My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade [Official Music Video]

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5sosyee 666
They'll be back.... I hope please MCR, come back I can't do this anymore i,ve suffered for almost six years. Please I don't know how I've lasted this long
A Guitar
Is being emo still around in 2019
I heard a live version of this and at the end gerard told the audience \
any pinoy here still listening in 2019?
Albino Cockatiel
i’m scared to listen to this thinking i’m going to get sucked into another band.. i can’t let this happen. TØP and Panic! is already too much!!
Not gonna lie this lowkey kinda scares me🙂\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBut it’s really good\n*edit: gee thanks for 1 like🙂
Also known as The Capricorn
I would rather tell my children that I am an emo than say Imma k pop fan
And Peggy
This song hits me hard because my emo step-father (my father-figure) died December 3rd of 2017 and I feel like this song was meant for my brother (his biological son) and hurts me so much listening to this song because of the lyrics and how much my stepfather loved us so much, especially my brother..😞💔
Andreeamdo :3
22/03/2013...\n*RIP My Chemical Romance* \nforever alive in our killjoy souls.
Ankhi Pambudi
holy crap im 14 again
Arthur Rush
*Welcome to the Black Parade*\n\nI want to join the black parade someday, it’s pretty aesthetic 🖤
Ash 10 MSP
Its Official My Phase Has Started Again.
Awkwardly Leaves
2018 anyone?
Ayla Vega
guys I’m scared to get into MCR, what I’ve heard from them is such a masterpiece. but I feel like I’m gonna get too attached and be disappointed I’ll never get to see a live show again. damn it :/
Beebo's Forehead
Trying to get into MCR, can someone recommend songs? This one is pretty good. I want to get into them more, I'm only into P!ATD right now. Someone help!
Beto el Curioso
When I was a young boy\r\nMy father took me into the city\r\nTo see a marching band\r\nHe said, son, when you grow up\r\nWould you be the savior of the broken\r\nThe beaten, and the damned?\r\nHe said, will you defeat them\r\nYour demons and all the non-believers?\r\nThe plans that they have made?\r\nBecause one day I'll leave you\r\nA phantom to lead you in the summer\r\nTo join the black parade\r\nWhen I was a young boy\r\nMy father took me into the city\r\nTo see a marching band\r\nHe said, son, when you grow up\r\nYou will be the savior of the broken\r\nThe beaten, and the damned?\r\nSometimes I get the feeling\r\nShe's watching over me\r\nAnd other times I feel like I should go\r\nAnd through it all\r\nThe rise and fall\r\nThe bodies in the streets\r\nAnd when you're gone, we want you all to know\r\nWe'll carry on, we'll carry on\r\nAnd though you're dead and gone, believe me\r\nYour memory will carry on\r\nWe'll carry on\r\nAnd in my heart I can't contain it\r\nThe anthem won't explain it\r\nA world that sends you reeling\r\nFrom decimated dreams\r\nYour misery and hate will kill us all\r\nSo paint it black\r\nAnd take it back\r\nLet's shout it loud and clear\r\nDefiant to the end\r\nWe hear the call\r\nTo carry on\r\nWe'll carry on\r\nAnd though you're dead and gone, believe me\r\nYour memory will carry on\r\nWe'll carry on\r\nAnd though you're broken and defeated\r\nYour weary widow marches\r\nOn and on, we carry through the fears\r\n(Oh, oh, oh)\r\nDisappointed faces of your peers\r\n(Oh, oh, oh)\r\nTake a look at me\r\n'Cause I could not care at all\r\nDo or die\r\nYou'll never make me\r\nBecause the world\r\nWill never take my heart\r\nYou can try\r\nYou'll never break me\r\nWe wanna all\r\nWe want to play this part\r\nWon't explain\r\nOr say I'm sorry\r\nI'm unashamed\r\nI'm gonna show my scar\r\nGive a cheer\r\nFor all the broken\r\nListen here\r\nBecause it's who we are\r\nI'm just a man\r\nI'm not a hero\r\nJust a boy who had to sing this song\r\nI'm just a man\r\nI'm not a hero\r\nI don't care\r\nWe'll carry on\r\nWe'll carry on\r\nAnd though your dead and gone, believe me\r\nYour memory will carry on\r\nWe'll carry on\r\nAnd though you're broken and defeated\r\nYour weary widow marches on\r\nDo or die\r\nYou'll never make me\r\nBecause the world\r\nWill never take my heart\r\nYou can try\r\nYou'll never break me\r\nWe wanna know\r\nWe want to play this part\r\nDo or die (we'll carry on)\r\nYou'll never make me (we'll carry on)\r\nBecause the world (we'll carry on)\r\nWill never take my heart\r\nYou can try\r\nYou'll never break me\r\nWe wanna all\r\nWe want to play this part (we'll carry on)\n=)
Bowen Boyack
Why do all emos have perfect pitch
Bronte Mcwillims
Everyone rise for the emo national anthem
Captain Alpril
Ah, the time when good bands are famous making good musics, and radio plays good songs.\n\nAnd the time when music isn't trash.
