How to Make Ethiopian Injera- Ferment Teff Flour

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This is how I make Injera. Make sure all of the water that goes into this is warm- not too hot not too cold. this process of fermentation takes 5 days in total but nutritiously filling!In the video I put the salt and baking powder while fermenting. I've been getting a lot of spiteful comments that this should not be done this way, so I tried putting the salt and baking powder in right before cooking and it works so much better. Thanks for the tips even though they have been quite mean. I like to put salt in things because it brings out the flavor and the baking powder helps it rise. Though, I must say this can give you a start on how it should be done, It's not perfect but it's still good.I make a Berbere spiced lentil curry to go along with this- the recipe is in the description! Enjoy. Injera bread:1/4 tsp Active dry yeast1 Cup Warm Water2 cups Teff Flour -----let above ingredients sit for 3 days----1 cup Barley Flour~2 cups Warm Water-----Let Above ingredients sit for another 2 days----- 1/2 tsp Salt ( in 12floz of injera batter)1/16 tsp Baking powder ( in 12floz of injera batter)-----Add above ingredients just before cooking-----Berbere lentil Curry:1/2 Onion, dice 2 cloves garlic, mincedRoasted spicy and sweet peppers ;)600g Concasse tomato2 tsp Berbere Seasoning2 tsp Salt --------Reduce above ingredients by half---------1 cup dry lentils, Soaked overnight 1 cup vegetable stock ------Add above ingredients and cook until lentils are tender ~30 min---2:2 tbsp arrowroot: water slurry----- Add slurry at the end-------Get creative and eat this with whatever you want really! :)

Abdulaziz Jemal
that was good Dude. thumbs up!!
Abraham Hope Habesha
Nice one! It looks good! \nSpell it right though😃 «Ethiopian»
Ad Bb
Nice try but it dosent look like ethiopian enjera never put salt in it . The baking powder is not nesesery.
Adrienne Stiger
I love the video! Though you are the first I've seen to use salt, personally I don't use it anyway. But, I did Really like the Very easy to follow steps. Thank you So Much! All the food looked Great too, if I lived closer to you I'd invite myself to Take Care.
Ali - RARER - Abdoul-Magid Abdourahman
Fantastic mais a la fin cover it for 40 second c'est pas grave c'est Yummy Konjoo Bonne job # Bonne Appetite !
Almaz Ejigu
Did I see solt added in this injera recipe or Ethiopian iinjera recipe doesn't need solt when it is made the injera is salty by it self thank you
Excellent but no salt needed
Is it okay to use white flour instead of barley flour?
Amanda M
I've tried injera from a lot of places and people. I've actually seen it seasoned before, so the salt isn't surprising. Your video is really awesome! Recipes are meant to be customized anyway, so I don't see the big deal about salt.
Amina Mo
The somali Angelo is diff. I find Ethiopian injera too sour
Another Day
አልተሳካም ሲጀመር ወንድ ነው በዛላይ ያለ አብሲት ፕሮሰሱ ብዙነው እንጀራን ለማሳመር ለቂጣማ ሁሉም ይጠፈጥፋል
Arada Tube
You really are great.....forget those who can be creative as long as it gives a nice taste...
Azeb Haile
I'm. Sure this guy is not ethiopian we don't put salt in injera but i appreciate
Baia forev
Oh so it takes 3 days to make 😳
Boni Girma
I prod of you to introduced my Ethiopian cultural food injera
It’s not supposed to be a clay texture at all, it should be like pancake batter before & after the fermentation. This is a westernized recipe, fernji
Burtrell Glasgow
Thank you so very much for sharing 💕💕😘😘❤️❤️😍😍😍
Chef Vegán
I will have to give it go, thanks for the recipe and tips.
DAWIT Teklemariam
ምነው አብሲቱን እርሳችውት በተርፍ በጣም ጥሩ ሙከራ ነው
Dynamic Entry
dam 5 days? gonna starve to death :(
Elias Sisay
you tried well but it would have been better if u c how our mothers make it! plz come n c if u want to know the correct procedures and test a gooooood ENJERA.
