528 Hz | Miracle Tone | Repairs DNA | 9 Hours

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528 Hz | Miracle Tone | Repairs DNA | 9 Hours528Hz Solfeggio tone creates music to calm an overactive mind and send us towards connecting with the divine.Subscribe our channel here for Your Daily Meditations : Every Cell in Human body goes through 10,000 DNA damages per day due to oxidation. And these damages are even more when we sleep less, are in stress or do not take care about what we eat. Our body does have innate repair mechanism, but when such DNA damages are too much, these repairs can not catch up and we start feeling various symptoms such as fatigue, pain, muscle aches, digestive problems and more. 528Hz frequency helps to repair these DNA Damages faster. Research has shown that when cells are exposed to 528Hz frequency, the repair mechanism works faster and more efficiently. And most of the repairs in our body happen when we sleep. So we created this track featuring 528hz music, which is 9 Hours long, so as to aid this process of healing.The Love frequency is the “Miracle” note of the original Solfeggio musical scale. Independently confirmed by researchers, these core creative frequencies were used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilizations to manifest miracles and produce blessings.According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth.Vic Showell and John Stuart Reid (a pioneer in acoustic research and cymatic measurements) have proven that 528 is essential to the sacred geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydrosonic restructuring. Thats why 528 Hz is also known as DNA repair frequency.528Hz is the bioenergy of health and longevity. It is the harmonic vibration that lifts your heart and divine voice in harmony with heaven.

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112whynot 64
One of my favorites. Thank you so very much!
I never actually extensively listened to this, pretty much just now learned about 528hz. I just put this on and dozed off thinking about how I was kinda screwed over in class and how I was gonna go about dealing with the problem and noticed that my thoughts on it are actually less aggressive and irritable while I'm listening to it.
Alessandro Maradei
I have a question: the \
Allen Enriquez
Finally a space we’re I can forget all existing things and just be healing.
Alpha Veuliah
Message from a Alien Friend: Greetings good humans. I am from a Planet near Alpha Centauri A&B this channel is well made and the person that created this and other good Youtube channels were secretly instructed by the good Aliens of every kind that are helping the new peaceful revolution on Earth to make null the effects of the minority that had (and some still) \
Alvaro Alvarez Badilla
Hermoso. Gracias. Bendiciones.
Angel Dust
Could this be a good idea for use along with massage and energy work?
Angela Mulligan
Question: is my I phone 8 plus capable of this frequency? Please?
Anik Matern
Love this track so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you...
Ave Guevara
Oh--my new favorite!!! THANK YOU, I love your work and LIVE by it. My standard poodle & I both do. I play these frequencies for her when I leave and it alleviates any anxiety she may have. Your work is BETTER than the silence I already love.
Calamaro 13
Non c’è un cazzo di nienet
Charlie Martin
The Solfeggio scale IS a Rainbow's harmonics. 528 is slightly above the key of C at 523Hz only because Hitler changed it. He knew that 440Hz was very destructive. otherwise the key of true C IS the center of a rainbow, Green 528Hz. So, if you play them all at once on piano it sounds almost like it starts to create more harmonics by blending the other ones or infinite tone, GOD. 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852, 963. Notice there are NINE frequencies or 3 3 3 which is The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit the sign of the cross OR 3\nIf you ever noticed that MOST songs that are hits are in the key of C. The ENTIRE 5150 Van Halen ALBUM is in the Key of C. Why can't this be LOVE, LOVE walks in and DREAMS ALL went to number one with a bullet. lyrics and the key of C made that happen.
Chillin Reptilian
Oh and it also helped me getting a message through a dream showing me what to do to heal my soul! Looks like I have destructive ambitions and toxic relationships to get rid of lol
Clare Kuehn
Wow. I was the 6000th person to press \
if it was only this easy.
Diana Fernandez de Cordova Carvajal
thank you. When I started listening immediately I felt very relax and sleepy.
Ed Shane
If I listen to this too often, how far will my DNA be repaired?I Will I even exist in my present form?
OMG fell asleep to this and had the creepiest dream and woke up to my heart beating so hard and so fast I thought it was going to burst!!!!???? WTF is going on!!??
Edward An Indigo
I don't know about this. But 432 herts works best for me.
Elisabeth Ann Wexler
This is an incredible healing gift. Much gratitude to those who have created and shared this with us.
Eri Layco
Thanks so much for this. Seriously its helping me a lot
Flavio Peron
10.000 grazie per l'aiuto
Ganja Riser
these frequencies works better if you turn off all elektronics,wifi and phone aswell ! these vibrations are all in the ether within you forever. sweet dreams :)
Gingkos Affirmations
Oh my! I was meditating in the shower then the knowledge just hit me like a sack of bricks! Thanks.
Good Karma
Thankh you for the video. For those who want to know about the scientific research, google it. Be thankful someone cared enough to share a healing frequency with us.
