KDF AWARDS for the Best Recruits in Eldoret PASS OUT PARADE 2018!!!

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KDF AWARDS for the Best Recruits in PASS OUT PARADE 2018, Eldoret.SHARE & SUBSCRIBE

2018 Eldoret KDF Kenya

Congrats for emerging top in the training, use the skills to protect Kenyans.
Markbull Elly jah
That was owesome
Mogun King
The only competent institution in kenya?
Nduto Mulei
I believe the commander of the RTS was Uhuru's aide de camp in his first time
Why are they moving their arms like that?
Newton Munene Kaibiria
God Bless Our Defense forces, God Protect Kenya🙏
Raff Raffie
kikuyu hakosi 😈
Terryl Samuel
Hongera sanh kabro
nathan bosire
President was happy rewarding recruit Chepkwony..Hongera wangwana