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Scream movies have never been scary to me. I mean, you have stalkers like Michael Myers who will just be a shadowy figure at the end of the street. You get Freddy the dream killer. And the regenerating Jason Voorhees who's like 7 feet tall. Ghost face is a punk with a little knife. Michael Myers is a demon possessed lunatic, Freddy is an undead creeper, and Jason is the vengeful spirit of a young boy who drowned at summer camp.
Is this movie good?
Ali 1798
Hey, how you doin 😁
Altair Auditore
This could have been a great death scene. Am I the only one who thinks that Dewey should have been killed instead of Randy? I mean Randy's the Han Solo of the series and he should have won Sidney's love in Scream 2.
Andrew Flood
Avery Mallicoat
Omg who has a crush on Billy loomis
Here's my opinion on the killing spree in this film:Phil & Maureen: Mickey in both cases. Cici: Mrs. Loomis called her. Mickey killed her. Sidney's house attack: Mrs. Loomis. Randy: Mrs. Loomis.Library scare: Mickey.Gale and Dewey's chase scene: Mickey.Two cops and Hailie: Mickey. Derek: Mickey obviously.
Ayen Fredéric
RIP the master Craven
Benito Torrez
if you look closly at the glass at 1:53-1:56 ghostfaces face is not moving
Blake John
I dont normally say this about courteney cox but damn is she hot here!
Blu Scout
BACK STABBED *funny music plays*
Chatiz Julian
Gale was very good at hidiing from ghostface eithout him seeing her where she is going.But he did see Dewey before getting stabbed in the back.
Chrissy Luginbill
Dewey survives being stabbed twice
Dewey was suppose to die in this movie, but Craven didn't want to off Randy and Dewey, lol.  Scream 2 would have been better if Dewey died also. It shows no one was safe.
Dany Galundo
I heard that In Scream 1 Dewey was SO obbesed with Sid that he joined Stu and Billy to attack Sid
Derek Knowles
Gale was really attractive in this movie
Dilyana Veselinova
Dylan piol
Le suspense
And lol at some people dying from being stabbed once and dewy getting battered and stabbed multiple times
Lol what a fail at 1:43 Dewey gets stabbed but the knive is in the other hand.\nAt 1:51 you can see the reflection of the mask just standing there.
Enzo Saladino
che schifo che impressione. vvvvvvvvvvlllllll\nleeeeeee mi sto vomitando
FM Balkan
0:17 you can see Mickey right eye,anyone agree with me?
Gamer Game
Lan çıglık reyiz sen katil degil liseli komedyen yutup sahibi bir gençtin amq noldu hatta enes batur izledi seni
Here's D'angelo
This is the music from one of the Halloween (micheal myers) movies.
Hristo Qsharov
Skerimuvi is 😎😎😎
Huseyin adamsin
Why did he have to die!?
J. Scadoots
Dewey is one tough bastard.
Jack Taylor
+Broderick Forehand, Dewey was spitting blood because when you get stabbed in the back, sometimes your lungs get stabbed so when you breath out, your gonna spit blood
Jacob Sanchez
Why does dewey always have his right hand in the same position the entire movie?
Jarno Datema
1:53-2:07 when i drop the toy in the claw machine
Jason Red Hood Todd
that is so weird : but why is he not moving :looks like we will never know
Jeremiah Williams
than he dent even turn around dump as 😒
Joel Underwood
Sidney is the true immortal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Josiah Plummer
Later in the film, Gale bumps into Cotton Weary and becomes suspicious because his hands are covered in blood. Cotton tells her: \
Julio Vasquez
At first, I was going to ask why Dewey didn't have a gun if he's a deputy but he was already retired.
KurtlarVadisi Sevdalilar
Türk ler neredesiniz yorum yapın altına :)
Kyle Walter
haha cowboy tune when dewey the sheriff walks in
Jeez, Dewey's the true immortal of this series.
Lana Smolčić
0:09 she is smiling
Lera Romashova
Господи как страшно
Lisa Styles
I thought for sure he would die but I guess he's immortal
Maria Arellanes
Mark Lynn
No worries for Gale if Dewey ends up dead: there's plenty of other single fellas out there!
Melek Samedova
Türkler buradamı ..+1
Mr Brunswic
2:00 Gale: Dewey no....\n Dewey: Its Dwight....
Mr. SEBAca
It's very coool 👍
Nathali Rebolledo
Lmao child hood memories 😂. i used to watch the scream movies with my brothers
Nazan Leleyeva
Biz bu kinoya ne vaxt baxacagiq tam versiyasina
who else LOVES Dewey?\n🙋🏽
Panth Vaghani
i would have died
Paul Smith
The music choices on this film could have been more picky.
Princess Leia Organa
I love you Ghostface
Rocko Viper
is that Mickey or debbie Salt?
Scott William
Wrongful death scene
SeMa karakus
I love how they have Monica, off of friends, playing in this. Speaking of Friends, I love that show. \u003c3
Speedruns for charity USA
RIP scream, MTV is just defiling your corpse
Sydney STEwart
Excuse me?
Tajah milton🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀
That's my favorite character
The Joker
Rest in Peace Wes Craven, Master of Horror :(
Best Horror Movie Of The 1997
ToprakGaming TR
😱\n👕 🔪\n👖
Venice Cruz
Nice vide???????
Zanobia Ahmed
I don't even know why I am watching this at night. ;~;
almighty saww
Y he Neva had a gun in this one he was already lookin cripple
clappv b
i can't take this movie serious after watching scary movie 1 xDDD
clistia rushing
I do not understand how Dewey does not die in the first scream
daniele guidotti
woooooow che ansia dietro quei muri dove c'e geil
This is Mickey. If you remember at the ending, Mickey says that he was on his own all night.
goku man 262
mi love is ghostface
hanat neero
Türkiye \nVarmi
Hahahahhahhahahahahhahahhahhahhahha quando la ammazzato\n
jesus of hilltop
made me gag o.o
Poor Dewey can never catch a break.
lidiane alves santana
maysa el Haloui
Ik had5tusi
OJ would have done a better job!
rowdyruff boys
This was a great \
sylvia barajas
Lo de \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n......?Mmmmmmmmmml
loool ultra dramatic music daaaddaaaaddaaa
vicky lewis
I feel really Bad for Dewey because he was nice and sweet to ppl and every time when he get stab he never dies just like Sidney like Dewey and sidney are nice and sweet but I really feel really Bad for Dewey
çam Ağacı
Kadın ses kasıyo aq
Богдан Олийнык
Семён Шкуратов
Американская параша
maybe Wes Craven's his father?)
أبو علي الخزعلي
مرررر عب جداً