528 Hz | Known as The Miracle Tone ➤ Love Frequency | Said To Heal DNA | Heart Chakra Activation

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528Hz. Activate, open, balance and heal your heart chakra. This frequency encourages us to restore human consciousness to its full power and potential. 528Hz resonates at the heart of the Sun (recorded by NASA scientists). Sunbeams, the rainbow, flowers, grass and even the buzzing of bees vibrates at 528Hz. Nature in balance vibrates at 528Hz. It is the frequency of life itself. ➤ DOWNLOAD: We are forever grateful to everyone that supports us just by tuning in to our channel, and for all you who buy our meditations, solfeggios and music! You make it POSSIBLE for us to continue our life purpose! From our hearts we Thank You!………………………ZENLIFE RELAX / POWERTHOUGHTS MEDITATION CLUBWe are very proud of our hard work and commitment to create HIGH quality Guided Meditations, Affirmation audios, Hypnosis sessions, Solfeggios and Relaxing Music. We put our Heart and Soul into every video we create with the intention to create something valuable for YOU, so you can walk the path of life feeling much more positive, conscious and empowered. Our a grand mission and lifepurpose to raise the energy vibration of our planet and to make this world a more Loving - Peaceful and Joyful place for ALL life. To help and inspire YOU and the other millions of people listening to our audios to awaken to that awesome POWER we have within us. Prepare to open up the gates and let the pure lifeforce from YOUR HIGHER SELF flow through you NOW. Enjoy your journey.For Your Freedom, Love and Joy,Alexander & Kenneth ………………………

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Alexis Eshem
Oh, this works fast!
Andre Betuel
To Love and be Loved, everything else is just background stuff that is so transient and impermanent.  Compassionate Love is the greatest power on Earth. Thank you for this music. Namaste OM
Andre Piester
My drug!
Angela O.
Positive and beautiful music for meditation...Thank you ZenLifeRelax! From Romania!
April Brandao
Beautiful thank you and Namaste !!! 💝
Arlo Pijancker
love it.
Autumn Rose
Does this really help with healing? I had a lot of pain today, and after listening for a few minutes I feel less pain.
sending love signals 💕💕 never forget how amazing & beautiful we all are. never stop loving one another.
Bat Man
*Its time for a complete change in the way we think, act and live here on earth. More and more people are realising the necessity of spirituality in life and that is good and well, but without understanding the big Picture truth of life it wont make the fundamental and permanent changes that is absolutely crucial at this point. With the big picture truth about life in all aspects, we can and will change the world into a paradise if enough people get involved. Everyone need to be in on this and it needs to happen fast before its too late. Click on the link:  **https://www.facebook.com/thetrut4/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel#**. It leads you to the most important document in human history called \
Bob Marley
Please stop reading all comments and enjoy the sounds
Butter Biscuit
anyone here after smoking weed?
Carol Langley
Why would anyone not like, really! It's beautiful
Carolina Chapman
Projecting love, and seeing the impact that it has on my reality..To provide pure love to those in need is surely my higher calling..❤️
Cody Zuk
that mission statement are the exact same words that gave my life purpose when I was lost. thank you for this music. love can fix everything!!
Creative Vlogs
Love conquers all 💗 this is just beautiful
Danielle Clark
tha song was very relaxing
Darrel Andrew Green
We listen to these nightly, daily, such a wonderful creative way to live and love, music tool. Thank you, I love your bio below the video.
David Cordova
That made the hair stand on my arms and back of my neck all the way up my head I got extreme chills. Was a very pleasant surprise for me.
Drita Marshall
Love Energy !
Elena Shirin
I'm in the hospital room with the love of my life.... hope all goes well between us,... I am hopeful
Eugenia Pwilk
Im not an english speaker but ill try to express the best way possible my gratitude to you people ir person who shared this Words.\nI a mandar theater actress and producer, and after reading this excerpt i cant think of nothing but showing a play to spread the healing message in this words.\nThis is just the therapy that menkind needs to heal the state of pain and suffering that is leading to so much destruction.\nGOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR GIFT!!!