Harry Shin
i wish my vaccuum cleaner would make this sound while i vaccuum
Heki Kahni
I wonder if there is something for the neck pain I have been having the last month.
HigherSelf Prophecy
This definitely helped me today; I have an empath girlfriend that told me I was radiating a very intense dark energy, I meditated to this to relieve all the negative tension. Definitely added this to favorites :)
How mathematicians create maths
I know you guys might find this statement a bit strange but it's true: I feel like staying young with it. My cells love it so much, they get lots of help regenerating themselves from aging. So, thanks you lots, Mr. Meditative Mind! :-]
Hulkman 1988
This really helps me
Does it really work or is it the placebo effect, where your brain thinks it will work so much that it does it on it's own? just asking.
Repairs DNA in 9 Hours?? Wow!
Jack Mouat
when you've got your mind and ears tuned ready for some healing tones and then some brash, loud annoying advert with chirpy ukulele or frikken Dubstep or something blasts in your ears
Jim Paar
Stop scrolling, No one should be working a 9 to 5 job unless they want to. Take control of your mind is the #1 step to mastering your talents. I honestly believe college is a scam and a waste of energy because they will never teach you how to use your God given talents. They teach you to earn $50k or even $100k a year after 4 to 6 years of schooling, not how to have freedom and earn $100k a month. You are talented and gifted, let me give you some tips
John Wright
Be at peace. & know that you are LOVED!!!
Jon E
I listened to 528 on 4/20 and it really cured my anxiety attack.
I am eating chicken nuggets
Josh Ikin
this is beautiful
This is now my nightly meditation music I fall asleep to, it is amazing. I recently went through a troubling time, unusual for me and this made me better. I wake up feeling better and in a completely different mid frame, feeling back to myself. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 10/10
conscious kings presented by F. @facebook approves of this great contribution of 528hz
Keef Riftaird
Does this work when played through my android phone?
perfect with a nice fat bowl
Louis Jagoe
I found the book 528 hz by Dr. Leonard Horowitz most interesting.... I think there is real science behind the benefits of 528 and other frequencies..... check out the Solfeggio Six Tone Musical scale (includes 528hz) for some interesting history and positive reinforcement....
Meditative Mind
Every Cell in Human body goes through 10,000 DNA damages per day due to oxidation. And these damages are even more when we sleep less, are in stress or do not take care about what we eat. Our body does have innate repair mechanism, but when such DNA damages are too much, these repairs can not catch up and we start feeling various symptoms such as fatigue, pain, muscle aches, digestive problems and more. \n528Hz frequency helps to repair these DNA Damages faster. Research has shown that when cells are exposed to 528Hz frequency, the repair mechanism works faster and more efficiently. And most of the repairs in our body happen when we sleep. So we created this track featuring 528hz music, which is 9 Hours long, so as to aid this process of healing.\nHope this will help!!
Melanie Coleman
Well so far this one works the best for me!! 🤗
Michael Shotliff
Good Night from Minnesota...
Mind/ Body Sounds
I listened to this the last 2 nights sleeping. I liked how it sounded and figured it was worth a try. I have extreme sleep apnea and use a Bipap at night. My first night I reached a .1 per hour apnea events. Last night it reached 0!! In the 11 months I have used my machine, I reached 0 once once. Usually my number is .9 or so. I slept better, feel more rested and have more energy. I've had bad arm pain for several months and even that has decreased. I expected to feel more relaxed. I did not expect the other benefits!
I was instantly drawn to the thumbnail, when I read that it was for an overactive mind I realised my intuition is very accurate.
My Life
I'm happy like I literally am transforming to my parents I wanted to know but unfortunately they have passed. 😏😄
Nyan Theory
jack septiceye is the cover. anyone see that?
This is what \
Olga Limkin
Thank you so much. This is a lifesaver. God bless you! ❤️
Ozler Gurpinar
My soul celebrates: Results: calmness, peace of mind which is priceless. I am very grateful I have access to Utube
Paul Wightman
sounds and feels verrrry callllming...
this is so beautiful, I felt so wonderful, I love it! thank you so much:)
Rain Woman
Wow! I'm hooked on HZ!
Reflect Worship
We recorded our last album, Reflect Love in this tone of 528 Hz. \
Reginald Andrews
Makes me feel like I'm slowly walking through heaven! So serene!😌
Rich O Shea
we need this to be played in elevators.
Russell Gibbs Jr
Think about having Crystal's around amplifying these energies through your body
Saad Qureshi
I fell asleep while listening to this. And had such an amazing lucid dream! I was on a different planet which was a desert planet kind of like Mars. After I figured out I was dreaming I wanted to fly so I put my arms towards the sky. (I've flown before in my dreams) at first it was hard but then I finally lifted off the ground and actually left the atmosphere. It was so amazing! The feeling was weird because I could feel the vibrations in my body and since all I could see were stars. When I looked towards my left the stars had a streak of light that followed them. If I looked to the right the streak also followed. I got kind of scared because it was pitch black and nothing was beneath me which was when I woke up. I think I might have had an astral projection experience. Ive had an OBE before in 2012.
