Lucas Edwin - Open Your Eyes

I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS FOR MUSIC AND CLIPSthanks to mark for the subsEnjoy and please give your comment!About Lucas trying to convince Edwin he's gay PLEASE open your eyes Edwin

bad bouwhuis edwin gay goede good gtst lucas meerdijk sanders slechte soap tijden times

Fanny Morthomas
I loved how you told their story (their conflicts, their cuteness and their love) with this great song ! :) niiice job!!!\u003c3
Hester Speksnijder
Wat a Fantastic vid!\r\nYou did well! Great Job!\r\n\r\nLudwiin \u003c333 I like them\r\nBut why is Anton such an asshole, trough him they have argue!\r\n:|
Love your video.
Silvia! i love it girl. particularaly as you told a story with the pictures, that song was a good song choice.
I loved this one.
@gtstfreaky de aflevering van 4178 van 12 januari 2011