Teff Porridge Dr.Sebi Alkaline Electric Recipe

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PLEASE READ DESCRIPTIONTy's Conscious Kitchen For today's recipe my 2 daughters are going to show how to make Alkaline Teff Porridge. We did this video to show even the little ones can help with alkaline cooking!Full recipe is on our website at:FTC Disclaimer: Clicking on the product links above may result in a small commission to me. This helps to offset the cost of providing this free content to everyone. Thanks for your support!

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This looks delicious! I must try this with my daughter! Thank you for the recipe!
Alexia Cruz
Can you do an amaranth video, I know the grains are very similar but I still want to see you make it
Alexis Wilson
I think I have teff flour..... that's different than the grain right? I'll look and see if you have any recipes that use the flour. thanks for sharing!
Alistair Butcher
Atum Re
is there a way to turn the teff grain into injera? what eles can be done with teff gran?
BillyRain B
Love It ! Thanks. Will try some this weekend.
What hater would dislike a father teaching his children to eat healthy and to respect their bodies🤔. Great video!
C. Perez-El
Excellent way to teach the children
Cedric J
+Ty's Conscious Kitchen Thanks brother for your videos! I just bought some Teff and can't wait to try this porridge out after a nice jog. I've been on the Akaline Diet and it's amazing how good the body can feel when you give it the right foods. You have a beautiful family, that's great having them involved in promoting a healthy eating lifestyle. Keep up the good work!!!
Chioma Velma Anelo
So cute!
Conscious Vegan
teach the youth the truth and they will never depart !!!\n\nAwesome job Family.\n💖💖Eat like an African 💗💗💗
The teff porridge was really good. I can't wait to try your other recipes on your channel. They look all good! Looking forward to seeing more food videos from you.
Donna Johnson
what I want to know is this OK for diabetics to eat I know that a guy that is pretty sweet I can go without that just maybe a little fruit I hope you answer my question thank you love you cooking
Duke Nuke Em
EvilGattz _
Can this be made not sweet, like you did on the Kamut cereal video?\nAlso, reheating leftovers is something I think you should cover. Thanks for the vids!!!
Geoffrey okamoto
Just came across your page and truly appreciate the knowledge. Planning to tackle all your videos and expert tutelage. Really appreciate the 5 min video shorts which allow for much quicker instruction review, great strategy to help the user.
can I use honey instead of agave?
did you toast that TEF first until it pops or is that not nessesary
That looks like chocolate... (Hmmm chocolate) ... can't wait to try this.. Nice 1 bro👌
Just tried this out without agave and mashed up the blueberries and it's really good.\n\nI am wondering if you take Dr Sebi's products and if so what kind of benefit you feel from them, I have recently been looking into it and a second opinion is hard to find. Thanks :)
Jimmie Scyffore Jr
Is there a particular agave because I hear that it is worse than table sugar because of the high fructose?
Kellina Stunner
So adorable, omg.
Lee Victoire
Making this right now for my kids breakfast. And mine too. Thanks for the recipe guys!
Marta Alvarez
Great video. Thank you!!!! What's the bran of teff you use?
Meraki Studios
Thank you so much for sharing this with us who want to start eating alkaline. It's so wonderful that you let your children help you make the video; I can tell you and your family are very humble, and that makes it even more pleasing to watch these videos and to support you and your lovely family. Thank you Ty! Much Love and Light to you❤️
Money Strategist For Common People
When I see the BABIES DO IT!!! Ohhhh....no excuse that I can't do it! Them so kyuuute.
Murtie2017champ Heavywieght Edition
I was wondering . Dr Sebi never mentioned anything about Chia seeds, are they a hybrid? are they electric? are they safe to eat. I love eating them and I want to see if I can try them in this porridge. I have brought the Agave and I can't wait to try it
Nick C
Does it matter if teff is organic?
Novel T
Great videos, keep up the great work. This is really helping me abide by Dr. Sebi's food list. Do you have any video with amaranth? Thanks!
Orlando Piphus
Wow, I still can't believe your generous work. THANK YOU.
Patricia Adu
Adding teff to my breakfast menu. I can't wait to try
Wow... Who's the dumbasses that disliked this video?
I tried this recipe with strawberries. It was delicious! Thanks Mr. Ty!
Shalonda Coleman
great job young ladies! Ty how does it taste? Is there another hot breakfast cereal?
Sharon N
Where did you find Teff? Thanks
Shelita Williams
awesome love to see the children in the kitchen cooking healthy meals!!! I can't wait to try this, I've tried the Kamut twice and super love it! thanks so much! oh and the pancakes were amazing tooo!!! love your cook books!
Sky's the Limit! Forever Young
Sonia Keels
the girls did a good job gonna have to make this for my grandsons
Soulto Fashion
Just found your channel! I pray that you continue to do these videos as I am all in! :)\n\nKeep up the good work! \n\n-Ana
Starr Mitchell
Can I use the Teff flour for this?
Sugar Lips
Greetings Ty - thanks for sharing love your videos.\ncan I ask did you use teff grain or teff flour?\n\nI just used the grain and it takes near an hour to soften, not sure how it's supposed to taste and look.
Tenacity Shop.com
I will be trying soon
is this a teff powder? or its just as it is the grain?
Tj Lee
I just bought teff yesterday and am trying it for the first time. I followed the porridge recipe on the package; it calls for butter and yogurt, but I incorporated alkaline ingredients substituting coconut oil for butter, and I blended walnuts and berries in hemp milk to replace the yogurt. This came out great! I needed something to replace oatmeal and I think I found it.
Vincent Nguyen
Going to try this soon thanks!
Yimenu Getnet
Nice teamwork! where do you buy food for your use from?
Yvonne Hunter
i hear ya angie lol so cute
Zanas N 94
Thanks guys, awesome!!! ;)))
looks great girls ☺
katrina wilson
I just made some today is delicious 😍😊
Hey Ty. Is Teff safe to refrigerate for a few days after cooking
mary Romero
Your daughters are so cute!They love to help daddy :-)
vee gomi
where do you guys get spring water from? btw so is Oatmeal not healthy and allowed? :/ i live off oats lok
yvette Glory66
Had some this morning. with a dash of powdered cloves, burro banana, walnuts and a drizzle of blue agave.YUMM!!!!