Sahara Diana Quinn
Woah...some real negativity in the comments. Didn’t y’all come here to find some peace and restoration. I did. Namaste. (Namas-cray: the crazy in me acknowledges and respects the crazy in you.). ;)
Sam Shepard
it's 3am. can't sleep. the world is a hellhole. baby crying. can this music keep me from going insane?
Samantha Paterson
My skin is vibrating
Scarlet Sobranie
I wish THIS was the sound of the millions of \
does the effects happen depending on what type on headphones you use because each headphones have different sounds and frequencies
Sergio Santana
I will put this on loud speakers while having sex so I can last longer.
Sha Tribe
I play this for myself and my 10 week old baby boy. Along with Alan Watts. During my pregnancy as well. A side note... I played my singing bowl for him while pregnant and now when he is upset or troubled while falling asleep it works amazingly. He is instantly removed from any suffering, almost trance like while breastfeeding. ¤Ωθ ×) \nIn short...thank you we love it.
OMG. I got such intense visions from this one… full colour 3-d third eye way opened visions… Does anyone else ever experience intense visuals from these?
Silver Surfer
Very nice and relaxing, calming. I was immediately drawn to your thumbnail colors.
Put this on whilst having a headache - 4 minutes into the track and I forgot I even had one. Frequencies ftw! d(^_^)b
Perfect sounds.\nNovember 11th, for 11/11 there's a global meditation to help raise the earths frequency. Used this and it was one of my most profound meditations.
Steve Sullivan
It makes my computer faster,and me more witty
This cured my cancer.
Tamara Millar
when I put this on to go to sleep I felt a surge of vibration or a wired feeling.. this was a all over body sensation... I loved it
The Dad
thank you ,, I really need it..!!!
Is there actual scientific evidence to back this up?
Tilen Tomažič
My head started turning and neck started twisting by itself, crazy expetience.
Trump 2020
Been listening to this video during sleep for the last (5 months edited)There is something about this particular one that actually works. Not to mention very lucid dreams and memory recall, including repressed memories. Repressed memories is where my pain is. I can attest that this video is working for me. Thank you for creating this!
Tyler Fithian
Make sure you Adjust the Youtube volume LOW then use your speaker volume much higher for more clarity
Violets Andpeonies
This comment I am leaving is for anyone out there looking for answers. I started to have ptsd flashbacks and terrible anxiety. It was so bad I went through dozens of different medications my doctors gave me to try and help me relax. Lots of talk therapy. So many days of restless night anxiety. I would wake up so tired and drained. It made me very antisocial and agoraphobic. I started to be anxious about everything. I became very paranoid and my anxiety projected into OCD type behaviors. I became afraid of things that couldn’t hurt me. I would avoid certain colors, eating certain foods. It was terrible. There was a point in time that was so severe I was taking around 8 different medications at once to get and get some sleep and just stay alive through my depression and anxiety. I can remember my absolute breaking point was when I didn’t sleep for 3 weeks straight. Not even for 5 minutes. I felt like I was literally dying. Even breathing was exhausting. It was too much. I had researched so many things and tried everything with little no relief. I then tried healing music such as this. It changed my life forever. I am still taking medications but I take doses that are so low they are recommended for children. I feel so much better now. I just want to tell anyone out there wondering if it is going to get better that it does. Emotions are so fluid. The road is not straight and narrow. You are going to fall, leap forward, take steps back, go in circles but never ever stop fighting for your life and well being. You are worth all of it. If anyone out there wants to give up, don’t. You are precious and even though you might not feel it at this very moment, it will come. So I just want to say...thank you for taking the time to read this. I love you and please keep listening to the healing binaural beats and frequencies. They just might save your life and change things for you and your family. They could stop you from making a mistake and causing pain for your loved ones and future. Peace be with you sweet dears.
This is working for me.  Thank you sooooo much!
Fantastic. The strong feels of love I get from this is overwhelming!
The universe is talking to me.
ilumiinati 6885
itgets better
Will this help with head aches
james cox
thanks for fixin my junky old DNA
jeff dunn
Aaaa relaxing.😏😏😏😏
I was blind, now i can see because this video! 😎😳
nathan bellamy
This channels is probably the most authentic of these types of channels. You can tell by the comments, no corny piss taking here! Just genuine praise. I have been listening to electronic meditation music for over twenty years. This is some of the best stuff I have ever heard. Takes me back to mixmaster Morris from 95. Really beautiful music with love very much at the forefront. Thank you.
samuel cargin
I have been having osteo knee pain. This knocked me out for 8 hours and my 3 dogs as well. Thank you for your kindness in sharing it.
Thank you! 💓💓😇😇
Jesus Christ is the truth, life and way...trust in Him, meditate on His Word day and night.
Έλλη Καπ
hey guys! are you making these? and if so how do you know the right frequency is being produced? thanks in advance