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FA – Solfeggio Frequency 639 Hz from the sacred Solfeggio scale. It enables creation of harmonious community and harmonious interpersonal relationships. MP3 DOWNLOAD: ☆ Mp3 vault of our most popular videos available for download. ☆ Stream our videos offline ☆ Access our forum and connect with like-minded Souls that are here to grow, learn and expand ☆ Download our Ebooks (only available here): "The Healing Power Of Sound" and "500 PowerThoughts Affirmations" ☆ Live Q&A´s with PTMC ☆ Live Webinars with guided meditations & energy healing sessions ☆ Mp3 download of future videos ☆ Special meditation, solfeggio, hypnosis and affirmation videos & audios created for MEMBERS ONLY (not released anywhere else and never will be) ☆ + More content will be added continuously every week ☆....................

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i feel super when i listen to this so a big thank you
guruji,is this improve communication skill and stage performance
One of the best I've heard 🙂 everyone else seems to think do as well. It goes to show whatever we all connect to when we listen to this is the same thing
Amarilys Sanchez
I slept through the night with this audio. The minute I woke up in the morning, I felt love all around me. I love you all!
Andy cena
Beautiful music...so relaxing.. Thanks.
AnnNC North Carolina
Always makes me feel better listening to this has been really helpful. Thanks!
Aracely Perez
thank you for this beautiful meditation audio bro have an Amazing day
Ardé Ma
Aubrey Marx
I am love.
I needed that at that very moment and It did what it said for me. This one is a saver for me thank you!
Barbara Lopes
This music is s o beautiful and relaxing. I feel peaceful.
Benjamin William Weine
Favourite so far! Thank you, God bless!
Beza Abebe
Just beautiful!! Thank you!!
Bhavya Kalsi
Thank you for this. Graceful day spent serenely with this
Brett Houston Tube
I do not \
Carrie Frechette
I pray, in Jesus Mighty name, for God to bring me true, mature love, to live out the rest of my days and for him to remove toxic, superficial, immature people from my life. Amen and Amen.
Chaishop Things you Like
Charlie Yard Service
I started , \
Cosmic Kryptonian
Thanks for all your knowledge Mr. Tesla.
Provate questa preghiera potente,per fa tornare l’amore in 48h!\nDite a voi stessi il nome del vostro amore tre volte!\nPensate a qualcosa che volete realizzare entro la prossima settimana e ripeti a te stesso sei volte!\nSe avete un desiderio ripetete a voi stessi!\nRipetete queste parole.\n\nVieni a me Angelo della Luce, io ti invoco!\nFa riemergere il mio amore (ED), oggi lui/lei mi chiamerà, più appassionato/a e pieno/a di amore!\nDisperato/a! sentirà un immenso desiderio di me!\nMio Angelo della Luce scava tutto ciò che impedisce il nostro rapporto: (ED) tornerai da me! (ripeti per sei volte!)\nMio angelo della luce allontanala da tutti coloro che hanno contribuito alla nostra lontananza!\nMio Angelo della Luce fa si che (ED) pensi solo a me! (ED) mi telefonerai entro 48 ore! Ti ringrazio mio Angelo della Luce!\nTi ringrazio per il tuo potere infinito e misterioso che funziona sempre! Amen!\n\n(pubblica e invia questa preghiera 3 volte! in diversi siti e presto avrai una buona sorpresa, questa sera stessa! All’alba l’amore tuo si renderà conto che ti ama! Succederà una magia! Tutto accadrà tra 1 e 4 del mattino! Sii pronto per un grande shock della tua vita! Pubblicala!
Danielle Lane
Has anyone else noticed the effect of being stared at alot since listening to the solf frequencies?
Danne Dumas
BEST meditation I've had in YEARS.
Dave Bodaly
thanks for sharing this morning music, it's just what I needed
Dayna Jingles
I like this one too the loop is ok. I get tired of some tracks when the loop is too short it sounds repetitive and I get bored if I am sitting with earphones BUT If I am doing my cat nanny thing and have it playing in the background it is fine. My cats are sleeping to this one. Yay! No hissy fits at the moment. LOL!
