The Complete 2018 "Mickeys Soundsational Parade" at Disneyland

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Please SUBSCRIBE by clicking here:A new beat hits the streets of Disneyland Park! The all-new Mickey's Soundsational Parade arrives with a chorus of live musicians, dancers, thrilling rhythms, bold percussion, Disney Characters and whimsical floats that bring to life beloved melodies from classic Disney movies.The ParadeMickey Mouse and his pals are tuning up and getting ready to jam like never before as they ride down Main Street, U.S.A. on a colorful cavalcade of floats — creating an atmosphere that can only be described as...soundsational! Adding to the fun, each float has its own unique musical style, like crowd-pleasing Bollywood and South American rhythms.Mickey leads the way at the head of a syncopated drum line. Live musicians and energetic dancers amplify the fun with twinkling cymbals and steel drums. Best of all, you're encouraged to join the celebration for a giant jam session!A Symphony of Disney CharactersIn addition to Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Chip 'n' Dale, Characters from some of your favorite Disney films are along for the ride, including: •The Little Mermaid •The Three Caballeros •The Lion King •The Princess and the Frog •Aladdin •Peter Pan •Mary Poppins Plus, before the final note is played, the Disney Princesses make an appearance, including Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle and even Rapunzel!

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Aakash Gupta
My one thing that when it will be true I want to go to the Disney land
Abdul Rahman
Angklung \
Alan Kolar
Disney and drums are my 2 favorite things in the world....... ive never been more happy
Alejandro Mavarez
really 2018...? Either way, thank you for the upload.
Amani Rodriguez
This song has been stuck in my head ever since I went to California and saw the parade :D ITS A MUSIC CELEBRATION! know it all by heart lol
Amelia Vasquez
My favorite floats were almost all of the them 🙂😍
Anna Jane
I got to see this parade in person at Disney Land! It's amazing, what Disney does. They put so much work into these types of things!
Araceli Diaz
We LOVE you guys 💛💕💕💕
Ashleigh Benois
My favorite parade by far
*É um sonho poder ver tudo isso de perto um dia, Saudações do Brasil*
Callie Hammac
this video was made after my birthday!
Carlos Alberto Ossa Padilla
hola cuanto vale la y da a los parques disney
Comment your favorite float down below: \n- Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Chip and Dale\n- Aladdin\n- The Little Mermaid\n- Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros\n- Disney Princesses\n- The Jungle Book, The Lion King, and Tarzan\n- The Princess And The Frog\n- Peter Pan\n- Mary Poppins\n- Disney Cast Members and Fans
Cheesepuff McGruff
Wow, everyone there is having a wonderful time. XD
Dana Rogan
Love to watch it every time I go Disneyland
DanielLwsgfc 1234
Tjis was uploaded in 2012
Danny Montes
I love the video Disneyland but I feel so sad it’s a lot of Keith they can go there because there’s with Spencer the tickets and put the children in the world which are the poor kids they have lettering how can I go there sometimes they don’t have some money that’ cutlass you god is love and peace🕊🕊🕊🕊🙏🕊🕊🕊🙏🕊🕊🕊🕊🌍❤️🇸🇾🌎💐👭🌎🌍🙏🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊
Dawn Alvarez
Fc g
Daysi Grimaldo
300 of these views are probably mine lol
Diksha Manu
Which background song is this??
Drew Del Rosario
I love you
Edward Gedult von Jungenfeld
I’m confused how was this published in 2012 but it’s the 2017 parade? Gotta get those coins amirite 😝
El Enderl
I'm gonna cry I miss Disneyland so much :(
Emely Lopez
I was here the same day look out 4 a girl with black shorts and a mickey mouse white black and red shirt with adidas shoes that's me
Grace Conyac
The good days before that abomination Frozen took over Disney.
Heaven Howard
I love. This
HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio )
Disney World is amazing dream come true. :D
Hunny Dunni
The moment they appear \
Imaginative Light
Isabel Rodriguez
The guy with the monkey on the Aladin part he told me yesterday at the parade it's to hot to be doing this I felt so bad but it was funny 😂
Jams Dodger
This particular parade has been\nre-titled for this year 2018 but was\nuploaded back in 2012. Has nobody\nseen any of the parades since ???
I’m so ecstatic that we get to see the complete 2018 Mickeys Soundsational Parade since the last time it’s performed was November 2017
Jennifer Herrera
I cant contain my tears, this is so beautifuuuul! I want to go againnnnn!!
Jess Throop
i absolutely love this parade. i stand in the front each time.
Julia Cooper
FLORIDA OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kat H.
Kaylee Dinosaur
Kylah Yvonne
Seeing Micky playing the drums was so cute☺️
How exactly did you manage to upload a performance from 2018 in 2012? Especially impressive given that the parade was last performed in 2017...