Eva Sanchez
This is so gorgeous, it is making me feel very emotional, full of love, especially for myself, and how beautiful to see that all the comments are very appreciative. I want to feel like this all the time :-)
If all human races could go thru this meditation and make the world a better place. 🙏
Favorite Martian
Totally involved, playing every day, tranquility , Dreaming, Freeing, totally in Harmony . \nLove you all for being on this Planet with me , making my listening and enjoying this possible. Namaste . We are together. Amorah
Eyes open, for a split second you feel nothing except the now. You’re awake and all you know is that it’s a new day with endless possibilities. Such a beautiful morning, the sun shining through the windows like a touch of heaven shows you the depth of All That Is. The split second fades and in an instantaneous flash the sun runs away and you feel sick to your stomach. You’ve remembered the past you are stuck in, the endless thought patterns that have manifested the magnet of fear into a miserable existence. You’ve remembered people who have hurt you that you must get revenge on, you remember mistakes you’ve made that make you a bad person. You’ve remembered all the people who have told you about how much power you don’t have, how intelligent you’re not, and how weak love is. Hope is covered up, faith is lost, what’s the point anyway? \n\nSo what happened? All was well for the split second until you think you remembered who you are. Who is this person you think you are? A created mental projection of a past form that has strung together a programmed mind and a guilty identity not worthy of this life of happiness and love. Your tank is empty and you haven’t even driven anywhere yet! Your unhappy story is more important to you than freedom. What would you have without this story? “Who would I be?\
Grace Amaryzabeth
this makes me feel complete again.
I use this music to heal injured birds. I always find them around our home and this music sure helps!
Illuminated Healing
Beautiful perfection, thank you \u003c3
ItZ Shadow
When I wake up in the middle of the night from a bad dream, I just turn on this music and for the rest of my sleep I have no bad dreams. Thanks to you all love energy people..\n\nEverybody have love in them . All people have a thing that loves and more love.\n\nIf you don't understand what I'm saying then I will tell you all about it. The people that know what I'm talking about is going to like my comment.. P.S. love is a great feeling..
Jade Snood
was unsure about this stuff, but willing to try it out :)\nOne thing that has shocked me is, i been hearing this tone and other like it all my life (not constant,but for 5 to 30 mins, at random times).\nI though it was something wrong with my ears or brain, i guess not...
Jeremiah Bowens
one of my issues I've been facing is being real to myself and the people around me... deep inside I'm a loving, peaceful, caring person but I feel like like the world we live in now makes you put on a mask and fake who we are just to fit in with society and the people around us... well I'm through following and I'm ready to be a leader I truly thank you for this well written beautiful message keep up the love and positivity!
Jessica Loi
i don't trust nasa though.... they are fake
Jonathan Zabel
This is very good. I held my nurturing crystals in my hands while listening, first in tatva mudra and then wisdom mudra . I actually asserted my right to dignity and self worth while I listened. I was also an emotional release, both rage and sorrow. Thank - you.
Kerrin Daniels AC
I use these audio's in the background of all my counselling sessions and playing in the background at home. I find that my whole family benefits! They are truly amazing.
Khalil music
it was cold lonely day, a feel of comfortable cold. as you invited the cold air into your house, the curtains are playing with the wind. You just sit there and watch, perceive this amazing energy, that is passing through you. you close your eyes for a split second and you are afloat. \nyou are the wind, you are the storm, you are the force, the laughter, the joy, the sadness, the anger, the relief and the pain.\nyou feel just like a bird, overwhelmed by the different emotions felt. \nand as you stroll along the beautiful scenery of flowers, you decide that you are human, you take your first step into the world, as a human, naked as you came, allowing the earth to feel the touch of your delicate feet upon her surface, the air to finally play with your hair, the water to finally reach you, the fire within long awaited to show your true beautiful colours.\nyou just run wild, screaming I'm alive with the earth, I'm alive with the wind, I'm alive with the tide, I'm alive with the fire burning beautifully.\nand in one moment it just hits you that.\nyou are the universe saying I have misjudged you, I have mistreated you, I longed for your kindnss but I didn't allow myself to be kind.\nI longed for you peace but I didn't give myself peace.\nI longed for your joy, but I didn't think I deserve it.\nI longed for your sweet infinite abundant love, but I didn't give myself a chance to love myself.\n\nup until now, only now I awaken to my true colours and the world shall praise my journey for it has just begun. \nwith the power of gratitude and love I shall walk on this earth and reach my goals\nwithe the power of love and gratitude I shall make the world a better place.\n\nwith the power of love we all shall create peace on this planet. \n\nYOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE GREAT. YOU ARE LOVE. YOU ARE WORTHY. \n\nTHANK YOU , SENDING LOVE IN EVERY SINGLE WAY POSSIBLE TO EVERY LIVING CREATURE ON THIS EARTH . \n\nPEACE
Kri MD
Immediately I feel such a loving emotional energy and feel the love so passionately that it's hard to convey but I just feel like my needs. My inner most hearts needs are being worked on and nurtured emotionally In a healing way. Like its reaching jnto my heart n showing me the things on my heart needed are going to be fulfilled..
