639Hz 432Hz | Positive Energy Boost ❯ Let Go Jealousy ❯ Attract Love ❯ Heal Heart Chakra

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Beautiful, Calm and Relaxing Music featuring 639Hz and 432 Hz, for Boosting Positive Energy, Let Go Jealousy and Healing Heart Chakra. 639 Hz is the solfeggio frequency of connections, love, relationships and all matters of the heart. Its also the frequency which balances the Heart chakra. This long format track has been specially designed to be used as sound healing track during sleep. Green Color is the color of Heart Chakra and Helps in balancing this chakra. ........INFO on Solfeggio Frequencies

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Arpit Gupta
really it works
Bruno 8 ́Locals
This frequency make me dream a lot about my family and friends.. Can someone explain this??
Cici Chapman
Thank you for all you do. You are such a blessing to this world.
Dominique Goodwin
I can not control my thoughts. However, instead of letting the negative toxic ones consome me, why not just let them go? I can't change the past so why not focus on the future? It doesn't me that the bad things that have happened to me where okay it just means I'm longer gonna hold on to it.
Dylan Mork
Going green doesn't mean seeing green; reach others with compassion, don't push them away with hate for your misunderstandings.
Ebony Jones
Year later and this is still listened too.\n\nI give love unconditionally.. I give love that is kind, joyful and happiness. Together with loved ones there is love all around with my love I bring laughter, a safe place to give love and be love ❤💕💋
France Bignolas 444
Infinite Gratitude to Meditative Mind for this magical video, sounds and explanations... It works magic ...
Francesca Romana Romano
I don't understand why it makes me angry. Shouldn't it be the opposite effect?
Higherdimensions Trav
il fait beau❣️ Merci beaucoup❣️
Ja SuS
Thank You!
Jake from State Farm
This video freaked me out. I was starring at the screen and for some reason, did not think the image was turning until I fell out of my chair!
Jenifer Lima
Obrigada 🙏🏽 Isto é divino 💗
Jennifer Pepper
This is magical and truly calming and restorative....not only for sleeping, we play it the house...
I'm open to give and receive love. love is God
Kaira Sherman
Thank you! Very nice for the heart, root, and sacral chakras.
Kamila Frycz
Since I listen to high frequencies I have random and weird dreams. I was listening to this tunes last night and felt asleep with headphones on. I had dream... I was dressed in white, alone in the night, in strange random place, I was walking back to the car which was parked by amusement park (closed in the night) and wanted go back home. Then 2 guys dressed in white as well approached me and threatened to kill if I will not give them money (one had silver revolver with red handle and second man had silver knife). I didn't have any money with me and even hand bag, I said to them I just want go home and they can have everything what I have then I gave them all jewellery which I had on me. I walked away... Passed procession (people dressed in white with candles in hand praying and singing) but I couldn't speak, and they appeared not seen me. Then I called police... but I couldn't speak again. Finally... I called to the person I love. He was my 'home'. And suddenly something happened to my head and experienced sudden darkness. Then something sucked me up and I've seen my body lying on the ground. I knew I was killed... And I was so worry I will not go back home and he doesn't know... he would worry. I wanted to tell him what was happened and that I love him. Then I was worry that he was the last person I called before die and they will know (they will find him in my phone)... but he can not be found! Then I realised I am thinking now, dream was finished and I am awake now. I was so worry about him... I checked the music what I was listening, 2 h 56 min passed (if does matter?)\nCan somebody tell me what is going on, please?? This music supposed to heal me not create night mares. I can't understand...
Katerina Hofman
Thank you.
Kim Carmen Walsh
So beautiful 🕉 may all beings find peace and laughter in their relationships! 🌸✌️️🌸🙏💜
Madhusudan Laha
Can you give any idea or healing music for a paralyses Patient..?
Manuela Alboreto
\u003c3 LOve Light
Maria Fuchs
Yesterday, I felt asleep with a nervous and worried mind... but this one got me sleeping like a baby and get up with a relaxed state of mind!\nI can not tell you how happy I am!! \n\nThank you so much for your work und effort! \nLots of Love, Peace and Harmony \u003c3
Meditative Mind
639 Hz is the solfeggio frequency of connections, love, relationships and all matters of the heart. Its also the frequency which balances the Heart chakra. Green Color is the color of Heart Chakra and Helps in balancing this chakra. \n\nI have the willingness and ability to forgive\nI let go of the resentment.\nI unconditionally give and receive love.\n\nPlease add your own Heart Chakra Affirmations in the comments below, which will help everyone in their sleep meditation. Blessings and Infinite Gratitude.
Partik Bhungal
I was loving the new flute therapy videos from a few days ago! Will you be uploading them again?
Rainbow Rain
this helps change no little but alot....
Stephanie Brown
truly beautiful
Td Carlson
Thank you, this is awesome!!!
cristina de santana
Beautiful music thank you very much! ! 💖 Namasté! ❤
katerina ektoplazm
can you make a video with 639hz + 528hz + 432hz for sleep ? \u003c3
salut...need headphones for results?,thank's...
mario luiz burda