Miller Time: Trump protesters

Political fallout from the presidential election; Dennis Miller sounds off on 'The O'Reilly Factor'

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Ha ha.
907 globetrotter
Dennis Miller for prez 2020!
Bibi Netanyahu now has a good friend in Trump. We begin bombing in five minutes.
I love this gentleman.
Afghan Overdrive
It is like winning the lottery of liberal tears and whines....
Will the Democratic party wake up and actually say this needs to stop or will they keep having theor propaganda machine CNN and friends push this rioting?????\nI think they have went so far left that there isnt a Democratic party anymore, this is why there is so much stabbing in the back going on. Bernie Sanders got the shaft, yet every ones of these morons in the streets rather be upset about HitManHillary losing an election that 70% of them didnt even vote in. \nOver 3 million illegals voted...I'm guessing they were all Democratic votes, also over 2 million dead people voted and registered in multiple states!!!! I'm guessing they were all Democratic zombies. The system is rigged BUT this shows just exactly how big of a turn out that Trump got, the powers that be know this and they are playing with fire. The American voter spoke and decided who they wanted as president,if they dont except the process and our decision they better LOOK OUT, cause these crooks will never get the White House back.\nMiller is right , KEEP IT UP YOU MORONS CAUSE THIS IS SHOWIMG JUST HOW PATHETIC THINGS HAVE BECOME. I was actually hating these riots and still do but man he really makes sense Tom Cruise screaming \
Al Robins
AWESOME! I had a good and needed laugh! Well done! #Blacks4Trump
Anti Deep State
The kids just want a reason to get out of class
Anun Kash
I hope obama dissapears and is never heard of again after this election.\ndon't mistake me as one of you though. I personally love the guy (i know i'm an idiot) \nBut i can he wants to retreat to a normal life. and i respect that. and i pray he will be able to accomplish that, for his wife and for his children.
Asher Kosmos
The mainstream media has become the maimed stream media thanks to Donald Trump and alt media. Job well done
Astrid Mourning
A Congressional investigation is needed to review President-elect Donald\n Trump's connections with the Russians. National intelligence agencies \nand the FBI must examine this relationship that potentially threatens \nour national security. Trump himself must reveal all financial \ndocumentation about business arrangements which could lead to, or be \nperceived as a conflict of interest.
This little battler is over with the Trump win but the war still rages. The huge well funded organizations that owns and runs all the major media propaganda mills are all going to be waiting for us every day of the Trump presidency all the way through the next election and beyond.\nTrump needs to deny press credentials to CNN and other Hillary news outlets.. What are they gonna do if he shuns them?--- Run negative Trump stories 24/7? They are already doing that.
Big Papi
Millers brain cells are firing like an Uzi. I can't keep up.
Bindy Hurd
I heard they were going to bring Illegals to College Campus s for protecting them , I'm for it , and The New York Mayor he wants to open his house , with his gracious wife , it's , right on ! Mayor , your a good man , thank you , good man .
Bob Sullivan
I have never understood just how it came to pass that students could presume to educate the public.\nThere is a reason why teachers are teachers and students are students.
Bold Bandit
Only person that can O'reilly, Billy. They always crack me up.
Brenda Gale
Dennis..Sooo fkn SHARP..slicin' through that Leftist muck like a hot blade to butter.
Brett Baratheon
You don't really get any better than Dennis Miller and Bill O'Reilly at the same time! Good Lord, do I love Dennis Miller!!!!!
Carol Johns
LMAO. Yep. Miller, you are right -- I think the Left has discovered the KEY to persuasion!!!
Catherine McCandless
Shame on all you snakes in main stream media, you lie and lie and lie, you all have blood on your hands.
Cheri Monroe
Lisa ...illegal to vote unless you are a citizen so I guess Trump won the popular vote also
Chris Buonamici
All these protests are the result of what happens when you don't slap the s#$t out of your kids when they act up. the keep saying \
Christian Gentry
Dennis Miller is a comic genius.
Corey M
I've been so freaked out by all the people who don't understand who Hillary really is and the rioting in the streets (they should be having parades and singing. .Ding dong the witch is dead) I've been so wound up I just haven't thought to laugh. ..until now....thanks Dennis...good belly laugh and prolonged grins of happiness. ...wheeew
Countess Lillith
I love o'rielly and miller!! I think these rioters are nothing but uneducated morons. give Trump a chance, im SURE he will be better than the dead beat Obama was for 8 years
Curvature Nonsense
Good stuff Dennis Miller.
DJ Line
And these are the democrats\nWhat A shame \nfor The USA.\n President trump respect from Amsterdam/Rotterdam.