Leslie M. Dowden
Heart Chakra just fine but may liste to this when the right person comes along and no im not listening to it and manifesting at the same time but I wish everyone good luck in here thats opening up your heart ..❤
Leticia Quinonez
We can all heal from all the hatreds out there and all wars too and so much murders as well.
Lisa Murad
How can you use this to heal another person? Can you listen to it while sending over healing energy to them?
Livi B
If you read this, feel hugged ❤️
Lonnie Hudspeth
Thank you so much for your gifts to humanity! We appreciate you!
Louis Ucciferri
Lucila Acendra
I still miss you every day and pray for you every night not a day Goes by that I don't think of you. Praying for hope and healing
I can't thankyou enough I feel the pain but I feel the love.
Maria Chuzhinova
Never stop loving, whatever they tell you. Be the change. Be strong. Don't let the sadness tear you apart. Love yourself love who you are now. Be thankfull of what you have become. You are beautifull and so powerfull. You are loved. You are so loved. You are not alone feel the love...
Marina Colley
these meditations have gradually made my nightmares more bearable. i don't even really have nightmares much anymore
Mark Munroe
Love and light my fellow starseeds. 🙏😊💚
Medication Music
528Hz is the Mi of the solfeggio scale and corresponds to the solar plexus or Manipura chakra.\n The miracle tone, said to repair DNA.\n The essence of the Sun, The father \n Ra\n639hz corresponds to the heart chakra Anahata \nA very soothing piece nonetheless 🙏🕉🌞
Nancy Schremser
Thank you for this music. I became very emotional while listening to it. I could see myself reunited with loved ones who have gone on to be with the Lord and sitting in the most glorious place full of light, like the best spring day you've ever experienced and then some. No more tears, pain or hate. I will listen to this over and over. Blessings to you
Olivia Tatara
blessings to all thanks for the love energy. right back at ya 😇😎
Paola Coledan
Thank you ZenLifeRelax, this piece of music is really transporting and carries my soul to a peaceful place, a place of pure love and bliss ....tears have come and gone, as they tend to do with such music however, whilst listening to this track I don't judge my tears as I realise I require releasing - I am a deeply sensitive person, a HSP ...I have learnt that whilst this make me fragile at times, I now see this as a gift and my purpose...the world needs more compassion, more love, more care, more humility, more concern, more nurturing, more consciousness for peace and harmony to be realised. I thank you for being here and sharing your presence and your beautiful music without any expectation other than to:\
Love & Gratitude
Per Gunnar Vik Mjølhus
But is it miraculous enough to give me a job? LOL!
Peter McCutcheon
This is also just like the whole world coming together and holding hands💫
So does this work better with pure sine waves or with accompaniment/harmonics? The 528hz part of this audio is almost inaudible.
Rick Nois
I was drunk last night and played it all night, I woke up felling bad for the hangover and blamimg the song for thinking about the ex, but hey, after the hangover I was overly happy, really, incredible thing. I'm going for the second time now!
Robert Carson
This one of the best threads I have ever read! Thank you All!!! My Love and best thoughts to everyone and beyond. Each of you have touched me in a very uplifting way.
Ruby Lee
Why I cried everytime I heard it lately
Ruste Damon
if love came from source where did source come from? \nsound itself?\n\nweird stuff like that comes to mind for me when contemplating the infinite. \n\nis it true 528 is the natural vibration of the living universe? \n\nhope you are well.\n\nruste
Ryan Gollihar
All can think ,and wright and say, how much I truly love you and very much more you don't under stand how much you not ready to except don't worry about this ,take pieace in the fact I still cry for you my love goodbye.you gave me strength whan i wanted to give up so much!
Samy Zamora
wow just wow
Shane Moore
My wife left my 3 year's ago it broke my heart. Playing this reminded what it felt like when she loved me. I'm crying because it reminds what feeling I miss so much. It has been difficult for me I battled a dark attachment by myself she couldn't comprehend the reality of spritual and the things that affect your life are not all your thoughts but the universe. It was tough for to understand and she took my son packed up and left. Today I lay here and cry because for some reason the feeling I miss flooded back to all emotions. Reminds of having my little one near me.
Sharon L Message
Seek to understand and not to be understood.
Stark Raven
Looking to heal...core, physical, emotional pain.
I'm not usually clairvoyant but this helped my meditation become quite the visual experience!
