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Heavy Fighting continues in the industrial zone of Avdeevka between Ukrainian Army and "DPR" forces, after as The Armed Forces of Ukraine captured the Avdeevka industrial area and established control over road from Gorlovka-Donetsk.Ukraine Army footage:

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Spray and pray. 1 accidental enemy kill per every 1 million rounds fired from the hip at a 45 deg angle into the air.
0-3:00 - Ukrainian Army Forces\n3:00 - 10:04 - Separatist forces
Adicka Adooki
3:48 chechen ?
truth: russia lost more than 5000 soldiers in ukraine! their propaganda machine is doing everything to hide the truth!
So weird seeing them use duct tape on their arms. its reminds me way too much of paintball.
Angelo Libero
Fottuti Nazisti Ukropi!!!!
Autumn Hayes
Mark 13:8 - For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these [are] the beginnings of sorrows.\n\nLuke 21:11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.\n\nLuke 21:28 \
Bipin Dhakal
Who win
To all the soldiers out there stay strong stay safe you're doing a great thing looking after your country.
los rusos les rompieron el culo ucros facistas!! jajaja HURRAAAAAA
just my opinion, but i think that only until 1:41 the footage comes from proper ukrainian military, the rest is from militias fighting on the opposite sides
Judging by the comments some people need to stick to COD..Suppressive fire is a basic tactic, when the enemy can't move they can't shoot either, it's better to lose a lot of bullets than lives.
Du Depp
the DPR forces win area in Avdeevka, so i think they captured the zone from Ukraine forces.
Dusty Peekeekoot
shooting the sky uh?
Elmar Jukic
Meaningless shooting, a show-off in front of the camera.
Eric Logan
Never seen any more stupid war before,except IRA‘s meaningless attacks
Fabiian The Z
This war still on???? so who's winning ???
Репортаж их Африки. И техника стрельбы негритянская.
Golden Axe
Thanks to all the countries that support Ukraine. Thank you for why you need a war?
Goran Ignjatovic
Yugoslavia 1991-1999. Siria, Avganistan,Iraq,Libia. NATO IS TERORIST ORGANIZACIA.
dumb ukrainian soldiers aiming at nothing
3:47 Allahu AKbar! hasuhauhshau god bless ukraine soldiers from Turkey :)
Gryf Fenfer
Thinking from France , for the all Ukrainian people
Gulnihal Sultan
3:48 Do I hear \
Gunmaster G-9
CCCP will rise again Comrades
Guuse Gg
war is a beautifull thing
Güven Türk
god bless ukraine and her people
Hayati Zakaria
uhhh Al-Qaeda is helping Ukraine now
HotShot Oscar
Bro what are they shooting at? It seems like nothing is firing back at them. Waste of ammo
Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus
Did I hear a snack bar?
John B
verry good russia ........Ukraine must disintegrate because they have to give back the territories to Russia, Poland, Romania and Hungary
John Boss
If they want to be with Russia, let them's called the will of the people.
John McMahon
I never heard any return fire in the whole video.. These guys are shooting at shadows
What a waste of ammunition , they shoot like idiots, for every 10,000 7.62 rounds they probably hit 2 people max.
Jr. Bond
Ukrainian government is corrupt and is destroying his own people
Kenneth Larsen
2:03 The way they are shooting i expected an ''ALLAHU AKBAR'' at any moment
Kron Hertz
I don't even know which side to root for at this point...\n\nThe Ukrainian National guards and Armed forces are made up of Nazis and racist from Right sector; since the merge with Azov.\n\nThe Pro Russian separatist are equally as bad, as they a staunch commies that loves to detain journalists, and silence anyone that opposes (or speak out against) them either by force or discrediting them as \
Laspi Group
Это мародеры, а не воины....
Lee Leriche
half of the time they were not Evan aiming in their sights like is it normal and stuff were they waiting for an airstrike or something it just seems odd
Light 1988
most of the ukrainian forces are made up of citizens arming themselves up to fight aggressors.
Lucas Vinicius
All i can hear is \
Mahu Kahu
3:50 allahu akbar XD
Max Sr.
It is usually difficult to tell if the film is on the Ukrainian's or the Russian invaders. The waste of ammo is obvious. Hope the U.S. is not paying for all that wasted ammo. Seems like at times they are shooting just for the cameras and not because there is an enemy in sight.
