Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera singing at a young age

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Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera singing at a young age...Who used to sing better?

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Ale Interbootslipstick
Christina of course!!
Alex Trimble
OMG, Britney!
All i need
0:14 and 0:19 that type of resonance that Christina has never achieve in her entire career.... 😧
AmbioAuora Sooth
I didn't know Britney could sing like that. wtf happened.
Anderson Trujillo
Christina Aguilera!
Andreza Santana
Cristina aguilera❤
Antares Lubis
God I love them both !
Ashura Watanabe
Whatever u say abt Britney, she's still a LEGEND. I love Xtina too, but without Britney leading a limelight of teen pop idol in the late 90's, there's no a breakaway at all. Eat that facts.
Autumn Lewis
it would be nice if you labeled who was who -_-
Brooklyn Storm
Bětka Nová
Christina Aguilera😍🤜❤
To anyone being hateful, Britney herself has stated she wishes she could have a voice like Christina. The truth is, the industry destroyed Britney's voice and it's really unfortunate but she's an icon and is still slaying to this day despite everything she's been through and that deserves respect whether you like Brit or not
dat damn Aguilera!!
Crazy Jean
britney cantaba mucho mejor que christina
Debbie Epperly
I think Britney had a better voice when she was younger, then it got nasally.
Def Britney!! She has so much power and control here! Christina's voice is shaky and annoying. It hurts my ears... So nothing has changed. Now Britneys voice is shaky and out of control :(
DoctorWho Fan
E.J. Negishi
Christina is good but Britney is the best I don't know why
They both had great technique but why they dont show it? 😩😩
Ethan Twink
looks like adolescent hit hard on Britney.
Definitely Christina
Fer Juarez
DAMN, Britney was a vocal powerhouse!
Gray sings
I wished Britney remained that way. Her fame literally destroyed her voice, and that's sad because she could be a great singer. For Christina, she has talent ever since.
Harpy Eagle
Funny. Britney was slightly better than Christina.
Heather Griffin
I have to admit and I'm shocked to do so...Britney had a huge voice and maybe even with much better tone than I had no idea. Where did that go?
Henry Canales
Christina ✨
Ismael Aaron Casafus
Britney is the Queen!
Jayy Del Rio
Christina is the best love her
Jesús LCortés
Britney! No solo porque resiste esas altas notas, si no porque las puede cantar asi de grave como un grado agudo que la caracteriza en la actualidad.
Jheqie's Bloggies
wow. Britney, what happened to you? you can really belt it out when you were young.. amazing..
Juan Johnson
But either way Britney became and is the bigger legend of the two. That is just a fact .
R.I.P earphone users btw.
Kendrick M.
britney was better. and would still sound better today if she sang in her original tone.
Kimberly Knott
There was a purity in their sounds before all the fame.....both of them.
Laura danellea Coitron'e
Britney Spears has tremendous voice. The way she uses it drives me insane, when she first preformed on her first album she never lip synced she does have a great voice.
Live of Cool
Britney was way better than Christina...\nBetter control and technique...
Love 2 Love Brit
These two girls RULED the 00's pop music, I have nothing but admiration for both. They are both so talented. I want Britney to try singing like this again ❤ 00:53 snatches me bald hard
Lucus Cannon
I have no idea what they did so wrong to Britney Spears voice but she had a very powerful voice when she was younger I enjoy her voice is way better than listening to Christina when she was younger
Luis Andrés
Both amazing. I prefer Britney though 💙
Luis Carlos Guzman
I am very sure that if Britney had continued to educate her voice would have the voice similiar to Xtina, look Britney had a wider vocal Power to Xtina! But his record label ruined it
Maicon Ferreira
christina love forever !!!!
Maria Angela
They both had big voices but Britney label show cased her with a sensitive young sexual voice in the beginning and she liked it n used dancing as her first love and show her fans how she can break it down while Xtina went to extravagant levels with her vocals but Both magically talented and sexy
Mary Vilte
Christina Aguilera 💗
Mostre seu talento S2.
Britney pequena tinha mas voz de Christina Aguilera, mas adulta Christina supera Britney.
Muhammed Aydın
of course christina. she is the queen
Neart Vicuña
Christina evoluciono como vocalista y britney como performer triste porque aunque xtina tenga una voz mas interesante, la voz de britney era buena.
Vocally, Christina was always lightyears better. She could do and can still do much more with her voice than Britney.