Charlotte Roland
Dillon Sommers
*emos have entered the chat*
DrMr Bossman
When I was a young boy\nMy father took me into the city\nTo see a marching band\nHe said, \
Emely Garcia
Alright who’s cutting onions
Epic Geek
Boy : where can I kiss you ???\nGirl/Gay : 3:28
**cries in emo**
*aNyOnE sTiLl LiStEnInG iN 2019*\n\nEdit: this is making fun of people who say \
George Elliot
Gerald Fernando
The band maybe dead but the song still lit
Usually I overreact about MCR ironically, but watching this today hit me harder than I thought it ever would. They’ve really been a light in the dark for me for a long time, so thank you Gerard. Thank you Ray. Thank you Mikey. Thank you Frank. I love you and we will carry on.
India Slip
Please rise for the emo amthen 0:00
Its me Coomer
Hoping this year they'll come back.
I was listening to this and my hair turned black. Plz halp
Jimin Chimmy
Well I think I’m emo again \n\n\n\n\nTime to get the eyeliner
John Howard
2019 is finally here and I'm still waiting for anyone that can touch mcr
*G note plays*\nMe: *runs into mom's room, picks up the eyeliner*\nMom: What are you doing in my room?! What are you doing with my eyeliner!?! Where are you going!!?!!??\nMe: *I'M GOING TO JOIN THE BLACK PARADE!!*
Julia Traino
They truly were the saviors of the broken, the beaten, and the damned
Junyoung Park
I wish someone make movie for MCRX. That will make more people to search and listen to these songs. Just like Queen
Katha_ Messer
This song has only one ends.
KenKen Renae
I want to join the Black Parade so bad...
9 years later. we're still marching in the black parade.
Konstantina Vasileiadi
God, this song NEVER gets old. \n \\\\PETITION//\nLETS MAKE THIS THE MOST VIEWED SONG OF 2019!!! Like to sign up:
Kylie Liming
The g-note does not just make me cry so does the kids from yesterday just because it looks back on all the good times they had as a band because when they made that music video they most likely knew they were going to breakup.
Levi Ackerman
You know you're really sad when a g-note dosnt affect you
Lil Nub
I wonder what Bob is up to these days
Liv Marquart
If this doesnt play at my funeral there *will* be some *serious* haunting going on!
Lps Sparkles
What’s better:\nI write sins not tragedies or welcome to the black parade
Lucy *
The people who are complaining in the comments about how they got g noted clicked onto this video knowing perfectly well that's how the song starts
M Andre
How to find other emos. 1.) Find piano. 2.) play g note. 3.) listen for repressed emos’ screams
Maddy Avery
Welcome to the Black Parade: 36 million views\nTeenagers: 108 million views\nMe: oh I get it we are now less scared of teenagers and more scared of the g-note
Madi Randall
Me: **plays this in the band room at my school**\nMy band teacher and the whole band of 40: *wHeN i WaS-*
Marcial Dennise Laude
2019?whos,here nw to enjoy this music...
Melody von Volland
3 things that happened today:\n1)My neighbour said that he didn't like this song\n2)My neighbour got hit by a bus\n3)I lost my bus licence
Mike Schmidt
You guys need to become a band again
I think I properly entered my emo phase today
Mylifeisabigbubbleofdeceit !
Emo teens and adults never forget the kings .
NPC 144530113
This is going to age well.
Naya Jade
I was unfortunately not old enough to understand MCR when I was younger. I am fortunate now that I can understand them now. And now, I'm glad I can as I'm going through a really hard period of my life. Im so grateful they can help me now, when others couldn't then.
Ninth Romance Origins
The Anthem of all emos, let us all remember MCR for all eternity and when we die we shall join them in the Black Parade and carry on.
Order_Of_The_Stone // Summer Vloggers
my eyeliner is darker than usual
Panic! At The Ernst
I have a my chemical romance playlist... and i... just g noted myself...
