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Both him and Nancy Thomson didn't deserve to die! :(
Ace Coordinator Mary
I still call BS that Mrs Loomis was able to kill Randy like that.
Andre Souza
nossa mano eu acho as maos desse cara dao lido eu creio de tudo dele a boca fe ame👼😍❤💗
Anne Larkin
Sad Colin :(
Arabella Dawn
I never jump when the killer grabs somebody, but this time I did.\n\nPoor Randy. :(
Are D
didn't see that coming
You know I haven't seen this movie for the longest time and it still pissed me off that he got killed which is what they wear going off I guess. But isn't this scene just over the top I mean really an old small woman over powers a man by pulling him in the van which nobody happen to see then out of nowhere 3 guys just happen to show up at the right time with a boom box so nobody can hear randy then he is throw to the van mirror which nobody happen's to hear? then the the killer leaves the van without anybody noticing? I guess am thinking too much about it lol.
Bebo T Zayed
Ben Covarrubias
This scene as a kid and still now disturbed me. The fact that you're getting stabbed to death in a van in public and there's nothing no one or you can do.
Black Onyx
This is why you stay in the open if your alone with a killer nearby. Not near a door, corner or vehicle.
Brandon Hendley
Also the only victims of mrs loomis was \
Brandon Massingale
Randy was going in on the phone woot 💥💥💥
Bridie Shaw
02:03 Dewey's face kills me everytime xD
Brittany Rose Wright
His death scene is unrealistic. I don't see any stab wounds at all, just blood on his clothes and his face. His throat is slashed, but not a deep slash. The Weinstein brothers wanted Jamie to reprise his role as Randy in Scream 4, but it never happened. So that could be a possibility in Scream 5. So all Scream fans and Randy fans if you want to see Jamie come back as Randy, go to my Facebook page \
I was pissed when my boy Jamie died!
Cat Playz
It's a shame he dies he was the only good character
Charles De Rosas
Dewey should've been killed same as gale they had so many chances and they kept staying alive lol.
Chris Peplinski
Randy's death was sad.
Christopher C
Christopher Jay
CreepyPasta Girl
NO NO NO, my favorite character is gone Why dammit... :, (
Cristofer Garcia
Sin duda algunas beses la secuelas arruinan buenas películas por ejemplo scream 2 hasta scream 3 es mejor que esta película
What’s the song the kid is playing in his boom box?
I alway thought that Sidney and Randy were the only ones that should have survived. Dewey should have had a heroic death saving Gale or something.
Darwin LJ
Why kill off Randy he's the best part of Scream 1&2 also 3 other than Sidney?
Deaunte Mccombs
She Did It Bc when she had the gun on Syd at said Randy talked poorly of my son Billy and I got a little knife happy
In for the boom box boys.
Ed Ed
Edward Terry
After Randy's death, the franchise never fully recovered. :/
Elena Brown
Randy you moron! Does a horror movie geek insult killers out in an open field?!
Elvin Gomez
Mrs loomis killed randy
Expolding TNT gamer526
where did we get stabbed 4times to death
Fernanda Blunt Krasinski
i was really shocked when I saw this scene for the first time.. they killed Randy!! in that time it could be a TT if Twitter would exist
Fun Cakes
1:09 that backwards walk will forever kill me😂😂😂😂
I miss randy so MUCH!!!!!!
I'm so pissed that Randy died! He's way smarter than that and there is no way in HELL that Mrs. Lomis had the body strength to pull Randy in the van. No... Dewey should have died
Guadalupe Hebenstreit
Hol M
Remember seeing this in theaters in 1997 and everyone was so angry and sad he died. A guy behind us said, \
i love randy and robbie (scream 4)
so upset they killed Randy this time
mrs.loomis killed him cause he was talking bad about her son
James Mattocks
How did the killer know that Randy was going to stand right outside the van, and that the boombox guys were going to walk outside at the exact time the murder was taking place to stop others on campus hearing his screams?
Jason Voorhees
Сосать кто будет
Jay wayne Wayne
Damn not randy noooooooooooooo
John McGlothin
why would u do that in broad daylight where there are over 100 witnesses luckily it worked but still
KurtlarVadisi Sevdalilar
Just a normal question, why so much people liked Randy?
Kylera Warren
he did not see that coming him in that van
Come to think of it, shouldn't Randy have known better not to walk alone when he was clearly the next target? If I was him, I'd be following Dewey and Gale looking for the killer with his/her phone. I don't know, I just feel this is something someone like Randy should know.