Erica Reynolds
ክክክክክክክ ወይ መቆየት ከቂጣ ሊጥ ላይ ጨው ሲጨመር እንጂ የምናውቅ ከእንጀራ ሊጥ ላይ ጨው ሲጨመር አይተን አናውቅም ቅጥ አምባሩ የጠፍው ትውልድ ለኮመንት እና ለላይክ መሰብሰቢያ ብላችሁ ባህላችን አታጥፉብን እናንተ ጭሳሞች
Fraewen Gabrae
እደዚ ለምዳችሁ ጤፍዬን አሶድዱብን እንዲሆም አልቻልነውም ኑሮውን
Getenesh Woldemedhin
Please where do you find red teff
God is gracefully ethio
Nono to much yest no not that way
Is there a need of salt and baking soda or artificial things really
Hadif Ha
የጠላ ቂጣ የመሰለ አሁን ጋገርኩ ብላ ይሆናል በእንጀራችን ቀልድ የለምምምም
Hassan Jassim
salt kills the yeast. add it later.
Adding barley flour makes it gluten containing food.
Hdjdh74747 Hfjdg646
Good neyiesa
Helen Kebede
wow nice thanks boro
ItIsme Again
What does it taste like? Can it be likened onto anything? Or you just have to try it???
This looks good! Makes me so happy! 😋
Jordan G.
Lol the comments crack me up....maybe the fella likes salt in his what!!
Kal Zclan
፣never seen it bake like this
Kathy Anderson
This is the first recipe that actually worked for me! I think the addition of the baking powder and salt is exactly what was missing from my previous attempts. My original mixture of dark teff and barley flour was so fermented that it was bubbling like a simmering stew, but when I cooked it, no \
Kokebe Woldesenbet
ሞያህ ሞያህ ይዘርዘርልህ lol
Lidia Zappia
Excllent, but try it again with out saltwater much better. God job
Lina rvu
ምጥ ለእናቷ አስተማረች አለ የሃገሬ ሰው... Its nice to see u interested to make Enjera but, that's not how we do it , we never use salt at all
M. Weston
Shoot, can't have barley - gluten!
Ma Living
Just bought some grounded Teff and I'm soo excited to try this out!! 😍🌳
Matyas Mekbib
FYI most of Ethiopian men does not have a clue about making injera.
Med Weldemariam
Trust me until about the end, I thought of you are Ethiopian. You can do and you are awesome! As an Ethiopian, I can't even do this anything close to yous. Nice and looks perfect. Enjoy the healthiest bread ever.
Mekdi Assfaw
Better if you cover the cover of the pan with something like will prevent the coming moisturized waters..for better quality of enjera
Michael Corleone
Gobez ferenj
Mike Tomkins
5 days in total? That is some meal planning!
Moura Fedahie
What is teff flour
Nigus G.medhin
Good job, but there is no need of salt in baking injera.
Love from Ethiopea👮👍❤\nWhite girls are the best gift to our living . \nThey respect any culture .\nThats why they usually Rich,beautiful and lovelly .when i say White girls ,not arab or latin. Just pure European.👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱
Why the barley flour? Can’t you just use more tiff flour to keep gluten free?
Rahel Tee
Awesome!!!!! It looks wonderful. What are you eating it with? Do you also make Wot? Enjoy it.
Roberta Hubert
I had a friend at work that made this bread and she would bring me some to eat with her. I am retired now and really miss that bread. I might try to make some myself now that I know how. Of course there is nothing like sharing with a good friend
Robin Nunez
Where did you get that griddle? I can't find anything like it? What's the company?
Rose Nyambindi
Well thank you so much I love it I have been looking for an easy fast recipe for injera and I could not find it. thanks to you I now have it my family enjoys it so do i
Ruth Mekuria
My family thanks you dearly! The nearest ethiopian supplier of injera is in Kansas city, and you have to call wayyyy ahead of time. This will be a lifesaver on short notice💜💜💜 we dont normally use salt and baking powder, but it's still pretty good looking
Saba Asrate
Hi my brother i just saw your video. First thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent. Next trust me it is too difficult to make Ethiopian injera out side Ethiopia. I am from Ethiopia and i live USA. It really give me hard time to do it. But now you motivate me. So always keep up your outstanding skills.
Sara Amine
U never ever put salt in real Ethiopian Tef injera it is an heard off 😭
Selendria Muganogo
I would love to know how they came up with the recipe for this bread... What's the history behind it
Sim Sebsibe
I really apreciate your attempt and I learn a new reacipe from you. \nyou are adorable !
Sun Wukong
this is not ethiopian injera...may be some fake ethiopian injera, barley in injera no way...get out..
Superdupper Me
Wow you mastered it! It's my native food and i don't even know how to make it because its not an easy process which most of us that grew up in U.S don't know how to make it instead we buy it made. Thanks for the easier process tip
Tbasko sauce
Injera = insane tryphobia XD
Tesh Taddy
All this imitation never even close the real one is Razer thin and sour. Good try this is American version though
Tia Tia
Betam gobez ena musicaw disyelal :)
Tigi Alemu
Great job.