I listened to this and had a dream about the guy I’m dating. We’ve never said we loved each other before but in the dream we were in bed holding each other and I told him I loved him and he said, “I’m glad you finally remembered.” So I said, “Are you him?” And he said yes.. I tried to ask him more questions but he started tickling me and it woke me up. Super weird.
Douglas Ortiz
Edith Beßner
Dankeschön für die schönen Melodien. Würde mich freuen, wenn man die Erklärung auch in deutsch lesen könnte. Dankeschön 💫💫
Emilia Boisen
Light to research on light in yoga for depression
Empath Hazel
listening to this makes me cry, I have been going through a lot. well since I'm a Pisces and an empath, it very hard for me. I only have met the wrong people who has been so abusive. I feel lost, hurt and taken advantage, I need to heal, I need to do it for my kids, for myself. 😢
Flo Bartholomew
Can we used this for sleeping.. Thank you😊
Fröken Finemang
So wonderful and lovely ❤
Can this be used for the law of attraction to bring back ex boyfriend? He is my soulmate since we were 10 years old. my heart hurts without him.
Hazel Murphy
Thank you, really appreciate this, very grateful for your efforts, namaste
Hello こんにちは Hallo Ciao Salut
Nice floater..Haven't touched ground for 20 min..
Works instantly ❤ thank you for uploading 😊
Hyde Lin
This Frequency is so awesome. Thank you so much for sharing!!
I love listening to this. I am instantly calm, relaxed. I feel at peace and my heart feels big and warm like a loved one is giving me a hug. Live abundantly everyone.
J W.
I'm listening to this and sending positive energy my old bosses way so I can get my job back! I really loved my old job it was slow back in February so I switched jobs but every since I got this new job all I've been thinking about is the old one and the people I worked with before there was so much more positive energy there!!!
Jaap Lemstra
' '\n* • - . * • . ('v') . • * . - • * \n* . . *
Jacqui Mwangi
I am very grateful for this. I came across it accidentally when it auto-played after something else I was listening to ended. I was using Bluetooth headsets and not close to the phone but negative thoughts I was thinking seemed to melt away and I kept listening. I could tell there was something special about it because of how I was feeling. \nThank you for sharing it and keep up the good life-changing work!
Jenica Gonzales
This really calms my heart. Thank you ❤️ sending love & good vibes to all of you
Jennifer Cressman
I found almost immediate peace with this one. I truly believe you guys work VERY HARD on your pieces. To those who don't find instant solace, understand that I'm in my second year of sound healing. There are bonuses and benchmarks to achieve along the path; It's all worth the effort.
Jesus Stone
amazing atmospher
Jodi Arnold
i put it and go about the house and it keeps me up not over whelmed with i got to do .thank you :)
Joe Rotondo
how long do you have to listen to this before i see a change? weeks? hours? minutes?
Julie Adams
thank u for this beautiful gift like bieng in a coocoon becoming something great ! prepairing for rebirth just enjoi till the soul is strong and readdy u will know wen time dosnt exsist love kindness wishes. focusing on goodness
Kate Lamberg
Wonderfully healing and centering while doing yoga and meditation...Thank you! \u003c3
Keanna Miller
💘 this...listen to it daily
Kevin ASMR
my hand are so hot right now. Thank you for this boost of energy. Namaste
Lazarus Seven
6-8 hrs would be great
Lea Crisostomo
Just relax close our eyes and breath.\nBring to health mind body and soul
Lori L D
Thank you very much. This is one of the most effective heart calming tracks I have discovered in the 1-1/2 years I have been using audio therapy. I can feel the underlying frequency working on my energy and bringing down my blood pressure. Bless❤
Lucie Salat
Instant success today - thank you guys, love your work
Many Barrera
thank you so much blessings namaste
Maria Sheppard
One of my new favourites!!! thank you!! 💗
Marina Harrison
This brings me peace and love right down deep in my soul.