Mark Lynn
😈 He shouldn't have insulted Billy and Stu in the first place, and like Dewdrop, *_he's NOT immortal_*
Mohmmad Ashayn
The way her cameraman reacted is so funny
Why did Randy have to die he was the best character.
Jamie got so fat now
My cat gets more dick than me
Randyyyy😭💔😭💔 that kids dance was lit tho🤣
The killer was Mrs Loomis
Nicholas Baxley
Nooooooooo Randy 😫 You bastards!
Norman Bates
Olan Rich
0:41-0:55 To me was so damn funny!
Red Hearts
I wish Randy didn't have to die. I also wish Randy and Sydney were a couple
Riley Lam
What I wanna know is how Ghostface opened the van door without Randy hearing it? He was staring at the van door the whole time and as soon as he turned around, he was pulled inside! And of course, Gale and Dewey started wondering where he was right after he was stabbed to death! Great timing you guys!
Roblox Champion_09
And that how scream franchise go downhill
Rosie Webber
I knew that was going to happen why did I still jump?
Roy Burns
I just love how miss loomis kills randy and gets out of the car and takes the costume off and walks away like nothing ever happened
Sabrina Ortiz
When keeping it real goes wrong 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Samuel Shin
If there is something I can respect about the Scream franchise is that they killed the most popular character. It takes balls to do that, but I'm glad they did. I love Randy, but his death just made Scream 2 that much more unpredictable and immediately the stakes are much higher. They didn't play it safe. Props the Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven.
Sharon Weaver
Looks real and a little scary
Shea Territo
I honestly wished he didn't die. He was one of my favorite characters from the Scream series. 
Slixter 3000
My favorite character in the Scream series is and was always Sydney. But I'm glad Randy died because his character was annoyingly creepy. that being the only reason
Solo Sixkiller
Randy is best top 3 characters for scream. My opinion. Even tho impossible I think it would be wicked if randy came back as THE killer.
Spooks & Books
I wish they could keep randy alive until at least the 3rd movie....he was my favourite
with all those people around you're telling me mrs. loomis got out of a van wearing the ghost face costume and not have anyone take notice?
T. Zappa
It's so inconvenient when some noise covers up the sound of someone getting killed
The DayDreamer
Ok. All aside from Randy's very tragic death. You gotta admit that those boys from 1:07--1:14 were really getting down. And that was one dope ass song that they were getting down to.
If you pause 1:22 you will see that the knife is covered in blood BEFORE Randy got stabbed!
Thibaud w
IMO, the one thing sad about Randy's death is that he's the one in love with Sydney but won't be with her unfortunately.
TwinSwords79/Dual Blade
Well there goes to show that Randy can survive an Original Slasher Horror Movie but not it's Sequel
Vegeta Solo
This is the part when we boogie\nThis is the part when we dance
Won't Marry You, I'll BURY YOU
The song playing on the boombox when Randy was being murdered was Suburban Life-Kottonmouth Kings
_lost_ demon_
in broad daylight too...i loved Randy
fernando meza
he should not have died
gerardo manera
New rule: if you are beeing threatened by the killer with a phone and he is near you, stay away from vehicles, such as cars, 4x4 trucks, and specially, news vans, he can be hiding there, ready to stab you to death.
Daytime murder of a in a public place where the comic relief/expository character dies. On top of that, the stabbing itself is specifically off screen, leading the audience to think for a second that certainly he’s still alive, just to quickly realize that he’s definitely dead.\n\nI love that Randy’s unexpected death happens so shortly after he accuses the killer of being unoriginal.
jay wayne weezy
Randy damn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jotachoice choice
Name of the song of the boombox guys please? :D thanks
kajon 33325
Jaku huj z ghosfacea
lina smith
randy was always my favorite character
Plus Randy knew when to take the phone to talk to the killer! They could have easily captured someone that looked almost exactly like Randy, made a voice recording of Randy's voice as the killer was killing him and Randy could have easily slipped out of the driver
sabrina espinosa
Sidney survived God bless her I felt sad when randy was killed cause he was my fav
Randy should of not of died!
No! Can he please come back to life again?
war darker
why the mask still into the car?? im wonder why?.....
Randy made 1 and 2 enjoyable. 3 and 4 might not have been saved by Randy's presence, but they would have been more watchable as a result.
Элик Терешков
за те слова тот дибил здох ха ха!!!