Landon Lirette
good parades
Lari Ofc
I love Disney
Lashawn Hamilton
Hes really good at playing the drums
Loanna Tran
I wish Kylo ren was in there and the stormtroopers
Thanks for posting this video. Now I can count the money I'm saving by not needing to see this nonsense up close. It's just moving around to recorded music. Not a high talent requirement. More like someone putting a spell-of-dumb on everyone.
Maison M.
I super love the start of this parade. ... the drummers are so good and set the mood up!
Malthe Nielsen
Played this with the ''Hell March'' music over it. Was not dissapointet
Marcelo Esteban Mauricio
Was the version of \
Mariana Corripio
Mary W
The genie danced out of the camera
Apparently this parade is coming back in January. Unfortunately.
Saw this in 2013
Natalia Aguilar Camarena
juegos de Disney y canta mucho sus programas de verdad me encanta mucho sus programas me gusta cómo actúa y quisiera ir a Estados Unidos a conocer lo dice la nia a conocerlos ustedes Elsa Anna Campanita bella y Bella Durmiente me gustaría mucho conocer los ustedes porque ustedes son mejores fans de princesas ustedes son mis mejores fans de princesas y yo la verdad quisiera conocer las las amo mucho las quiero Igual igual a ustedes campanita Yo también te quiero te quiero mucho y ojalá te estés pasando un día muy especial en Estados Unidos y ojalá se la esté pasando muy bien todas y ojalá se la estén pasando muy bien todas por favor Envíame un mensaje Envíame un mensaje Soy soy Natalia
Nikki Loakes
I can only describe this in one word. Beautiful
Pablo Adrian Cordova
q lindo q es Disney ermos q es dios mi
Philip Kuo
Why so many people unliked this video?
i Love micey mouse
Rachel Wood
Ramuan Herbal Sriaji Obat Hiv Aids
Realityshow Realness
Wow!! Has anyone noticed the foot work of the girl in the green in the Princess and the Frog float???? AMAZING!!!! Yasssss🙌🏼🙌🏼
Renuka Klabsuk
We were there in Summer 2016 but couldn't see the Parade clearly like this. Thank you for posting this.
Riley Lyn
Why isn't Wendy in this??????
I would love to listen to a full arrangement of \
Sarah Van Orden
I feel like collectively the Disney fans don't give parade performers enough credit, I mean they're on their feet the WHOLE route and probably when they're finally rested they have to do it again, but did anyone else see the title 2016 parade and this video was uploaded in 2012...
Siena Malixe
Oh my god it's beautiful. I did the Disney Land Paris experience and it was a dream but I have to say that this parade looks better.
Silvia Blue
My class is going to Disneyland in December !so excites:):):)
Stephen Curry & Seth Curry Fan 1
Prince Ali my favorite
I went to Disneyland and California Adventure and I wanted to see all of the parades; and I did! Disney is so magical! I still was very eager to see the parades even though I've seen them at least a hundred times. Disney will always have magic and give me that good feeling inside. I've been to Disney parks many,many,many times before and I have never lost that magical feeling inside. Waving to the characters in the parade and them waving back to me gives me the best feeling in the world.     (btw it was 2015 the last time I went but I will probably go every year so it will not stay 2015)
Team Disney
I like Mickey
Technically Random
The Family BOOS Official
The WeirdiO
Can somebody explain to me why the title says \
14:40\nI think I just heard P.L. Travers do a 360 in her grave.
Theme Park Worldwide
A fantastic parade, love the soundtrack
ValterPando BCK
Video uploaded in 2012, and the title says 2017... WHY?!?!?!?!?
Yanisbel Villarreal
Yogendra Bansal
Song is so good
I remember that I was watching this and Alladin waved at me! He then turned another way and I shouted: \
aniyha forgs
So cute
i love the music soundtrack of this parade so much!! come on,, come on!! ahahhahaha
dazel yoyo
The princess and the frog : one of the better moment of all parades in the world.
haleigh nino
Honestly the drum line is phenomenal in person! As a former band kid they don’t get enough credit! ❤️
way better then the military marches of North Korea. Japan. USA. Russia. China Combined. oh and in way less time.. 20 minutes vs 3 hours... Just trust me here Disney got this right. Military fail.
kate knights
I wish I went to dinseyt
magnificent mercy main
I loved watching this in person!
Awesome! Great video!!
Me: *knows its just people in costume*\nMe: *still gets really excited*
quiero que traigas kiuri cars Arce Flores
it is very cool the parade
rai pika pi
I admit, I want one of those carousel horse bikes. I don't care what the cost is!
S£\u003c. Z
skellington _1993
I'm going tomorrow can't wait
ya yun Lee
Is anyone know which song at 8:50?
I cant stop loving the moment how Peter Pan interact with the guest from\n13:08 its just so sweet!