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TODAY! We are reacting to FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 31.... SUBSCRIBE AND ENJOY!EPISODE 31 REACTION UNCUT:

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Sucks that they cut out most of Noxs backstory. He attacked his wife once because of a nightmare and his PTSD he thought his wife was an enemy and thats why she left eith their son. \n\nThe experiments he did on the living and the dead on Ishval. Still glad they add that little scene even side characters in this show feel very human.
Andy S
OVA stands for Original Video Animation and I believe you just pronounce it O.V.A. At this point you can probably watch them without many spoilers. But maybe wait till after episode 45.
The O.V.A.s are short videos that add some backstory to the characters and some extra info, and they're pretty good. By this point I'd say you're good to watch them but maybe you'd want to wait a little more, say after episode 45 with the end of an arc.
Kimblee is an absolute savage ;D He's a total sociopath. But he does have an honor code of sorts. He \
Daniel Subelka
The only difference in the philosopher's stones is their form. The different shapes or states of philosopher's stones don't provide any extra abilities.
Denton Rawlins
OVA #4 would be good to squeeze in soon. It's called 'Yet Another Man's Battlefield' and involves a lot of our favorite military officers early in their service and more information about their experiences in Ishval.\nOVA #3 can wait until you get close to episode 40, which is the next major all backstory episode. Or at least until Ed and Al are established in their new setting because it will make sense because of where they will be. The first OVA isn't as tied in with the storyline. The second OVA has backstory that dates back to Ed and Al's early days.
Jordan Pearson-Ward
Love this reaction series
I pronounce it like oh-vee-ace......
Marty of Carim
Envy x Kimblee
Matthew P.
The difference between the solid or crystal stone and the liquid stone is unclear. They appear to be the same in every way except that the liquid can enter the bloodstream. As for the OVAs, I say wait until the very end. The series is paced so perfectly that the OVAs are not only unnecessary, but they can disrupt the pacing of the show overall.
i love the pimp...detective kimblee \u003c3 YAAASSSS
Newborn Legacy
Cool fact: The 2 symbols at the center of each the transmutation circles on Kimblee's hands are Alchemic Symbols that are the equilevent of Ying & Yang and when he claps them together (funnily enough just like Ed, Al and Izumi does, Even though its not the same thing it just looks like it), it creates some kind of alchemic combustion causing the explosions that he loves so much that he LUSTS over the sounds. Side note: I think he loves Philosopher's Stones due the fact he says in the flashback in the episode and I quote \
Shame that you cut out the part where Fuu reacts to Lan Fan's missing arm. It's one of my favourite scenes regarding him, but I'm glad you kept Knox's scene. Brings me to tears every time.
OVAs are cool but there’s a reason they weren’t deemed necessary to cram into the actual story. They can be watched after and won’t really make or break your experience of the main show.
Damn kimlee out its a rap
RoneilA _
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...I've got Nothing to say, it was perfect!! Also, I know everyone already asked you, but you should check out the OVAs!:)
The Brennan
I was gone for a bit and then fucking vid.me died.\n\nI was so fucked up I couldn't see his full reactions, but then I saw that by episode 38 it was on drive.\n\nThank God.
hey guy greetings from france , \n\nBTW don't forget to watch OAV's after all this it's awesome
dragon force
really kimbly for president u will see
Swallowing doesn't effect the stone no matter what kind it is. It just has to be injected directly into the bloodstream. I think the ones father makes are special in that they make you into one of the seven deadly sins
rabban harkonnen
OVAs could be watch after relevant episodes (kinda) and we passed some of those episodes already so my suggestion is watch them after episode 45. cant tell why but its appropriate time i think.