HOW TO MAKE TEFF PORRIDGE (Healthy Vegan Recipe)

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This time I’m sharing my favourite breakfast recipe - Teff Porridge. A tasty, gluten-free porridge that will keep you going until lunch. Enjoy!Full recipe available at

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Thanks for sharing but I have a question do you know how many calories for 1 cup of that
BenHesed Iszrael InfoSystems : Change the way you 'see' and do
is this millet seeds?
Bertha Ortega
I received a bag of Teff grain today from my co-op and didn't remember why I ordered it. I'm sure one of the whole food chefs I follow recommended it. I found you as I searched for Teff ideas & benefits, so I will be trying your recipe tomorrow morning. Thank you @consciousveganuk!
Brendan Dunne
Lovely idea!\nCan you please make some videos with vegan dinner ideas when your fridge is screaming for groceries shopping 😂😂 xx
Greetings SiStar,\nyou make these meals look so easy, tasty and the natural way to follow 😊.
Getenesh Woldemedhin
Serch how to make injera from 100% teff any eay teff is popular naw for iron
Gina Mency
I went on a hunt for teff and found some the other day. I'm certainly going to give this recipe a try!
Heidi Richter
YAY! Finally, lol ;) I'm going to share this video on my page. Lovely as always, suzie :)
Yes! love your video!
Kathryn McMorrow
Lovely family video. Just learned yesterday from a BBC broadcast about an iodine study, which might prove of particular importance for vegan families. Anyway, continued best health to you, and thanks very much for your wonderful looking teff porridge recipe.
Do you have to soak teff overnight like with other grains?
Mar-Lin Austell
I made today for breakfast. Very good. Thanks
Am so excited to have found your channel. I purchased a packet of teff and then had no idea what to do with it. Your video was very helpful and my husband and I really enjoyed the teff porridge. Many thanks - new subscriber :)
Marta Alvarez
Thank you for yor video!!!! May I ask what brand you use please.
Michelle Bryant
Thanks for video I’m going to try, I’ve been wanting to try a hot cereal other than oatmeal grits or cream of wheat
Mister Marqos
This looks very yummy.....with some meat.
Netty Boo
Your accent is lovely! Thanks for this recipe, I’ve bought Teff and left it on the side, hesitant to cook it, this looks delicious. Thank you. Aww your daughter is a doll. Xoxo
Nicki Almond
This recipe looks really good! Gonna try it! Thank you for sharing. :)
Sana Ahmad's Inspirational Videos
Fantastic video! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Really appreciate your work. Keep going :)
Stacy Cole
Teff porridge is my new found breakfast food. I love it so much I just use coconut sugar but this looks amazing so I must try it soon.
Sugar Lips
Thank you Concious vegan...are you 100% vegan?\nBless
William Mitchell
That sounds like a great breakfast.  Her daughter is too precious!
Yabi Addison
This looks spo good!!
Yasmeen sarm
Hi suzie. I saw your channel while looking for teff recipe. And I am glad to have found you. This remind me when I was young gran nan used to make interactive and the porridge. My nan used to soak it for 24 hours before cooking it as porridge. Taste yummier.
acuna matata
I am ethiopian. and my reaction to the concept of teff porridge is: 😧🤢🤮
I want to try this out 😋 how would you describe the taste of teff?
This is the best way to cook it that I've seen so far. Thank you this video. The vanilla is the key. 👍🏾👍🏾
mensah talk 1
that looked tefftastic
Hello, I look forward to making your recipe. Thanks for sharing!
thats so easy to make :)
zed H
i am ethiopian which is from teff comes from we grind it before we cook it how ever still what you need is iron and this what teff is great for keep going