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Healing Angelic Music featuring music @432Hz, designed for Sleep, relaxation and relieving stress and tension. Just put this music in the background as you lie in the bed and prepare for sleep at a low volume, closer to human whisper. SAVE THIS PLAYLIST=================Solfeggio Sleep Music Playlist :

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BK Swanson
There is just something so magical for me with sounds of deeper tones!!\nIt truly resonates on a level cannot describe!! I thank YOU with my fulfilled Heart!! xxx
Charee Pringle
That candle is beautiful and strange all at the same time. Thank you
Diane Giovanniello
Drifting Clouds
so beautiful !! thanks for sharing this video !!
Fairy Frequency
Thank you infinitely. Wishing you a fantastic weekend x)
Franco Mercado
May you all be blessed with health, happiness, and abundance in all areas of your life. Namaste in lak’ech
Grant Allan
1 second in and like it already.
Healing Nature & Meditation
Ilona Geanina
Ivica Ezgeta
JAE: justabouteverything
I normally don’t ask for prayers but I need the help. My father is mentally ill and my family has done everything within our power. We need the strength and support to take the next steps so we can help cure him. Please pray for us. This is not easy but I believe it will be okay. I ask you all to share a moment of grace with me. And I give you my gratitude.
Jake Fuente
John Visto
K- Droj
Kat Mtz
Wow, sounds fantastic
Lester Quintana
My fiance needs a car. I need allergic healing.
Luis Henrique Oliveira
nice picture
Luisa Aldrey
fantástico!!.. muchas gracias
Maalik Rahim
this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨
Maria Delgado
:) 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Matt Mitchell
I can't say for sure if these frequencies help heal the body and mind but I have to say I have for the first time in my life music has helped me fall asleep. I've had the best sleep in a long time listening to these songs and tones.\n\nSome I've liked much more than others but I can say I've fallen asleep to one of these 9 hour long videos almost every night for 2 years. I fall asleep usually much more quickly and its a deeper more restful sleep almost every time now. Even naps during the day. If I can't relax I'll turn it on my phone and even with that speaker I quickly relax and sleep.\n\nBut there is something spiritual, positive and affirming about these songs. Thank you for improving the quality of my life in such a big way.
Michael Lawler
love this giving it 10 stars********** wonderful
Natural Vibes
This is so beautiful. As soon as I began listening I could feel a relaxing way about the music. Thanks so much for sharing the amazing healing music.
Uplift frequencies 🎼🎼🎵🎶
Rita Tower
Oh so beautiful, thank you
Roslynn Mckoy
Very beautiful meditation thanks so much for sharing Namaste
Sarveshwar Dowluth
Thank you so much guys for the sleep edition. Peace & love..
Serafima Nepobedimaya
Тяжёлая музыка.... Не пошла в мозг!!!
For those that have never been in the presence of an angel, imagine a being of such intense, warming and awe inspiring light, with music just like this emanating from around them as they arrive and your heart feels it could explode from being overwhelmed with love. That is what being in the presence of a true angel is like. This music embodies that heavenly sound so well that I am feeling it all over again. Thank you.xx
Steve Padgett
Thank you! I can use a little help tonight.
Vasu Mohan
so very very thoughtful of you with the screen blackout feature . thanks so much for caring and sharing . the circle of compassion will continue
Viridiana Ruvalcaba
This really helps with my insomnia..thank you💞 and blessings to everyone..
jonathan abraham
This is beautiful I can hear the angelic guidance in this music😇
So beautiful
mad dog
michelle 77Va
Love it!!!!❤
Bravo !!! This is what music is Power and Love !!!
앤 앤