I'd like to share with you my favourite auditions. I think they are brilliant. Have a good time!I do not own this video!!(Owner of the video is The Voice - official website)!!!

Amazing Best Ever Greatest Voice audition

Adam Alsudani
how did the first guy only get 1 chair turn around?????!!!!!
Aitana MartinSantos
i really love the first. The boy have a amazing voice
Who is the first guy??? name please.
Alessia Sansolini
The girl who sings Love in Top is AMAZING
Alex K.
Absolutely did not expect that voice from Conor
Amábile Pagani
When I saw the first one, I thought: \
I have to say this.\n.. I know is not truth... but... WAY IS PAULO COELHO AS A JUDGE!?
Andy Simmons
Moni Tivony gives me such wood! 😘\n\nAnd Conor is adorable. I hope he has found some success....
Brianna Victoria
Forever in love with Moni Tivony 😍😍😭😭
Calabi-Yau Manifold
The first guy was creepy af
Camiel Moyston
The last one was my favourite what is his name
Carly Embry
The second one was amazing!!❤️❤️
ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia
the first one was litterally ed sheeran especially with they way he plays the guitar
Chloe Vargason
Jessie for all boy \
Clash Of Clans United Warriorz
Omg 2:09
Courtney Lynne
No Woman, No Cry was amazing ♡ Bob Marley is my idol.
Gosh Danny gives me lifeeeeeee
Crivoncè Vonncè
Oh my gosh I need to start watching the voice! They were all cute and they all had extremely amazing voices!
Cynthia Hardy
That girl Number 3 Sounded Just like beyonce
the first guy is sooo ugly tho.. uuurghhh.. but his voice is really good
Damian Rangi
err... who is that old guy and can he even hear?
Delilah Alonso
The second guy is gorgeous ❤️😍💯
Elise Xuereb
The 2nd singer is like a young bon jovi \u003c3 I like him :D :D
Ellie Clarke
this is amazing !!!!!!
Fabricia Alves
03:25 Omg 😍👌👏
Fresia Andrea
That was Last First Kiss at the end of the video?
Guillermo Carrion
Han cambiado\n
vince kidd should be there
Happy Girl
The second one was brilliant!!!
Helmy FaIzaL
no women no cry is everythin
Hunear Deer
Connor Scott is just AMAZING ! He Killed it !
IRIS Rodríguez
why isnt melanie martinez here?? in my opinion her voice is amazing
Ilianna Martini
the first man really deserves to become a well known singer
Imaan Farooq
is  that jessie j?
Imane ait chcherki
That black girl , killed it 😍😍
Itzz Ayyy
Tom Jones has got so much swaaaggg at 6:25 when he's dancing with Jessie. MY GAWD THE MAN IS SO SUAVE I LOVE HIM WHAT A LEGEND😍😍☺️☺️
Jack Tran
head voice 4:49
Jack the Ripper FTM
This guy is amazing
Jared Ching
does anyone knows the name of the second song?? :D
Jen Giv
wow amazing voices.
Jesus lover
The guy who sang no woman no cry dam that guy can sing Best audtion of all time
Jude Alrasheed
Omg are you serious!? The second person has better hair then me!
Juliya Gannon
WAY too many boxes on the screen. I bet more people will specifically not click them because it's so annoying. Put your stuff in links below your video and if someone wants to, they will visit. Don't force it on people.
Jungkrick Boss
its WOW..
Karen Cruz
I absolutely love the version of Starry Eyed...need this in my life!
Keri Moore
Mitchell emms 👌👌
Kevin M Abraham
third one is my fave.. and jessie's reaction, just imagine being the woman singing and jessie worship u like that :)
Kitkat Dominance
will i am makes the best faces
Laurin Ibishi
first one is scumpi
Laurène Caillebot
2:10 caught me so off guard haha
Linnéa Niklasson
What's the name of the second one?
Maja Muszynska
Super ...
Maria Alves
ok the first and the second auditions were amazing and just one jugde turn.... incredible
I want jessie j back in
Max Valle
Michael Adams
God i love this black woman
Molly Roda
I freaking love Jessie J omg.
Morgan Simmonds
Jessies riff at 3:35-3:37 gives all types of LIFE! However that girls whole performance wasnt that great...
Mr Sinister
The first one I was screaming at the screen saying \
Paolo Tomba
OMG Mitchel Emms!!!!!!!
Paula Benavides
the first guy is like a mini ed sheeran
Peter Tokody
Watch my other videos! :D I'm playing on guitar. Not bad, I think! Watch them, watch them, WATCH THEM! :D
Excellent video !
RJ Santos
Lol I hate how these 4 judges always take so long to turn around when the audition is obviously top notch, it's always the last few seconds they turn around. I'm always just like \
Rafał Brzozowski
Wow Beyonce
Sam King
First guy... I love your Mad Magazine.
Sammy P
3:25 she's incredible!
The second guy, Mitchel Emms... OH. MY. GOD. He is hot!!!! Damn, I'd love to tap him. I'm still hyperventilating from the moment I saw him. He is just gorgeous.
Shrey Shrestha
The first guy can be the next ed sheeran
Not that I don't like The Voice Uk, but they Have tendencies to wait on each other to hit the button before they do. They've missed out on some pretty decent people, and some pretty great people doing that. Especially if they're waiting on Tom. Lol. It's hard to please him.
SkyTheNoob Rs
The last guy is INCREDIBLE OMFG
Sofia Soffy
wow .. that white Marley 😍😍😍
Sophia Roque
The only reason why I disliked this WHERE IS MELANIE MARTINEZ!!?!!
Okie those judges are complete idiots ! for real
Strong Bermúdez
the first guy played the guitar as a God.... wow...
Susan T
They all should have turned for number1
Tanya Wang
the second guy is cute! love the hair!
Taran Darkalisia Pagans
first, second and the last one were wickedly amazing...!
Tone Deaf
How come the first guy is the best? He's good but only one judge turned his chair :/
Verónica Pinto
still don't know why all of them didn't turn around with connor scott's voice
White Eagle Music Network
WOW amazing auditions thank you for sharing !!!! yeaaaaaah =)
Xristina Papadopoulou
i love the 2nd one his super
a .m
3:33 who is she???! She SLAYED 😍😍
All trash
b p
the guy at the start sounded awful...
chedeline frederick
The first guy, Conor Scott got me feeling some type of way. LOVE HIM
dat boi
The old guy reminds me of Dr.Friedlander
i hate the family shots...keep with the increddible singer
hola Balderrama
The second guy is soooooooooooo smart
itsme alyse
omg \
jason v
optic scumpiis talented half brother
joana v
the first boy he is totally mini-ed sheeran damnn
krizia bondad
the girl who sang love on top totally killed it!!!!!
that girl who sang Love On Top was simply phenomenal
first one is not so great
Νίκη Σώτ
I feel in love with the second one
Дмитрий Вишневский
PSR G4S пидор гнойный, понатыкивал иконок, что не закрыть. Да хуй тебе а не подписка, уеба.
Маргад Эрдэнэ
Why all of them didnt turned back to the conor scott