Scream 2 clip (1997)

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Courteney Cox gives the best scream of the decade as she discovers film nerd Randy stabbed to death.

Amanda Eklund
I don't like Gale, she's the most annoying person ever:-(
Andrew Pope
4:01 scared jump by Dewey. Lol and knew he messed up just look at his face David trying not to laugh.
Corey Duncan
They killed Randy too early. He should’ve stayed until Scream 3.
I loved your description! This scene allowed Courtney to give the best Scream of the series... as you described
Dane Youssef
I thought this was done better in the screenplay.
Gotham Banshee
Poor Randy 💔😭😭
Manny Fresh
Looking for few people that were using cell phones. Lol yea thatll work good today
Mr. Wumbo
How is his mask there if he ran off with it on
This would’ve pointed to the camera man as the killer in my opinion bc he’s like “who broke my window” and I think he was the only one who had access to the car. The camera man was a smart black dude and dipped tf out from hanging around Gale and crew before he was chopped tf up the next.