Umm Jenet
This is sour enjera yek
Vgffgf Vdghhft
What's kind of flour are this.?
Virginia Hoffman
Of course I'm going to have to try this.
Woineshet Zena
I am ethiopa that's not make ingeral
Zenneb girl
Waw gobezz👍
aisyah faruk
I really want to try this recipe...but in my teff flour...i hope...someday i hope i will eat this food...its look good...😀
5 days🙄🙄 no wonder you Eastern Africans are the THINNEST 😂😂
cleveland jones
Salt kills yeast especially when added directly to yeast
Wow menjadi. Sweetness of the Belly.
deep blue
It took 4,5,days to plan and to cook injera..!!.is this a daily bread or special occasion dish?
ebtisam ali
Teff should be bannded from export period and people wonder why it's expensive Gosh!! Good job 👍
I thought food didn't exist in Ethiopia
hager alegn
Wowww good
halima diallo
boy i am amazed by your skills! good job!
janie lou johnson
wow my Ethiopian neighbor sometimes makes this. now I realize why it takes so long!
jary Tim
አውሮፓ ያለን ኢትዮጵያውያን በጣም ቆንጆ እንጀራ እንጋግራን ጨው እንጨምራለም
keya keya
Why you add salt ? i just like it the way you do.
louame Hyaly
love life love life
I'm Ethiopian women we never put salt on Injera
mam dad
I think you live in Ethiopia litter or long year. I am so happy to see this ..\nI love it .but in Ethiopian Injera their are no gate salt .individual you try again\nwork injera whit out salt ....
mimi Desta
looks very good good job
I know its a year later but I hope someone can answer this --- what, exactly, is considered ROOM TEMPERATURE ?  I read recipes on fermentation and there is never an  exact temp given - I live in the south where room temp is usually 85 degrees, in the winter about 65.  Help!  I dont want to poison myself doing it wrong
rawan daher
ወይኔ እጀራየ እደው ለማንም መለማመጃ ሆነች ክክክ
Me to I’m Ethiopian girl how my mom makes never put salt
sifaan konjoo
Wow wow so good job thanks long life for you ❤👍
Thanks for the heating tip, I have a similar setup to yours but realized I was using way too much heat! Keeping my element at around 360-370F works great!
tiji konjo konjo
በመጀመሪያ እርሾ እናዘጋጃለን ቀጥለን ንፁን ጤፉን በደንብ አድርገን እናቦካዋለን ከዛው ሊጡ ወፈር አድርገን ካቦካነው በኋላ ሞቅ ያለበት ቦታ እናስቀምጣለን ለ3 ወይም እስከ 4ቀን እንጠብቀዋለን ከዛው አብሲት ቀጠን አድርገን እናወጣለን ከዛው ሊጡ ላይ በመጨመር ቶሎቶሎ እናገላብጠዋለን ከ20 ደይቃ በኋላ ምጣድን አስምተን እንጋግረዋለን እንጂ ፒኪን ፓውደር ስኳር ጨው ካረሜሬ ወዘተ አይጨመርበትም እሺ እንጀራቺን አታበላሹብን ማህረጋቺን ነው ለማንኛውም በርቱ እሺ 😍😍😍😍😍
tvgf tvgirlfriends
Im really suprised at the 5 days it has to sit. wow ! Thats prep time !
woine Amare
በጣም አስገራሚ እንጀራ ጨዉ ሊጡ ላይ ለምን አስፈለገ?
yoseph sisay
good job it is nice ethiopian enjera lemalet yekebdal....aynun man new yatefawe
zed H
most of the methods are good but \n1st since you put baking soda on the 1st day no need to put any more powder on the 3rd day\n2nd after mixing with barely no need to stay 2 days if you mix it early morning you can bake it in the evening \n3rd use warm water \n other than that you are really good I just tell you what our most mothers do in back home (Ethiopia) so you can get the real best injera (big fan lol since injera is like my once a day\
عبد الكريم
ترجموا عربي لو سمحتو
ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ብርቄ ከመቀሌ
There are two more things sugar and oil. Kkkkkkkk . Injera is the gift for Ethiopian, it is not easy. No need salt, baking soda and artificial yeast. We can make yeast from any flour.
አብን ኢትዮጵያ
You did good it is not easy to make Ethiopian Injera 👏👏👏👏💪💪👍