Darryl Jones
Denis... I love ya!
Dave B
Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Give 'em Hell Dennis!
David Leija
These are the kids of the future so go ahead and laugh. Some will be running for political offices. Go protesters.
Donna Fite
CNN got so po..!! these protesters I think they were paid to do this...and prompted by some dim governs ...Sore Losers...Obama almost destroyed America.. And it people..
Donna Guziak
Not ashamed to admit that I am doing more than my fair share of gloating . . .
these protesters are truly misinformed zombies that only protest due to lies spittin from the media and social peers. These idiots need to wake up!
Exit Humanity
I bet this is a huge hit to celebrity's fragile, sheltered egos. They thought they were the rulers of the world, but now they see that we just want them to preform for our amusement. We lavish our favorite monkeys with a lot of affection, and cash because we want more Marvel movies. But when monkey tries to be the alpha we have to smack them down. \
Millers right Kids are cry babies ! A Good Spanking is coming in January !\nYahooooooooo
Fred Eagle
Dennis....never knew fascists had a sense of humour. Makes a change I suppose.
Guillermo SweetStuff*
Some KNOWLEDGE can be dangerous in the wrong heads !
James Dickman
Having a Miller during Miller time it can't get any better!
James Fenimore
Miller is right tell the DNC to turn further left that should sink them.
Jim Vogel
Dennis Miller is washed up...nobody cares what he has to say...nobody.
John Wei
While all you whining Celeb admirers keep up what your doing, meanwhile, they are planning for all of you to pay for tickets to see their movies and/or shows, making millions from you, ask yourself if they really care about you beyond that? Their fame, image, and life of luxury comes first. They only think of you when they need to get in the limelight again or earn more from their next project. Don't spend time putting them on pedestals to worship. Put your hearts and minds in place of that and you may find something that has real meaning for you and not someone else's agenda conning you into making it your own.
Kimberly Griffin
As Asian voter I voted for the person because I have no clue of of party and I watched and I picked the Trump.
Trump voters did Hillary a favor. No way she would have lasted four years as president. It's not a job where you can lay in bed for a week at a time with a bottle of gin and a copy of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.
Lee Ross
Miller Time? Wasn't that like 20+ years ago? Pathetic old man.
Liam Watson
According to the prophecy- the Rothschilds don't want a female president- so maybe all these SJW fools should go harass them. They control 90% of the world go harass them.
Libby Welch
Beating there asses feels Great.
Lisa Bullard
Dennis Miller was so quick witted on SNL and to me just my opinion has sold his soul so he can keep his face and ridiculous words before the public! You hate on entertainers, but he is one himself!
Lit Writer
Miller is right. Let the left become more extreme. With every protest, they lose voters. When Trump is president laws will be enforced and rioters will be arrested. The numbers will take a huge hit then.
Louis Emery
It unfair to pick on university students. This is really a kindergarten for adults. Let's just say that their macaroni art is just wonderful.
Lowell Robley
Miller on point like an arrow in Flight!!!!
The Constitution? Heres a Trump story that shows us his extreme level of ignorance:\n\n\
These protest (riots) would have pretty much died off if it wasn't for George Soros PAID, bused in, protesters! He's pissed because the 3 million illegal's that voting wasn't enough to stop the TRUMP train! \
Marc Beebuzz
Trump will deport a large part of the democratic base, they won't ever win again!!!\nTrump 2 terms then Ivanka 1st woman president.
Mason Maher
He was never funny, and he's not now either!!!!
Mike Marsiglia
GLOAT ON Dennis Miller !!!!!!! I'm gloating and I'm going to gloat for the next 8 years.
Mike S
I love Dennis Miller|! |
I refuse to call them Trump protestors since he has not done anything to protest againstt, he isn't even president until Jan 20. They are far left fascists protesting a democratic election that they lost even though Hillary cheated to try and win.\n\nThe left projects. If they call you a fascist who is going to riot if your candidate loses, that means they plan on rioting when they don't get their way.
Not Formatted
Trump shouldn't give an inch of his ground on illegals. He should deport them ALL and cancel DACA. If he shows any compassion Dems will never appreciate it anyway, will see it as a weakness and will start barking that \
Oppie Oppenheimer
Im gloating gloating gloating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela Adamany
Where is our current LEADER?
Pete Smith
Where is The Worst President Ever,still the President,when all this is going down.Obama should be tried for Treason.