Once you wheein You can’t wheeout
Ahhh it’s so sad Britney’s label ruined her amazing strong voice..
Omg Britney actually used to have a stronger voice than Xtina, Xtina was actually quieter in this video
Poriyo Santoso
0:52 Britney sang Star Spangled Banner in a higher key than Christina.
brit can sing better than I ever realized wow
Britney wins lol
Radek Molnár
i love Britney qeen
Ranbir Singh
damn Britney Spears your real voice was much better christina
Red Lotus
xtina is the winner of course!! but i want to know what happened with britney's voice!!! where is it now?? xD
René X
Britney lost her voice
I remember when I saw a video of Britney singing when she was a child. I was like... I can't believe she had this huge voice, but singing is like playing a sport. If you don't keep training you will end up losing your talent.
Shawna Maner
No offense but Christina’s voice was more annoying but now it’s the other way around! I think this Britney is still in her! I’ll keep praying! Brit was the whole package!!!!!!
Based on this video alo ne, Britney wins. Her voice was thicker and bigger in size and had more control. Christina was still good to, but her voice was a Lil thinner at times. Granted these videos are a compilation of them both between 8-14 years old. But for me personally, Britney won because of the size of her voice and power. Weird how the roles have reversed today as they both are adults lol
Sofie Pap
Starmie Productions
OMG Imagine if Britney stayed with this powerhouse vocals, she would slayy at singing, dancing, acting and almost anything at entertaining
Sunny Sunshine
Britney 💝
Sèbe Yanis
Damn Britney was way better than Xtina... how is this possible ??
T h i c c Q u e e n
Christina as always 😊
The Outcaster
To be honest, I think Britney sounded better than Christina. It sounded like Britney had better control over her vocals. But over the years, Britney decided to change her vocal style though while Christina has kept the same one. Britney can still sing like this, she would obviously need practice because it's been so many years since she has sang using this vocal style. Listen to Britney's \
Vegnis Tengan
britney had a better voice as a kid..hahaha
Britney Spears Winner !!!!!
Wendy Spears
They're both good stop fighting
Wilmer Pineda
Christina aguilera
Yeliye Berna
britney oh my! she has this powerhouse vocals. oh my. it left me speechless.
alexa rodriguez
I don't understand. Brittney's voice is so good here???? Like what happened???? WHY???????????? WUHUEIWLJRS
anthuan Cortes
OMG La Voz de Britney Spears es impresionante !
bako jeremiah
What later happened to Britney's voice?
bernz bernakols Bautista
Britney Spears? Really? wow! if only she'd maintained that power vocals...
emil cunanan
faizan akey
omg britney!!!! what a technique!
what happened to britney's voice? she was amazing
jakedaniels 881981
britney is terrific! she just chose to sing the way she sings, to be seductive.
Britney unequivocally. Britney was already displaying and ability to belt with vibrato and control her voice and even was belting supported notes whereas Xtina was already doing what she still does. And anyone saying Xtina over Britney is lying, all you have to do is listen to their respective renditions of the Star Spangled Banner. End of discussion.
lisa baez
Sorry but beyond the stigma that surrounds young Britney could sing, TECHNICALLY better than young Christina, NOW SHE CANT Christina didn't sing any vocal line harder than the notes Britney is hitting here 2:31 Not on Mickey Mouse Club, and as far as right now never live. She even was louder here 0:51
Damn Britney was like a mini Whitney Houston. I wonder why her voice dint develop like Christina's did as she got older.
mayflower 25
Britney the best
mehdi abdi
melo b
OMG, Britney's voice was better and stronger that Christina's voice. Where's that voice?
Britney Britney Britney
Christina has a phenomenal voice.
OMG!!!!! This two amazing woman's was so amazing before the amazing incredible tone incredible technically before the fame is impossible to say who is better. But destroyed this amazing vocals Christina now she just scream her technically isn't good and Britney change her natural voice for a more commercial voice the \
Christina 😍
I had no idea Britney had a tremendous voice when she was a kid......her record label probably silenced her sound for her to be a pop sad.
ʟᴀᴅʏ ᴄʜɪᴄ
Christina aguilera
Юлия Светлова
my beautiful angel britney spears. she is amazing and I love her young age sing. she always pretty only and the best pop princess in the world!!! Britney you're in our hearts forever, we love you very very much!!!♥♥♥
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