Steve Jones
This has to be the best 528 video, really feel it when I'm taking a walk.
Stevie H
I was with my father when he passed away on January 31st .\nthe sensation Im feeling in my soul is our life together ,father and son .\n
Strawberry Blonde
Sit back, smile, and send love because your desire is on its way ✨ light and love
Susan Hill
Gr8ful,\nI love the letter you wrote to us.. I feel it is love letter.. and it brought tears to my eyes... I so often want to be free of\nthe past and the rut I find myself in day after day, relationship after relationship... My words seem so redundant. my\nthoughts are not new and improved.. when great adversity befalls me .. I wallow in self pity and sorrow wanting sympathy\nand attention.. I know how I want to be.. I know who I try to be.. but I just fall so short..Perhaps I am doing better than I think.\nMaybe there is a bright star that shines with me and through me.. and I just dont always perceive it as me.. when it has been all along.\nThank you \nsusan Namaste
Suzana Moreno
So Soothing and peaceful. ..Thanks a lot for all your videos. :) Love peace and light to makind hearts and minds :) I love Love. :) :)
Tex Rex
I disagree with purpose , I believe life is already the miracle simply as it is .
That girl
Best sleep with this woke up after 5 hours and 40 mintunes.
The Monalisa
I have let go of my past and entering a new life of pure love. I found this today and saw it was long enough for my sleep I do believe these work when u want them to. Sending everyone love and positive vibes. U deserve to be happy and I deserve to be happy.
The OG Bum
You are not as a bad of person as you may think you are. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop telling yourself u deserve the worst. Stop diving deeper into your self doubt, stop telling yourself that it's to good to be true when something good happens to you for, stop telling yourself when something goes right that \
This is Tim Hugo
Think I can use this to get my ex back?
U4RIA Frost
LOVE is ALL 💖 ALL is LOVE Standing in GRATITUDE,Standing in LOVE. I Am that I Am
Valerie Cuan
Thank you for your generousity. Its just making me cry because off illness and pain and loss at the moment. But inbetween i can feel tingling and good feelings.
Vegan Vocalist
Sun energy communicates in these tones . enveloping every cell with complete and utter compassion and safety, like being in the loving secure womb of a Woman that carries her child, conceived in-love \u003c3
Virtual Tales
I Love Love.
anarchy 63
could this possibly be usable to stimulate plant growth in some way ?
andrea noviello
thank you it's strong
I love how the titles are becoming honest , keep it up
asal samarrai
Love unconditional love is and has always been the answer since before creation and through the sands of times. An abundance amount t of love to all the beautiful souls that are on here and who come across this outstanding collection. Love 10x fold to you who reads this and yours 💚🌍🌎🌏
I'm crying this is really beautiful!!
emak daxasd
Haven't cried in years thank you so much.
jaia konik
Thank you! Very calming and healing in my heart, solar plexus and sometimes throat chakra. I see how it can help produce a release of emotions and blocks in these areas. Quite beautiful. thank you again.
katherine allouche
A wonderful music that became essential to me. Thank you.
kiki kat
Gr8tfl, hello.thank you so much for your lovely and deeply profound letter. you hit the nail on my head. \ni felt myself changing..felt the load recede. \ni too feel the love in this room .that love makes me feel connected to you all.it gives me hope for us. feels so good\
@Gr8ful I love what you wrote; and it encourages me to finish writing a healing book of poetry and essays. Besides being absolutely beautiful and soul-inspired, Thank you \u003c3
lucky five
It truly does make you feel like you're floating on a happy cloud :D
mary benford
rachpunk 1982
Who is ever reading this know that you are loved and strong! These bad moments are only temporary. I love you and your not alone!!! You will get through this!
rhsnail cp
After playing this while I'm sleeping for about a week, I literally got a girlfriend. For some crazy odd reason, these sounds really work for me!
True story: Clicked on this link and it started playing, immediately got pulled into something for work and it became background music I forget about.... About 10 minutes later I noticed my mind was opening a few heart doors I usually keep sealed shut and I felt positive energy flowing into the dark places.... So I believe this is positive.
shellie petty
this is absolutely amazing. I felt as if I were surrounded by angels. God bless you for your love and care of others. It brought teArs to my eyes
stephanie beauregard
cette musique ma faites pleurer !!! sa ma faite beaucoup de bien etre intérieure\nmerci
steve Macaulay
i love you all, even more to the person who's scrolling thru the comments section.
william Coolidge
does anyone else feel like they need to poop?