in the face, etc; what I do not find amusing, are those morons who utilise pseudo firearms to enact the murder of another individual - it is those kinds of acts that can encourage real events to be pursued, notwithstanding the potential for Post Traumatic Shock to those witnessing same. It is both irresponsible & reprehensible. Perhaps (they) have not had their fill or actual grievous violence that occurs daily, worldwide. To state that it is offensive, would be an understatement, & idiocy just doesn't cover it.
That first one had me rolling
I get worried when I see these clowns attacking others with an axe for comedy.. because one day.. they'll run into somebody with a gun.. and get filled full of holes.. and it won't be funny anymore.
Apalachee Apachee
Indian guy was fake as hell...try harder
Austin L.
I really enjoy the jokes/pranks but so many videos, including this one, show people getting really hurt. I wish it was a 1 to 10 scale for likes. We could really select more amusing or informative videos.
Bassman Séb
ah ah ah
Bill G
Ha .......ha yawning
Bo Fiddley Diddley InTheMilkyWayTwinStars
a stinken baboon brushing his teeth is not funny bunk video far from funny
Brian Mason
What is cool, is that laughter in ANY language is still laughter.
Busch Wacker
It was damn funny.........
There's nothing funny about the fake shooters at about 3:45.
D Djeek
DK Videos
Dagwood Dogwood
Kid with the fish was the best.
Darren Bee
Half of these are adverts or shows that have been filmed for TV by actors. That isn't something that is \
Dominic Alius
masalah betul org ni.
Dominik Blechschmidt
that's not funny
Duhitsme Rebekah
The second one after he put something The powder thing in his mouth the noise and he made was hilarious 😂
Edwin Gallardo
president very funny there crazy people there \
Funny Life
wow. awesome video. best fail =)). like be friend. support together
Gary Plastek
was still waiting for the funny at 6:06
Hafsa Hussein
1:37 the face the characters in the manga I read make when they're either up to no good or are gossiping about someone in the room with them 😂😂
Heru- deshet
Bunch of old random videos.
Hori Az Maori
half of this shit was fake...the spoon one was acted by actors for a real life ad but
Ivan Boryagin
Jack Yewsang
9:03 did anyone flinch when she through it😂🤣
Jane Ferraz
Very funny. 😂💖if no one gets hurt.
Jason Kotolski
India is lame.
Jay Edwards
Too many fakes.
Jesper Damsgaard
Big digger
Jim McGahhey
this video is so lame
Johanna Kidd
Some was hilarious but some wasnt very funny, depends on your point of veiw
John Norman
That was so funny
John S
Absolute garbage and horrible editing.
What he failed to tell everyone was that days later, the fox was much bigger having put on about 500Kgs in weight and the lions were never seen again.
Kent Donaldson
Vacuum cleaner; very dangerous!!
Kevin Freel
All fake
setups are never FUNNY.......
Lady pilliwick
Most of these aren't funny .... mean is not funny... where I live if you hit someone in the back of the head while their sleeping you can expect the entire class to beat the holy shit out you...... must be a cultural thing
Lance Baker
Mostly simple pranks, not at all interesting. I join the 10,000 others who gave THUMBS DOWN!!!!!
Larkin’s DIYs
InThe third vidI love how theKid sees everyone running so he starts to run lol
Lorenzo Valverde
Some were good some others are fake pre-made, not even funny!
Lorna Murdoch Eaton
pretending to shoot someone isn't funny
Love and Peace
all fake
That last one got me!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Magi C
Best4Fun\nThank you very much for uploading the program\nWhat a funny video\nEspecially the picture with the boys and the fake gun\nIt is funny\nKeep producing more funny programs.\nI liked.
Maro G
just report misleadings content
Mike Baxter
The Indian ones are SOOOOOOOOOO FAAAAAKE !!!!!!! ... not even trying to make it realistic ... down vote!!
Mike Roby
The reaction to that phony 'shooting' is profoundly funny.
Mike Romero
That guys was a super jerk to the girl in the green bikini... poor girl
Mikey Strikey
Not sure if I* am laughin or cryin cause there are tears in my eyes lol. Funniest I seen in a long time. I loved the spoon head hit best, and second was where the guy was hit on the head repeatedly by the guy sitting close to him. Thanks a lot...loved it all.
Miri Hastenichgesehen
The best Part is @ 5:07
N Woolard
Hilarious. Pranks are fun.
Noe Lopez
Politically Incorrect
Glad it was not me the clowns came after. I have my 2nd amendment right on me at all times.
Qosimxon Q
Retro Fit
Very first prank punjabi's pull the best pranks in the world... make it seem so real that you'll doubt yourself.
Rhys Jones
Terrible video
Richard Harris
Sooooo bad !!!!!!!!
6.29 is an advert from New Zealand for an energy drink called Lift Plus.
Roger Houde
Seriously tho I never know that people in third world countries brushed the teeth.
Serchhip Chelsea
2016? Shit video.
Slava Zotov
еккккккуекуееуку свавпкоенпрнгнн
Smartphone Phone
Caught on camera. 70% of videos were staged.
Stefan Reich
Susan Oz
I like the wooden spoon, I will try that , :)))))
So that's how they get big lips?.
9:03 reminds me of HS track ! Guy on our team throwing the discus lost control and threw it into the stands! Luckily no one was hit or injured.
Titi Ionescu
When neomarxists saw these smart people, they are convinced that they are in their right to rule the world.
Tony Wynne
Should rename it \
Trillock 1945
What a pile of un-funny crap. Couldn't watch it.
Viktor C
4.30 щебаль 😂😂😂😂
XplatinumX XgamerX
4:00 was so fake
al videos
0:40 WOW, you are doing getting shot pranks in the middle east? Holy shit kid. If someone did that hear people would be like \
anh diep
Wow, what nasty people!
same old videos, different compilations.
comedy gold
you left every watermark of videos you stole lol at least try
Not a Single laugh....
oh yes and 4:51
ethan dumas
Single experimental record effort chef summer kit criminal.
somewan giff that snöwmän a decent hat ^ ^
nik nik
Спасибо за видеоролик
What's so funny?
rodney jessop
6:28 some moves from Robin of Sherwood....
omg, the wooden spoon prank. I'm dying holding in my laughter while at my desk at work. You guys are killing me. LOL!!!!!
The clown with the axe is a good way to get shot.
thoha thohà
Natural selection...
zhskpop zhskpop
Just bad taste.
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