You may not believe me when I tell you I'm Nigerian because of what I'm about to say but lemme advise you Americans never again to repeat this mistake of voting another Obama into the Oval Office no matter how smooth talking or seemingly good looking the next one will be. We know you are all very large hearted over there in America but please don't risk your republic again in this manner. The next Moslem you allow into that office will surely bury your nation so deep there won't be s tombstone to mark the spot. The freedoms your great nation stands for do not line up well with any of the Koranic values - please understand this. I'm not being emotional or sentimental; this is a raw and indisputable fact. I'm a beneficiary of your continued existence - don't balls it now, I beg of you.
I'd bet most of them don't even know what they are protesting! Just a bunch of followers, one does it, they all do it. Idiot millennials.
Dennis Miller looks like a toilet plunger from a Turkish truck stop bathroom. \n\nThat someone put glasses on as a joke.
Rick Roscoe
Robert Flask
let them walk out and not take the class as needed. do not dumb down the tests.\nwhen they fail the class they can figure it out. see if they like paying back student loans without finishing school.
Roopa Dudley
I want to see what George Clooney has to say now...he was so sure and laughing when he said \
Damn straight, Dennis... these protests will be remembered every single election for decades.  Proof positive that liberals are NEVER to be trusted with any sort of power or authority.
Shane Swiss
My Canadian passport is up for grabs to your crybaby celebrities. Bless miller and real honesty
Steel Peter
Thank God Dennis is on the right side of this
T Bruce
Love Dennis Miller. I can't take O'Reilly anymore though.
Tom Jones
Hahahahaha!!! I think it was actually a combo of Miley, Whoopi, Katy, and Madonna that sealed Hillary's fate! LOL
Truth University
Either Dennis Miller is aging fast, or time is flying by faster than i perceive.
War Planner
Oh my God in heaven! It NEVER gets old, does it?
Wayne Mierzwa
A wise person makes their own decisions!! The rest follow public opinion!!
Wendy Lou
That was refreshing! Dennis Miller humor to the rescue!
austin p
The liberals can go on the street and protest because they probably don't have a job.
Realize this: CONTROL THE LANGUAGE, CONTROL THE LAW!\nAccording to the liberals the term is \
I thought beyawnce and jayz put hillary ON TOP!!!..hahaha haha haha hahaha haha haha haha haha a a haha!!!!
he made o'reilley laugh... i didnt think that was possible. lol
nothing like a group chanting Love Trumps Hate, then starting fires,best people up,start fires and start robbing ... all in the name of tolerance and understanding.
g bridgman
These demonstrators/rioters are only giving the DNC a worse name than it already has.
georg cantor
I know why the students walked out of class. They walked out of class to get out of class.\nAny other reason is just a pretense.\nWhy does the press say \
johnny llooddte
vietnam...\ngood LORD.. try being a cop or military even for 20 years after vietnam...\nwe were told not to wear uniforms or haircuts or even admit we were military for decades
leviathan rising
generation wash, and folks they will be alive for aother 60 years and known as this.\n\nthe weirdest most lost folks the world has ever seen, they will be replaced in ten years by new rational humans but yes we will be dealing with them especially these girls/women for 60 years to come.  \n\nthey have all the right fever pitch of passion , all the fervor needed to affect change but all the wrong instincts and nobody can tell them this, its sad, trite, pathetic and funny and largely annoying as hell.\n\nyet times goes on and new a crop will be here in ten years, a new crop  of 20 year olds who are gonna watch doesn't happen to these twits. and the  women especially, cant they face it that men opted out of  caring for them as they 'don't need men' and they know trump is in for 8 years as they hit the wall and look around and flip the  fuck out.
ma turner
The demonstrations by these losers kind of reminds me of how the North Koreans reacted after the death of Kim Jong Il - all whiny and broken up-boo hoo.
We Vietnam veterans thought the protestors were more worried about keeping their spineless bodies out of Vietnam than trying to get us out of Nam !
Boomer special snowflakes started the Iraq War that millennials fought for them, caused housing crisis and great recession, and burned our climate into oblivion are complaining about our participation trophies. Sort of like a billionaire sitting on a golden throne claiming to be the champion of the working class. Idiots.
Awesome video, and right on Dennis.
Love it. I think Barbara Streisand's endorsement did it. Thanks Barb.
programmed wrong
I feel just like Miller. I'm sooooooooo happy. I was a Democrat. Now I'm independent. Life is good. # DemocratsFORTrump
ruth b
My junior high classmates and I had to climb out of school bathroom windows to go see Leonard Nemoy speak against the Vietnam War in our town. Do the liberal schools now just let the kids out?
The ONLY \
stop asking me to change my name!
Even though Trump may be right on his policies the protests will get worse when they are implemented. There will be rioting in every city until the National Guard steps in. Trump will order to use lethal force on the rioters and the shootings will begin. It will get so bad that many in the Guard will refuse. Martial law will take place indefinitely.