Phanime Trash
That moment when you actually singing and crying at the same time
Pierce Wildeson
I want this played at my funeral
Poseidon 321
These videos of MCR are so energic, I can feel they were having fun
RaidX Streaming
Any 13 year olds here like me? My dad showed this to me a couple years ago and.. i forgot it for a year and now i came back and.. it still hits like a fist💖
Rena Kun.
Let's make 2019 the emo year
Rena R
Sebastian Gal
I know that I willingly clicked on this video, but the g note still got me.
Shadow Fry
Congrats you have officially become an emo.
Shadow Makes Vids
Pass it on:\n\nWe all cried when Mikey died in The Ghost Of You.\n\nWe all laughed when Frank kicked Gerard in the balls.\n\nWe all fangirled when Gerard and Frank kissed on stage.\n\nWe all smiled whenever we heard a My Chem song.\n\nWe all supported Gerard when he went through addictions.\n\nWe all stuck with the band through thick and thin.\n\nWe all felt better knowing My Chem was there.\n\nWe all lived as Vampires.\n\nWe all longed for Revenge.\n\nWe all marched in The Black Parade.\n\nWe all became Fabulous Killjoys.\n\nWe never let them take us alive.\n\nWe all kept our guns close.\n\nWe all kept running.\n\nWe never looked back.\n\nWe all sang it for the boys and the girls; the blind and the deaf.\n\nWe all took a stand for what we believe in.\n\nWe all shared connections with each other and MCR.\n\nWe all have our memories.\n\nWe all stayed beautiful and kept it ugly.\n\nWe stayed strong.\n\nWe stayed alive.\n\nAnd we all cried as hard as humanly possible when we found out that the band \nthat changed our lives forever is gone. \n\nBut we will always be a family.\n\nPASS IT ON!!!
Slime Queens
How to kill an emo.
Slushyz Petshop
I dress in pastel colors, have the most bubbliest and positive personality, but this is my music-\nA little odd? *yes*\nBut arent we all 👏🏼🖤
People wanted to move from na na na to this but I can’t get g noted that much sorry
That One Emo Rat
*Silently prays that the Smashing Pumpkins theory will actually hold up*
2019 Anyone!?
Anyone else still carrying on in 2019?
Veronica Killjoy
LISTEN UP, KILLJOYS!!!!!!\n\n\nIt would be so cool if everyone who sees this goes directly to Na Na Na and gives it at least one view!!!! We're trying to get the boys onto trending!!!! Please!!!!\n\n-your fellow Killjoy, Toxic Nightmare (xoRONI)
Who else had played this song to get a good cry in
Warzone: Morloc 40k battles
First here in 2019 keeping it alive
White Pudding
I think I'm emo now
XxkillerslumberXx X
*all rise for the national anthem of hot topic*
Zia Veluz
*me: not gonna cry today!*\n*when i was...*\n*sobs loudly*
2019 has arrived my kids\n\n\nTHE EMOS\n\n\nWE RISE
'' oh what song is next on my playlist? ''\n* hears g-note *\n'' I'M O K AY ''
demolition lovers
when i was a young boy my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars
green tea
I know this is cliche to say, but the g note really does trigger something primal deep inside me, and honestly? I am afraid
j mart 123
2019 any one love this song
kaitlin o
This song isnt about the band for me. When I first found it it was the music itself, the song itself, it is a masterpeice. I cried because I thought of my daddy, who had alzhiemers and I knew he would be gone within the next 5 years. That was last fall. 2 days ago he left this earth. Now this song is about him, about remembering him. I will always miss him, he will always be the most important person in my life, and always be my first love. 💔\n\n\nEdit: i didnt expect when I commented this for it to get this much attention, everyone of you have been so kind thank you, it touches my heart to know that there are still kind people on the internet. Thank you.
lizzie lizard
Ok I was born too late I mean can we just kill some other band and replace them with the guys .\nI am definitely emo even if my parents are like \
member of parliament
Am I the only metalhead here in between all EMOs ?
oncom smith
why this MASTERPIECE SONG only have 91MIL views...\n\nseriously u (rock fans) will never see band like this anymore ....
oscar allen brioso
this is the reason why nostalgia got invented in the first place
Im forever thankful to have lived in the years where this is actually being played on the radio, tv and everywhere. To the years that have gone, i will always remember you. Thank you. 🙏🏻
stephen hall
i m 55 never heard this band fecken amazing. i ll join the black parade no worries
i’ve seen about 40 comments in a row saying “2019?”
zeKe cøøk
Casually gonna join this Fandom
דוד שאנני
2019 still the best song ever
2019年見てる人いる?✋✋\n\nIs there anyone watching in 2019?✋✋
2019\nin Japan