Mark Stromberg
awesome, like touching some deep sacral matters...~•~*~•~thanks 4all your magical works 4ev4 eternity
Mark Watts
Thank you. I AM GRATEFUL.
One of my favorites so far. Wraps me in a warm blanket of love and holds me tight. I feel safe and at peace and all I can do is lay here and smile. Just blissful!
Monika Albrecht
Es gab mir Ruhe und wieder mehr Kraft bei der meditation danke \u007fNamaste
MuffyLuvYou 444
And so \
Nathalie Gares
Send healing to the broken hearts may they love themselves first and be kind to one another forgive ppl that hurt us and embrace things we are grateful and to come amen.
Noisily Infected
why i am here ? i should go back to riddim.
Peggy best gotos
This is such a blessing! it was like watching a great love story in which there was love being given and received, and I was the star of the movie!! Thanks for helping me feel like celebrity! I needed that!
Preston Robert
Thank you for the date a long lost friend I remembered.
Queen Kels
I will listen to this FOREVER! ❤️❤️🤯
do you know what's the place of the first part of the video?? the hill with the building on the sea, it's amazing!
Rodolfo Sebastiao
Thank you very much , ever since I started listening to this ( whatever it is ), I am feeling like I am a new person and people are telling me I sound and look different. I am loving it , It works !!!
Roman Vlad
Thanks, this is what I needed right now, keep up the good work!
Rushme Thapa
i just wanted to knw of i could do yoga listening to this music..will it work better??
Scott K
The sober life is love! I'm 17 months, off drugs and alcohol, I wake daily these videos. Awesome way start the day. Thankyou!!!!🕉
I love this one
Serge v0lk red GT
I play it and go to sleep
Shazney Spence
So very grateful for this. I really needed to come across this today \u003c3 Namaste
Susan Alfson
very calming
Suzana Moreno
Hi again just thank you for sharing your videos they all very powerful and helpful. :) I am very greatful. Love peace and light to makind hearts :) Thank you thank you :)
Terri Shepard
Love this! Thx!
Thapelo Gontshitile
Theresa Mullins
Ute Rennekamp
This is so nice , trank y ❤️🍀❤️🍀❤️
Yuen Yee Ng
Very useful! I have been looking for a calming music for a veeeeeery long time. I thought piano's sound was a soothing sound, yet, most \
aseel banna
This is amazing \nSince I started hearing this \nEvery thing went in amazing way and money flows
booker T
caylx corolla
It hurt a part of my brain. And was uncomfortable at first. I had to acclimate
chad cupido
if you reading this (I LOVE YOU)
geovanna garita
This is excellent! it gives me peace and a deep sense of love ❤ Love is all around us! we dont need to look for it.
junior Orie
This music is about peace only peace can bring you some love trust me be patient it will come for you in any way be patient it you wont regret this all you have to do is wait trust me it will come searching for you
kel washington
There's someone I have high hopes in love for. Could the community of manifesters please send some positive vibes toward our way. I feel as my energy isn't as strong because of past bad relationships but this seem different so help me. Thank you
mind wave
wow thank you!
misaki kun
I have strong desire to be one with the nature and universe , I love the beauti of the Universe
moog Dome
Very soothing. feels like I'm wrapped up warm and safe, place. melting away, drifting away effortlessly through the stars. Thank you for sharing. I know you are out there now, and very soon we will be together. One flesh, one heart, one mind, one soul.our flame will burn brightly, forever.
rose Ma
Love this! Pure Greatness !! 💜💜💜💜
self directed soul
Inspiring images and lovely energy🦋
sophia hinds
keeping a open mind in love, ben hurt to many times...
stacy ann
in jesus name i pray for me and my love to continue forming a closer bond and having a beautiful relationship that can't be broken. amen.
Thank you is all I have to say. It is a great thing to love with such intensity to make a video like this one. I wish the everyone listen to this. This world will be totally a different place. Love can do many great things. Thank you
елеонора п.
i find this piece very helpful. thank you dearly!
i pray to god so that i and him can get closer and god give us one more chance to keep this till the end.