Vintage Miller Time Beer Commercial

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1979 Miller Beer commercial


I never saw... never even *heard* of a snow-blower train before, That shit is awesome.
Adrian Dezendegui
I spit Miller beer, I drink Samuel Adams
Adrian Salsgiver
Forget about enjoying a smoke with your Miller beer now, it is against the rules of the New World Order Conspiracy.
Charlie Irvin
I drink miller beer all the Time I started drinking miller when i was 18 Years old My Dad Drank miller beer I like miller beer.
Sam Adams is best tasting. u guys should try Sapporo
Dark Angel
The only problem I've got with Miller beer is that its too goddam carbonated and that makes me throw up making it useless to get drunk
David Parker
Cause the foam looks cool....of course!
Doug McCann
Been looking for the real vintage Miller commercials. This ain't it. At the time this commercial came out, the jingle was a mere shadow of the original.
Frank Walter
Back in the Day........and I still have the Time.
It came from Denny's
I only drink space beer.
Samual Adams is ok, try Sierra Nevada
Bar scenes shot at the Valley Cafe, Campbell, OH
John O
who is singing the song
the champagne of bottled beer
@Rickat1964 You ever even seen snow, Billy Bob? Yeah, tracks can get drifted higher than the damn train up here. Read up on stuff before shooting off your uneducated comments.
Ken Nicol
`Ken and Mary Turbo Accordions Express` Miller Pilsener Beer El Salvador TV 21 !     October 2015
Larry Larson
Love the commercial.  Takes me back to better times and a simpler life!!  The song makes me happy.
i drank some millers on holliday. pretty damn good. 
Some random guy on a bus I took sung this for an entire 20 minutes drunkenly. Made my friggin day.
Boys, now that we've plowed the tracks, let's go get plowed!
Nathan Bishop
If you have the laundry we have the bleach Clorox bleach
Nexus Van der Baark
my brother and I have miller time every fri after work. MILLER TIME!!!!!!
Yes, hangover in a bottle....this bud's for me...and I live in the shadow of the main brewery!
Why were Beer commercials so awesome between 1975-85?
Person McPerson
I miss drinking this bullshit in Reno...I really do
Pop Turner
I was just singing this song. lol
How did they come up with a job plowing railroad tracks anyway?
Budweiser with a lot bubbles.
Shannon Contrenchis
I LOVE this vintage commercial!
That was filmed in Chama, NM on the Cumbres & Toltec
Tee Simmons
I love miller beer..
Don't you mean Sludge Weiser?
It's Miller Time somewhere in the world!!
Anyone know if the following Miller Beer commercial is on youtube or anywhere? The one where a sports team in a locker room makes a rookie sing, expecting it be funny; but he sings the Miller song so well they all get real quiet and then give him a lot of respect and acceptance.
Reminds me of National Lampoons Vacation!
Thank you, Jimmy Carter, for finally legalizing home brewing...
I would drink Bud, if it don't taste like shit...
worst beer... carbonated piss water..
haha. it seems you never had real beer. miller is based on rice. and this is the problem. try pilsener urquell or chezch budweiser. this is beer!
brought back happy memories of the 70s....thanx for posting, sir!
frank d
I sure remember these commercials when you have guys working up a sweat and relax with a Miller Beer.
Another American company gone... SAB South African Brewing owns it now!!!!!! Drink Budweiser--still American owned
Can anyone spare a thumbs up? I really need 1 about now.
Bwahahah! \
The funny thing is, this was filmed on a tourist railroad that operates steam locomotives. I believe they operate these \
Love this melody
maxi paw 0311
Why do I like beer commercial so much from the 1970s? Brings back memories
merc marc
Would you stand in front of a locomotive with 20 foot spinning blades?
I don't know if anyone notices but the black guy who operated the train was Hal Williams, who played Officer Smith (Smitty) on Sanford and Son. Just keep your eye open it takes a split second in the engine and when he sits down with his coworker towards the end.
lol the bartender is wearing a shiny windbreaker, everyone has facial hair, dear God this was a long time ago.
the red baron
excellent observation sir. your keen eye for detail is the mark of a true beer connoissuer.thank you for enlightening some of our younger less experienced beer drinkers on this most serious of matters.
tree man
That hot unsatisfying crisp taste of piss. It's like getting a golden shower in the mouth with every swallow.
Eddie Murphy brought me here
I love it