MałgoHa Aha
Ukraine has blood on his hands .Read what he is capable of UPA.
Long live Novorossiya!
Military Archive
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Mohammed Amr
3:48 Allah akaber in Ukraine lol
Mr Dank
Bruh Russia and Ukraine gotta stick together dafuq they fighting for
Talk about just wasting ammo for what? A photo or video opportunity?
Noa Van voorthuisen
Sinds when is ukrain using gorka uniforms, it realy confuses me
NovaMan 350
Russia can't beat a microscopic, unorganized group of rebels who have nothing but small arms, yet they claim they can beat the US? LOL!
Oleg Vasilenko
тупо из за блоков трелять. Все выстрелы в небо, могли и питард набрать и раскидывать с таким же успехом.
Paulo Portocarrero
Well Done Ukraine...:)
Philip 2.2.1
Ukranians and Russians seem to be so much more chill in these combat situations.
Pirooz, d
All Russia's fault😭
Regal Razor
долбоёбы)),,хуярь зима,,
Rick Coffman
Russia needs thought a lesson
Samir Memmedov
ScReamiNg OrGasM
Stay Strong Ukraine! Finland is with you! Baltics are with you! Poland is with you! Whole EU and USA is with you! \n:)))
Shawn Ryan
Ammo must grow on trees. did you see them shooting the Rockets one after another. I won how many friendly fire incidents there are
Sober Сossack
Glory to Ukrainian soldiers! Death to russian orcs!
This goes out to the people in here that criticize the Ukrainian armies fighting skills. You would be pissing your pants if it was you over there, as the bullets fly over your head lets see how easy it is to aim. This isent BF, show some funking respect for what Ukrainian people is going trough before yall open your trailor trash-cookie eating -American-mouth idiots.
How hard is it to wear ear protectors? Just some simple $0,50 earplugs will do the job. Most people survive war but everyone who haven't used ear protectors will be deaf/atleast have tinnitus.
The man BAndbro
Russia+ America = the new Reich
Tyler Fisk
Death to george soros
Ven detta
Demonkratie ist angekommen
Vito Corleone
Turkey FRİENDS Ukraine , greetings from Turkey
Place looks like a shithole. Not worth fighting for
sorry for asking this? i might been seen as an ignorant but who are they fighting against??
Yury Yudanau
Belarus with you, Ukraine! Putin will pay for this!
Dumb Bohunks, using silencers for long shots! Yes, I'll lessen the speed of bullet to ruin accuracy but it looks cool! Who cares if we lose!
abraham smith
cool,keed doing this! more ukranian girls for us ;)
alexander leifried
free ingushetia
fynjy rerregrt
постреляли в пустоту, точнее по поселку ближайшему поселку, скажут, что \
пальба в молоко в стиле алак-акбаров))) ну бля животные тупые\nпохоже они все уже трупы
Its plain and simple.\n\nUSA wants a foothold on Ukraine to corner Russia.
US responsible for this killing
Glory to the heroes
lutung goes
see ukraina soldier . allah huakbar
memos Atlatl
2:08 airplane shooting
A lot of shooting at nothing and bravado.
God bless Ukraine from Wales, UK.
Waste of ammo.
syekh pempek
why white peoples luv war , if on europe and americaa not enough war they bring war to middle east and asia
pretty hardcore. stay strong brothers
zid mizarz
God bless the DPR and LPR army, lets kick those Ukros asses.
2:02 - 2:25 What a bunch of idiots....
Артём Васильев
Какая бестолковая показуха, особенно добивает когда с автомата стреляют не целясь из за шлакоблока. Пацаны лучше сделайте себе самострел в ногу и едьте домой.
Владимир Шуплецов
Слава украинской освободительной армии !!!! Слава Руси-Украине !!!!
Дмитрий Паскевич
Слава українським воїнам!
Дядя Федя
That is why Jew backed Kiev Junta had their assess handed to them, a bunch of neo nazi thugs don't know what they are shooting at and are clueless of what their mission is.
Иван Рогов
Пипец, с кем эти хохот-клоуны воюют? Ни одной ответки, сами с собой?
Мамкин Обзорщик
нельзя давать обезьянам оружие !
Синема Тограф
куда эти клоуны палят? ответного огня нет...
александр маленков
Конченые животные
ناصر العتيبي